Sidi Atojo SR Motorcycle Boots Should Be Available Soon

Sidi Atojo

A Little Delay

The Sidi Atojo SR motorcycle boots are for dirt riders and were developed to give the rider excellent motorcycle control. The boots have a lighter upper but still offer ankle protection and replaceable parts, if needed. These boots are the next step for Sidi and offer a lot.

Recently we received an email from Sidi’s team that said the company was delayed in delivering the boots to the U.S. The reason stated was two-fold. First, the company decided to modify the boots after the first production run. They noticed a place they could improve the boots and decided to do so right away. The second reason was Coronavirus. Sidi shut down all operations in March and that has pushed out many things.

A limited number of Atojo boots were shipped to dealers from Italy, but a new shipment will come in mid to late July to satisfy dealers and pre-orders. 

I have discussed the Atojo in detail before, so I won’t go over its features and specifications here. You can check out my original article on the boots to read about what makes this boot special.

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  1. William
    April 5, 2021

    Any chance you might get your hands on a pair of these to test? I am probably not the only adventure rider wondering how these would do as an adventure boot for bikes set up for the more aggressive end of the adventure riding spectrum. They seem to be low profile enough they would not have the usual annoyances some of the traditional full MX boots do on an adventure bike and the footbed is supposed to be a bit wider than some of the Sidi boots which might make them a good fit for North American riders.

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