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Smart motorcycle gloves hold medical info

smart Racer gloves hold medical info

Riders are well advised to keep their medical information on them in the unfortunate event of a crash.

There are many ways to carry important medical information such as blood type, allergies, emergency contacts, etc.

Medical info

You can store them on a USB stick on your keyring, keep a card in your wallet, or store it on your phone. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

ice emergcency USB flying
I.C.E.mergency USB stores medical information.

For example, a USB stick may not be of any use if the first responder doesn’t have a computer while your phone may have a security PIN lock.

Probably the easiest solution is to keep a card in your wallet as that is where first responders check first.

They are also trained to check keys, phones and any labels on your helmet, clothing and bike.

medical information
First responder checks for medical info

The idea of making this information available is that first responders will know how to correctly treat you.

It may mean the difference between life and death!

Smart glove

smart Racer gloves hold medical info
QR code

Now French glove company Racer has developed a smart glove that includes that info for emergency services.

The Racer ID1 gloves feature a special Quick Response (QR) code on the inside of the glove’s cuff.

QR codes have been around since 1994 and are mainly used in advertising.

However, ambulance officers can also scan them with their phone to quickly reveal the relevant info. That’s great if the first responder has such an application on their phone.

Our other concern is that the QR code is fairly small and could easily be missed, plus gloves can come off in a slide down the road.

Racer mainly make ski gloves, but also have a wide range of casual-style motorcycle gloves for summer and heated gloves for winter.

smart Racer gloves hold medical info
Command and Tourer gloves

The ID1 gloves are not yet on the market, but they seem to have raised the funds to produce the gloves.

It appears they will be available in summer, winter and touring models.