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Shark Evoline Series 2

Shark Evoline Series 2 Flip-Up

Review Summary

The Shark Evoline Series 2 is an update to the original Evoline

It demonstrates a commitment to this unique and highly versatile helmet.

The updates are subtle but enough to make the Series 2 one of my current favorites.

This is our third Shark Evoline review, and this very unique motorcycle helmet deserves another look.

The Evoline was one of the first motorcycle helmets homologated for riding with the rotating visor in either the up or down position.

This feature makes the Evoline one of the most versatile motorcycle helmets available today.

In fact, I’ll go as far as saying that the Evoline is the most versatile motorcycle helmet available, bar none.

I think it’s more useful for adventure touring than a hybrid motocross helmets with a face shield; helmets like the Arai XD3, the Shoei Hornet (review)HJC CL-XS (review) and others.

That versatility means that the Evoline works with any type of motorcycle: cruiser, sportbike or standard, and it’s especially useful for touring and adventure touring.

You can’t say that for the hybrid helmets — I just can’t picture someone riding a Ducati 1098R wearing an XD3, can you?

Just about everything you’d ever want to know about the Evoline can be found in our review of the original European version of the Evoline (here) from 2008 and the follow-up review for the DOT version of the Evoline (here), which was released soon after.

The Series 2 looks, acts and feels about the same as the earlier versions, but it’s apparent that some of the tolerances have been tightened up and Shark said they have incorporated owner feedback into the update.

This includes a better seal between the clear face shield and the eye port gasket to make it more water-resistant (Shark calls this the “Impermeability Pack”).

It also includes a new 9-position detent system for the face shield with a small first opening for defogging and what feels to me like an improved liner and slightly different — and roomy — internal shape.

Shark also said the liner width at the bottom “neck roll” has been increased by 1 cm to help reduce noise.

And the internally rotating sun visor has been made larger, easier to use with a smoother slider and it incorporates UV400 protection, along with an anti-scratch coating.

Since all of the details have been covered in the previous webBikeWorld Evoline reviews, this will be an abbreviated overview of the Series 2 pointing out the differences.

Shark Evoline Series 2 - Top View


Shark Evoline Series 2 Paint, Graphics and Overall Quality

The previous versions of the Evoline were good-looking and high-quality helmets, with the DOT version sporting a beautiful painted finish with a very glossy clearcoat.

The color and graphics choices have been expanded for the Series 2. Basic colors are still available, along with the Wayer graphics shown here in white and silver and a new “Lumi” luminescent graphic is also available.

The paint and finish on this example is outstanding, just like it was on the DOT version. Quality is one of the trademarks of Shark helmets, so I would expect no less.

I chose the Wayer graphic pattern, especially in the white, silver and shades of gray on this helmet, because it will go with just about any bike and the white color should add some visibility while hopefully remaining cooler than the darker colors.

Also, I noticed that the Wayer pattern works even when the rotating visor is in the up position, so overall I’m very pleased with this choice.

The silver, medium gray and dark gray paint on this white Wayer graphic are metallic colors and they give the helmet some added flair.

The clearcoat feels thick and it has that same “hard” feeling we’ve noted before on some European helmets. I’m not sure what type of clearcoat formula is used, but the it subjectively feels like it will protect the helmet better than the types used on other helmet brands.

The quality of the rest of the helmet is also excellent.

The Evoline has really been improved since the original production version we reviewed back in 2008 and Shark should get a big congratulations for sticking with the concept and working to improve and evolve it in a very short time frame.

The moving bits and the liner are all without flaws and the rotating visor works smoothly and precisely. One thing to remember on the Evoline is that the clear face shield must be raised before the rotating visor is opened or closed.

The face shield seals on the outside of the rotating visor, and as long as you remember to raise the shield before operating the visor, all will be well.

The visor locks firmly into place and it’s released with the small red tab that is easily accessible under the chin bar.

When the rotating visor is raised and moved all the way to the back, it is held by a strong detent and the helmet is homologated for use when riding this way under both DOT and ECE helmet safety standards.

Score: The Evoline Series 2 gets an “Outstanding” rating from me for overall for quality. See the Summary Table at the end of this page for a description of our rating system.

Shark Evoline Series 2 Helmet Fit, Comfort and Internal Shape

Unfortunately, we no longer have either of the original Evoline helmets available for comparison, so it’s difficult to know if the internal shape of the Series 2 has changed.

But I don’t think it has; this one is a size large and I’ll classify it as fitting a slightly round head shape, just as we did for the original DOT version of the Evoline.

It actually fits me very nicely and since the Arai Quantum has been discontinued, I’d have to say that the Evoline Series 2 fits my round head about as perfectly as I could hope for.

The size large is labeled as fitting a 59-60 cm head, but I think a neutral- to round-shaped head of 60-61 cm is probably more appropriate for this size.

My eyeglasses fit easily inside the Series 2 without problem, although I this may vary depending upon the frame type and the rider’s head shape and match to the helmet fit.

The helmet feels slightly loose when I first put it on, but tightening the chin strap and locking the rotating visor seals everything up in short order.

The ear pockets are lined at the bottom and although they’re not as deep as some, they fit today’s thinner intercom speakers with no problems.

The liner feels comfortable and although I don’t have that original Evoline for comparison, the liner material on the Series 2 feels softer than I remember.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the fit and comfort of the new Series 2.

Something about it all works — the combination of the fit, comfort, liner and the nice, big eye port has made this my current “go to” helmet for everyday use.

Shark Evoline Series 2 Shape

The Evoline Series 2 comes in two shell sizes spanning the XS to XL limited size range but the availability of the two shell sizes for that size range allows the helmet to fit all sizes without the dreaded “fishbowl” look.

More information on helmet fit can be found in the chart that lists the helmet weights of webBikeWorld reviewed helmets and also by shape on the webBikeWorld Motorcycle Helmet Shapes page.

Score:  I’ll give the Evoline Series 2 an “Outstanding” rating for overall comfort and fit and for the 3 shell sizes and fit possibilities with the differently sized cheek pads and liners.

Shark Evoline Series 2 - Liner
Evoline Series 2 helmet liner and cheek pads are removable and replaceable, as are all other parts.
Shark Evoline Series 2 - Side View and Internally Rotating Sun Visor
Internal sun visor has been revised and made larger.


Shark Evoline Series 2 Face Shield and Rotating Visor

Probably the three most improved features implemented on the Series 2 include the system that operates the clear face shield, the internal sun visor and the eye port gasket.

The face shield now has 9 solid detents as it’s raised or lowered. The first small detent is perfect for defogging.

Note that the tab to raise or lower the face shield is unusually located at the top and center of the shield. Not a problem, but note that it may take some time to accustom oneself to the new routine.

The face shield is said to have a new scratch-resistant coating. It’s difficult to tell if there’s a difference, but it’s probably a good thing because the original face shield could become scratched if the owner didn’t remember to raise it first before raising or lowering the visor.

Remember: shield up (or down) before the hatch is battened down (or up)!

The face shield also seals very tightly against the eye port gasket, with very close tolerances on this helmet.

We tried the face shield water torture test; i.e., slowly pouring water along the top of the seal where the shield meets the gasket, and no water entered the helmet.

The tighter seal means a lowered potential for wind noise, although I don’t recall that being a problem on the original Evoline anyway.

The eye port is wide and tall, and the Series 2 has excellent visibility out the front, especially for the lower sight lines. There’s plenty of room inside the chin bar also, although as is typical on a flip-up style helmet, there are no air vents through the chin bar itself.

The rotating visor operates smoothly and locks into place — again, remember to raise the face shield first for best results!

Back when the Evoline was first released, I puzzled over the newfound functionality.

But after using the helmet for some time, I now think it’s a much better and more logical design than any “normal” flip-up I’ve tried, most of which can only be worn with the rotating visor in the down and locked position.

Rotating the Evoline’s visor all the way back truly does make this a dual-purpose helmet, more so than a flip-up and certainly a hybrid motocross-with-face-shield type.

I will definitely argue that the Evoline is a much better all-around helmet and would be better for slow dirt road adventure riding (not full off-road or motocross, obviously) for a variety of reasons.

The clear face shield and the internal sun visor are both operable when the helmet is worn in the open configuration, and this provides a lot of air flow, regardless of the relatively weak upper venting system.

Shark Evoline Series 2 Visibility

Overall, the Series 2 has an excellent face shield design that is easy to use and works smoothly and securely.

The face shield also has excellent quality optics and it is easy to remove and replace by pushing in the little triangular-shaped tab on the receiver (not shown in the video).

The rotating visor works perfectly and makes this the most versatile helmet in the quiver.

Score: I’ll give the rotating visor and face shield operation an “Outstanding” rating.

Shark Evoline Series 2 - Top Vent
The top vent provides an average amount of ventilation.

Series 2 Ventilation and Air Flow

The Evoline does not include rear exhaust vents, which we think might help pull air through the helmet more efficiently when the rotating visor is closed. However, the chin vent works well by directing the air on to the back of the face shield.

The helmet does not have a chin curtain, which adds somewhat to the overall noise levels but on the other hand, it allows air to flow from up underneath on to the rider’s face.

The top vent works well but has relatively weak air flow. It consists of two small holes pointing straight up, at 90 degrees to the air flow. There isn’t a lot of room for air to flow through and the snap-open door doesn’t scoop much air in either.

The helmet does feature deep air channels molded into the EPS liner, which helps at least to circulate some air.

Overall, the helmet has probably about average air flow, which unfortunately isn’t saying much because most helmets could use improvement in this area.

Shark Evoline Series 2 Ventilation

Score:  The chin vent on the Series 2 gets a score of “Excellent” but the top is a “Neutral” rating. Overall, I’d give the helmet a “Very Good” rating (see chart in the summary table below).

Shark Evoline Series 2 - Chin Vent
The chin vent snaps open and closed and works well.


Evoline Series 2 Sound Levels

Not much has changed here, although it’s possible that the potentially different liner and fit makes the Series 2 about average when it comes to noise control.

Depending on how the helmet fits the rider’s head, the helmet seems to be able to control noise around the bottom of the helmet fairly well, while some whistling noise can be heard from the top vent, probably due to the air blowing at 90 degrees over the vent holes.

The helmet has a general wind-rushing noise around the sides; again, not that unusual. So overall, I’d say the Evoline Series 2 transmits an average to slightly more than average amount of noise.

Shark Evoline Series 2 Noise Levels

Note that our helmet evaluations are a combined effort of several riders over time on different types of motorcycles with and without windscreens.

Evaluators wear correctly fitted, high quality ear plugs (even when evaluating motorcycle intercom systems).

Always protect your hearing when riding a motorcycle. See the wBW Earplug Reviews for more information on choosing and wearing earplugs.

Note also that perceived noise levels will vary, depending on the individual.

Noise can be caused by many factors, including helmet fit, the type of motorcycle and windscreen, wind speed and direction and even the rider’s clothing.

For more information on helmet noise, visit the wBW Motorcycle Helmet Noise page.

Score:  The Series 2 is average in terms of noise control, so I’ll give it a “Neutral” score.

wBW Video: Shark Evoline Series 2 Helmet

Helmet Weight

I was very surprised to find that the size large Evoline Series 2 shown here hasn’t lost any weight from the original versions. It tips the scale at 1948 grams, or 4 lbs., 4-3/4 oz.

The reason I was (and remain) surprised is because the helmet simply feels lighter than I remember from both of the previous Evoline helmets we reviewed.

We normally don’t weigh the helmet until the review is going through its final draft, and I weighed this one on two different scales just to make sure.

Perhaps the good fit and the excellent balance of the Series 2 helps, because the helmet doesn’t feel its weight at all when riding.

Score:  All things considered, even though the Series 2 shows its weight on the scales, I’ll give it an “Excellent” rating for fit and balance, which mitigates the weight.

By the way, I corresponded with other Series 2 owners who have written to us and they also praised the balance of this helmet.

See the wBW Motorcycle Helmet Weights page for a chart that compares the weights of all of the helmets we’ve reviewed. The wBW Motorcycle Helmet Shapes page lists the helmets by head shape and weight.


The Evoline Series 2 uses a double D-ring chin strap retainer and a plastic slider for a keeper. The padding under the chin strap is adequate, although the chin strap seem slightly shorter than average.

The Series 2 meets DOT and ECE 22.05 safety standards with the rotating visor in either the fully raised or lowered position. The helmet has a 5-year warranty.

webBikeWorld Overall Opinionator – Shark Evoline Series 2
Picks… …and Pans
  • Outstanding quality.
  • Outstanding face shield and rotating visor operation.
  • Unique design unlike any other helmet.
  • Excellent fit.
  • Excellent balance..
  • Average noise control.
  • Upper ventilation could be better.


The Shark Evoline Series 2 has to be one of the most versatile helmets available. I think it now beats any flip-up for usefulness in a variety of conditions, from sportbiking to adventure touring.

It’s comfortable, well-built and has everything you’d need in a helmet, along with the Shark 5-year warranty, for what is actually a reasonable price when all things are considered.

The Series 2 has become my favorite helmet and I’ve been wearing it almost every day. I can highly recommend it.

wBW Review: Shark Evoline Series 2 Helmet
Manufacturer: Shark Helmets List Price (2010): $429.95-$469.95
Colors: Solids and Graphics. Made In: Thailand
Sizes: XS-XL Shell Sizes: 2 Review Date: June 2010
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Owner Comments and Feedback

Please send comments to
Comments are ordered from most recent to oldest.
See details on submitting comments.

From “B.B.” (02/11):  “I bought this helmet for my Alaska trip last July and August 2010. It far exceeded my expectations; I never felt the helmet was heavy and this has been the only helmet I have had that I could wear all day long without discomfort.

If it wasn’t raining I would take out the clear visor and just wear my safety sunglasses but still have the chin bar protection when needed. And often I would like to ride with the chin bar flipped back just for the open feeling and the breeze.

If the chin bar is in the closed position it really isn’t noticed so it is not obtrusive. If it was raining (Alaska, remember…) then opening the clear visor one notch was all that was required to prevent fogging and no rain got into the helmet.

This helmet is definitely worth consideration.”

From “M.F.” (02/11):  “I’ve been riding wearing an Evoline for about nine months now. Having the ability to change from full to three quarter helmet position, especially in South Texas weather has been really helpful at times.

The helmet has some drawbacks most of which I’ve learned to live with.

The one I can’t seem to fix though seems like it should be the easiest. Each time I lower the clear visor it picks up dirt from the upper seal leaving a smudge on the inside of the visor.

I’ve tried every type of mild cleaner and detergent I can lay my hands on to clean the seal but nothing fixes the problem. I’ve even tried contacting the company for help numerous times. They have no problem sending email advertisements every month but have yet to respond to one of my inquiries for help. If anyone has a suggestion I sure could use the help.”

From “R.H.” (11/10):  “I tried on the Shark Evoline 2 helmet today and you’re right. It’s got a good internal shape for round heads.

If you have big ears though that stick out, the liner has a ridge in it that will press against your upper ear. After about 20 min of wearing the helmet I took it off and could see an indentation in my upper ear lobe and it was tender.

And behind that ridge is a hard edge of shell foam. The other downside is that there are no cut-outs for comm system speakers. So my search continues.”

From “P.D.” (7/10):  “Ordered this helmet and received it a day before my departure to the MotoGP race at Goonie Seca. 600 miles round trip from Ojai to Monterey. A great road test.

From what I’ve read, weight seems to be an issue for some but I did not notice it. It was so well balanced full-face or open-face that it felt no heavier than my AGV.

In fact, the aerodynamics of the Evo2 were excellent. I had no buffeting at all with this lid compared to my prior helmet – again, in either position.

Commenting on ventilation is tricky. In open-face it’s a no brainer, which is what I did going through the 95 degree heat in Paso Robles.

Heading down (Pacific Coast Highway) along the overcast coast, it was in full-face mode and kept the brisk chill of the day away.

As for noise levels, I did hear the whistle from the top vent but it wasn’t distracting enough to be a detriment to my purchase. It just became ambiguous background noise with ear plugs and blended with the typical sounds of a brain bucket.

I’ve been riding for 28 years and it’s definitely no louder than any other helmet I’ve owned. The fit and finish – Silver Gloss in my case – was showroom perfect.

I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend this helmet to anyone considering it. The functionality of the Evoline 2 is a brilliant combination that really sold me and proved it usefulness numerous times along the way.”

From “A” (6/10):  “I purchased this helmet after reading your review on the Series 2. In fact, I read the review and purchased the helmet at a local shop within 2 hours!  The price was $449 less a coupon I had for the local store. I’ve had it now for 3 weeks and put about 2000 miles in it.

My helmet is size medium (normally a large). Contrary to the reviewer’s findings, I can’t fit my head in an Arai Quantum but fit well in a Shoei RF1000. This helmet fits me perfectly as well although a little less pressure is placed on my cheeks which I expected giving the lack of a permanent chin bar.

The bike I ride is a Harley Ultra Classic (upright cruiser touring bike) with a full windscreen. For buffeting and ventilation discussions, the top of the windscreen sits just below my nose.

Mine was not the fancy graphics version reviewed here, but the flat metallic silver. The finish when new was flawless.

Until now, I have always worn Shoei RF-1000 helmets and actually have one currently that is only a few months old. I haven’t put it on since buying the EvoLine.


  • The chin bar works nearly flawlessly and can be moved while riding. I say nearly because sometimes the left clip doesn’t fully engage on the first try when pushing back.
  • The materials used in the liner are far more plush than the Shoei. This is of particular importance to me since I have no hair and immediately could feel the difference when putting the helmet on.
  • Much increased space between my chin and the chin bar except at the bottom edge which angles sharply back towards my chin. Unlike the Shoei though, it sits lower so it doesn’t come into contact with my chin and actually provides more wind protection.
  • Great visibility in all positions of the helmet, visor and sunscreen.
  • I haven’t needed sunglasses at all since getting this helmet and the versatility of just sliding the sun visor out of the way is great. No more “pushing it’ as the sun goes down before stopping to remove my sunglasses.
  • Ventilation is great even at 100 degrees. It’s still hot, but it has a lot more airflow that the Shoei.
  • Finally a modular I can wear with the bar up around town and don’t have remove in order to get gas, have a quick drink or discuss something with my riding partner.
  • No buffeting under almost all circumstances and it doesn’t seem to catch the wind when I look over my shoulder.


  • The finish marks very easily. This may be because of the flat paint, but not something I expected.
  • The trailing edge of the chin bar is sharp! I’ve had to learn to raise it before removing the helmet or it scrapes my chin and nose.
  • The visor rattles when left in the upright position (an acceptable use per the manual). It seems to go away when I tip my head forward so I assume this will only be a problem on upright touring bikes like mine.
  • There isn’t enough room in the ear pockets for me to insert my communications. I have both Bluetooth GPS/Phone and wired CB/Intercom which each get an in-helmet speaker. I will figure something out.
  • It’s very heavy and took my neck a few days to get used to it. It’s very well balanced in either position though and the weight wasn’t noticed by me when riding, just by my sore neck. All that went away after a few days of riding.
  • It’s been 2000 miles now and I still can’t find the tab for the face shield without closing the top vent or moving the sun visor… more an annoyance than anything.

The good’s are great, the bad’s are more slight annoyances than anything. I love this helmet and will probably only wear the Shoei when I need to let this one dry out from a hot summer’s day of riding.

I highly recommend it for its comfort, unique styling and versatility. This is by far the most versatile and comfortable helmet I have owned and have over 60k miles under my belt, so I have at least some helmet experience.

I highly recommend it and wouldn’t hesitate to buy another if I needed one. I can’t speak for the safety of it and I hope I never have to. The face that it’s ECE approved as a full face helmet speaks volumes to its workmanship in my book.”

From “M” (6/10):  “I have to say I find your website exemplary. I find it to be devoid of the distractions which taint may other motorcycle ‘review’ sites.

I have purchased many of my products after reading your reviews (Rev’it Scirocco jacket (review), the Sena SMH10 Bluetooth intercom (review) and the Shark Evoline among them).

After spending about one month with my Evoline, I thought I would share some reflections on the helmet.

My intention when looking for a helmet was the following:

  • Modular ( why I don’t know……I thought i would be pretty interesting to have a helmet that could give me an open face option while maintaining close to the safety and rigidity of full face….and have a full face option).
  • Streetfighter style – A mature looking Sport Helmet without overdone graphics while having a bit of an aggressive look.
  • Visibility – Something which would have high visibility.
  • Jet Fighter Style sun shade.
  • Safety – enough said.

After going through an exhaustive process, I settled on the Shark Evoline…and was excited when just around the time I was looking Shark released the Evoline Series 2 with the new Wayer Design. Bonus!!!

Series 2 promised additional sealing against wind and rain, noise reduction, thicker padding for more comfort, and great coverage by the jet style sun shade, better movement of outer visor.

Shark is a company who builds helmets with safety as their number one priority, not that all companies don’t do this as well, however, Shark is know as a segment leader and innovator in this area.

This was clear when I got the helmet. I purchased it through (by far the best online motorcycle clothing and accessory site/store) which had it a price significantly lower than anywhere else ($364).

The helmet runs one size (larger) so if you are a medium, you may wanna go with a small (I needed to do that). The helmet’s fit and finish was exemplary, nothing to complain about here.

After may rides the positives are:

  • Extremely well built.
  • Love the versatility of the open face/full face/jet style shade.
  • I feel very ‘safe’ when riding due to the design and build.
  • Well protected from rain.

Challenges ( not necessarily negative; just requiring adjustment) are:

  • It is heavy, heavy heavy…but that being said it is very well balanced so until I try on a ‘carbon’ full face ( about one pound lighter) I really have nothing to compare it with.
  • I had to get used to the fact that it wants to sit forward on my head….no problem once I got used to it.
  • It doesn’t play well with my Sena bluetooth intercom/music system. I had to fiddle with the ear speakers to get them to fit in such a way as to not squish my ears, but this was due to the copious amounts of padding reflecting Shark’s  commitment to safety. After a few rides and adjustments I managed to find the sweet spot ( BTW the Sena system is incredible!!).
  • It wont accept the clamp on the inside of the helmet due to the neck skirt so to secure the Sena system, I had to use the included glue-mounting system which, albeit relatively permanent, worked like a charm.
  • Due to the swinging motion of Full-face to Open face the Sena system had to be mounted further back on the side of the helmet than would be ideal. But it is still close enough for the boom mike to reach to within acceptable distance from my mouth for talking ( Phone calls are clear and my voice can be heard).
  • It feels slightly bulbous and while at HWY speeds there is some wind buffeting ( I ride a Monster so there is not much wind protection) again until I try on another helmet I have nothing to compare it with.
  • It does seem to allow a good amount of air in, even while in full face mode. However, I have ridden with it in 7 degree weather with a balaclava and been fine.

All in all, I am quite pleased with my purchase. I had has more than met the criteria which I wanted in a helmet.”