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Skunklock makes motorcycle thieves sick

Bike lock makes thieves sick

It might make you sick to think someone would try to steal your motorcycle, but now there is Skunklock that actually makes the thief vomit by spraying them with a noxious chemical.

The aptly titled product contains a pressurised concoction of chemicals that sprays in the face of the thief if they try to cut the lock.

The American inventors of Skunklock are seeking crowd funding through an Indiegogo campaign to get the product to market for about $US140 each.

Skunklock inventor Daniel Idzkowski claims the lock is legal in the USA and that they are “establishing compliance in some of the most bike-theft-stricken countries”.

They include the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Sweden and Japan.

However, we don’t expect Skunklock will come to Australia.Motorcycle theft stolen motorcycles sick skunklock

According to our legal advice, Skunklock would not be allowed here as it would be considered a booby trap.

“Whilst a citizen is entitled to protect his or her property, that must be done within the criminal law; eg assault and the various defences like self-defence, provocation etc,” our legal adviser says.

“So to lay a trap which may injure someone innocently touching the lock, like a child, I suspect exposes the lock owner to criminal liability for assault, causing bodily harm etc.

“I am not sure that it would be legal in the USA in all circumstances, although US courts appear to take a pretty cavalier attitude to self-defence given the prevalence of guns there and oft-stated purpose that citizens need guns; ie to protect themselves from all the other lunatics that have guns, or may have a gun.”

Skunklock warning

The Skunklock also features a coloured warning to the thief of the dangers of being sprayed, so couldn’t a thief just wear a mask?

Daniel says the formula they have developed is “detectable through even some of the most robust gas masks (unfortunately, we learned this the hard way!)”.

He says it also “ruins the clothes worn by the thief or any of the protection they may be wearing, and replacing these items is likely more expensive than the resale value of your stolen bike”.

  • Would you kick up a stink if someone tried to steal your bike, or would you prefer a bike lock to do the job for you?


  1. Got a bike alarm or alarmed disklock? How many times have you set it off through being clumsy or forgetful? Even if the false activation chance is miniscule, this will likely harm more owners than thieves due to the amount of time spent in proximity to the device.

    1. The formula is permanently sealed in medium-carbon hardened steel, it’s more safe the lithium ion batteries in your cell phone. The formula is also organic and rated at the same level of danger as “Lauryl Sulfate” (what is in almost every toothpaste), and Maltrodextrin (a sugar compound found in many foods.

      For more questions, visit our FAQ:

  2. i would have thought an inbuilt capacitor would be more the go
    delivering a lethal shock to anyone cutting the lock.
    with a large warning sign under the rear fender.

  3. Hi Mark.

    Love the concept.
    My god, we are the nanny country are we not!
    The laws, created by our governments, give more rights to criminals with the obvious intent to steal something, than the owner has to protect it.
    It’s just f*#*en wrong.
    I wont go into, too many details of a hot rod I once built, a anti theft device mounted to the inside top of the fuel tank.
    A rotating relay switch, and hidden switch under the gear selector boot, a kick ass automotive coil, and a couple of odds and sods one finds readily in ones shed. And a little sign on the dash, “stealing this car is a one way ticket to hell, sucker”. Which also served as a reminder is Mrs GOB to reset before cranking it over. Would have a whole new meaning to, firing up the beast. LOL .

    Yes there is a little bit of evil in me, for sure, but I just hate lowlife thieves, Ya work ya ass off for years to afford ya toys, ya spend years building something from the ground up, all so some prick feels they have the right to steal it.

  4. This is Australia. The criminal has every right to go about his business without being harmed, incapacitated, threatened or even slightly inconvenienced by members of the public.

    1. Not in my house or property. A person feigns all rights by invading me and my family’s privacy/property without an invitation (especially at night).
      I have a shotgun and a shovel (i will be filling in the hole not digging it.)

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