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Sidi Closed Its Factory and Offices Due to Supply Chain Disruptions

Can’t Make Stuff Without Raw Materials

According to a recent release from Motonation that was sent to us, Sidi’s factory and offices are shut down. Coronavirus is the root cause, but the facilities have experienced no cases of the illness. The reason for the shut down is that there are disruptions with the delivery of raw materials. The shutdowns in other countries and the closure of borders has led to this.

Sidi’s research and design facilities are still open as of right now. The good people there are working on the 2021 lineup of gear and accessories from Sidi. The company expects all pre-booked orders to be fine. It has sent out products for February and should experience minimal shortages. However, depending on how long the shut down continues, there could be issues in the future. 

Motonation said that it will be assessing the situation as things move forward but right now there’s nothing to do but act responsibly.

I doubt Sidi is the only company experiencing issues. Supply chains across the world are a mess right now due to the Coronavirus outbreak. As things continue, there will be further issues. Hopefully, the efforts taken by various countries will be able to shorten the duration of the issues caused by the virus. Time will tell.