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Should Hyosung return with Bobber?

Hyosung Bobber 300

Hyosung could be planning a comeback with its GV 300 S Bobber which they will sell in Europe and could usher the brand back into other markets such as Australia.

The Korean manufacturer began in 1966 and stormed into our market about 10 years ago with good quality learner-approved models and attractive pricing.

Australian importers PS Importers no longer brings them in and group marketing manager Dale McBride says they have no current plans for Hyosung.

However, he says they will monitor how the Bobber 300 goes in Europe.

Hyosung Bobber 300
GV 300 S Bobber

The Korean motorcycle company has been virtually dormant for several years and is now only available in Australia for online parts.

Hyosung promised great things when they introduced their brand to the Australian market.

It was a bargain-priced product with a heart of gold and honest performance.

Hyosung return?

Hyosung Bobber 300
GV 300 S Bobber

But the brand did not perform well here, which is strange since Korean car manufacturers Hyundai and Kia have taken Australian and the world by storm with their attractive, well-priced models.

Unfortunately, Hyosung has had virtually had no new models and few updates or improvements.

Until the Bobber GV300, that is.

The Hyosung range features 250cc and 650cc models with the 300cc V-twin-powered GV 300 S Bobber slotting in between.

It will have a low 710mm seat, weigh only 170kg and have only about 30hp output.

More importantly than engine size, it actually looks quite attractive ( a bit like Yamaha’s Bolt cruiser), unlike the ugly and weirdly named Aquilla cruisers.

Hyosung GV650 Aquila
Hyosung GV650 Aquila

However, price in Europe is €4990 (about $A8300) which is about $2500 overpriced for our market.

If it goes well in Europe and they trim some pricing, could this be the bike that returns the Korean brand to Australia?

  1. “> it actually looks quite attractive ( a bit like Yamaha’s Bolt cruiser), unlike the ugly and weirdly named Aquilla cruisers.”

    Isn’t it funny how differently we see things….
    I actually thought the Aquilla was quite attractive, (for a cruiser) whereas I find the “Bobber” butt ugly…

    1. I concur! Aquila is quite the looker amongst the low slung cruisers, falling in line with HD V-ROD, Kawasaki Vulcan S, Suzuki Intruder and the like.

  2. The Aquilla was a great looking bike and this new bobber looks great as well. There is a huge gap to be filled for good quality, reasonably priced bikes in Australia. There is cf moto but they definitely don’t tick the good quality box. Just cheap Chinese rubbish.

  3. Bring back the GT 250 Comet, cool bike, good performance. Ah, the 2009 Gt250 Comet.

  4. My first bike was a gt250r, ever since then i’v owned a gsx650f, cbr300r, cbr125e.

    And you know what? I sold the gsx650f about a week ago and now i’m picking up a gt650r.
    I greatly miss the affordable fun bikes Hyosung brought to Australia. And i’m still upset that we never got the gd250r. Please come back Hyosung we have a market wide open for LAMS riders that no one seems to be trying to fill since the introduction of the ninja 300 etc. Right now the cheapest bike i can find new is the KTM duke 200. From 2019 at $4000 and used ninja 300s go for around $4000+ still second hand. Not to mention the cost of the R3 the old model still selling for a good $4000-$5000 and the face lifted around $7000.

    Come to Australia drop a bike that’s new around the $4000-$5000 perhaps even $6000 AUD mark, preferably a sports bike along side with the bobber. Thanks for reading my rant cheers!

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