Shoei Releases the J-Cruise II Helmet

Shoei J-Cruise II

An Innovative Open Face Lid

March 2020 Update: read Bruce’s in-depth J-Cruise II review.

Shoei has a new open face helmet with a flip-up face shield called the J-Cruise II. This design takes what Shoei did with the regular J-Cruise that has been out for years now to a new level. The helmet combines the unique helmet’s configuration with luxury features and materials. 

The J-Cruise II includes a lengthened sun shield, a new first-position shield opening to increase airflow behind the face shield to cut down on fogging, a revised helmet shell from an aerodynamics standpoint, new ventilation system, and noise reduction technology.

The helmet can also be seamlessly integrated with the SENA SRL/SRL2 comm system. This intercom-ready design came out of Shoei working directly with SENA. The SRL and SRL2 systems integrate on the helmet more easily than ever before. 

Shoei reworked the helmet’s shell not only so that it’s more aerodynamic, but the company also made it more compact, too, reducing the bobblehead look that often comes with open face lids. In terms of aerodynamics, though, there’s seven percent less lift, one percent less drag, and 43 percent less yawing or horizontal pull from the helmet. 

In terms of wind noise, the redesigned shell also cuts down on wind noise. Shoei also reworked the liner and interior of the helmet to block out wind noise and water, so you can wear this helmet no matter what the weather is doing. Shoei seems to have updated the J-Cruise in all the right ways, I can’t wait to see the J-Cruise II in person. Hopefully, we’ll be able to have one of our contributors review this helmet. 


  1. Dan Hammack
    November 21, 2019

    I appreciate Shoei’s quality, but everytime I buy one I have to take out the speaker inserts and change to thinner cheek pads because the pressure on my ears, I have large ears, and on my cheeks is unbearable. Perhaps I need to step up to an XL even though my head measurement charts out at a large.

  2. Alan Page
    November 25, 2019

    It’s too bad they chose to add the insert for the Sena comm system. Making it harder to add another (and arguably better) brand. It is this reason alone that I will not buy the Shoei helmets.

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