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Shoei launch retro Glamster helmet

Shoei Glamster retro helmet

Every motorcycle helmet seems to have a retro model after the recent Arai Rapide Neo and now the Shoei Glamster road helmet.

Shoei already has the Ex-Zero which is more of a retro adventure helmet.

Shoei Ex-Zero retro helmet - Glamster
Shoei Ex-Zero

While the Glamster is a handsome looking helmet and has all the usual Shoei hi-tech, quality finish and protection, the name is perhaps one of the lamest we’ve ever heard.

It’s as cringe-worthy as the hipster video to announce the helmet’s release.

It shows riders on neo-retro BMW and Ducati scramblers heading to the beach for some racing with their hipster friends before heading home.


Shoei Helmets Australia brand manager Damien Irwin says the Glamster is due to arrive in solid colours in March and graphics in April.

There are no Aussie prices yet, but they cost £399.99 in the UK (about $A760) for a choice of eight plain colours while the graphic Resurrection is £499.99 (about $A950).

Glamster will come in three shell sizes for five head sizes from XS-XXL.

Inspired by ’70 and ‘80s race helmets, it uses modern material and production techniques.Shoei Glamster retro helmet

It has an AIM built outer shell with organic fibre and multi-composite fibre in various layers for shock-absorption and rigidity.

The interior liner is removable and washable. It is made from multi-density EPS with different densities to protect different parts of the rider’s head.Shoei Glamster retro helmet

The visor is Pinlock ready with three-position adjustment and a wide aperture.

Ventilation is provided by air inlets in the chin and forehead and exhaust outlets at the rear.Shoei Glamster retro helmet

By the way, some people pronounce Shoei as “shoe-ee”, others say “showy”, while the Japanese say “show eye”.

  1. The name is indeed terrible but the launch video is fine, here’s bunch of cool bikes being raced in a retro way along a beach. Heaps of modern gear companies do these sorts of things (Biltwell, RSD etc), the only thing cringeworthy about the whole situation is us older blokes criticising younger riders and labelling them hipsters. As a fellow old bloke its a bit like old men yelling at the sky because things are changing.

    1. You make it sound like it’s a bad thing 😉
      The word “hipster” has indeed developed a derogative connotation lately. Is it that it depicts a type of person that it prone to easily part with his money over frivolous highly overpriced fashion accessories with little historical sense?
      Or is it because they are committing sacrilege by repurposing items that were part of the baby boomers youth and making it part of theirs?

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