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Speed Cleaner Motorcycle Windshield Cleaner and Polish

Speed Cleaner Motorcycle Windshield Cleaner and Polish

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Manufacturer’s Information

Category:  Motorcycle windshield and plastic cleaner
Type: Spray bottle, 12 oz. (355ml)
Manufacturer: Kleenmaster Products
Made In: U.S.A
Retail Price: $10.95
Claims – Abrasive free, non-glare, non-static, will not scratch, cleans and polishes.
For Use On – Motorcycle windscreens, windshields, helmets, visors, plastics.
Claimed Features – Cleans and polishes. Meets U.S.A. Military Requirements MIL-C-18767A (ASG)
Application –  Spray on, let stand for several seconds, wipe off and buff out.Our Opinions

Our Opinions

Here’s another private airplane pilot’s secret.  Kleenmaster Products Company (or KPC) Speed-Cleaner Cleaner & Polish is used by pilots to clean and polish plastic windows, instrument face plates, Plexiglas, Lexan, Mylar, Formica and other types of clear or opaque plastics.

KPC claims that the product can be used in arid, humid, rain or sunny conditions — just the thing for motorcyclists!

We’ve tried many different visor and windscreen cleaners and polishes (see our Motorcycle Cleaners, Waxes and Polishes home page for a selection of reviews) and our favorites are RejeX, which cleans, polishes and leaves a barrier that helps prevent future build-up and All Kleer, which does a wonderful job, especially on windscreens.

Other products also work well, such as Britemax #6S Spray & Shine orProtectAll or AutoGlym, which are quick spray cleaners and detailers, but which also work well for general cleaning and polishing of plastics, windscreens and helmet visors

KPC’s Speed-Cleaner Cleaner & Polish doesn’t necessarily have superior performance, in our opinion, but it is specifically designed to clean and polish clear plastics, like motorcycle windscreens and visors.

It’s easy to use – spray it on and wipe it off and a little buffing turns out a pretty nice shine.  By the way, always use a very soft cloth or a microfiber cloth for cleaning visors or windshields to help prevent scratching.

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This is especially important on helmet visors.  Speed-Cleaner Cleaner & Polish is a good product to keep in the garage for this chore.  KPC products are more popular than you’d think; just not with motorcyclists.  We purchased ours at Aircraft Spruce; search for “KPC”.

We give it a 4 out of 5 rating.

KPC Speed-Cleaner - Motorcycle windshield before cleaning
Windscreen before cleaning.
KPC Speed-Cleaner - Motorcycle windshield after cleaning
Windscreen after cleaning.

Review Date:  May 2007

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