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SHAD Top Master Mounting Kit

Installing the BMW Luggage Rack and the SHAD "Top Master" Top Case Mounting Kit on a BMW S1000XR

Review Summary

The BMW S1000XR is now gone, but there are still some stories to be told.

One important subject is the BMW Luggage Carrier (Grid).

It didn’t get installed at the factory on this early production S1000XR due to a component recall.

The luggage carrier is part of an option package for the S1000XR and it is a good looking and very functional part of the motorcycle.

It’s also needed to support a SHAD top case on the S1000XR and many other motorcycles.

The best way to do fit a SHAD top case is to use the Top Master kit, which contains the necessary pieces and hardware to provide the platform for the SHAD universal mounting plate.

This ensures that all of the components to mount the top case are securely and safely mounted to the bike’s rear luggage rack.

For example, I installed the SHAD Top Master kit, along with the SHAD universal mounting plate and this then allowed me to fit the SHAD SH48 top case (review) to the bike.

The SHAD Top Master kits are available for many different makes and models of motorcycles and they act as the interface between the bike’s rear luggage carrier or rack and the many different SHAD top case models.

On the BMW S1000XR, the passenger grab handle is nicely styled, but the addition of the luggage rack or carrier is a visual work of functional art that extends the lines of the bike.

The luggage carrier includes a black plastic top case carrier plate insert, used when fitting BMW brand top cases (most of which are made by SHAD for BMW).

The SHAD Top Master kits are designed to work with existing mounting arrangements on various motorcycles.

But for this S1000XR, the Top Master kit bolts directly to attachment points that are revealed once the small plate insert on the BMW luggage carrier is removed.

The Top Master kit then provides a very strong and stable platform for SHAD top cases

My favourite SHAD top case is the SHAD SH48 in the titanium color with carbon-look insert that has been on many of my motorcycles and covered its fair share of distance over the years.

No stranger to previous wBW reviews, the SH48 is stylish, lightweight, strong, resistant to all sorts of use and abuse and capable of holding two flip-up helmets with headsets.

A rear luggage rack with the SHAD Top Master and SH48 top case combination are the solution and hard to beat for strength, function and looks

And in considering the modest investment needed for the SHAD products, also an excellent value.


As identified in my original BMW S1000XR Blog entry entitled Part 1, First Impressions, the standard equipment BMW S1000XR rear luggage rack or carrier was to have been fitted at the factory.

But my bike was an early production model and a last minute factory redesign of the S1000XR luggage carrier resulted in a shortfall at the plant.

BMW didn’t want to delay deliveries of the anticipated new S1000XR to eager customers, so some early production run S1000XR motorcycles were delivered with just the passenger grab handle only.

The delivery package checklist that accompanies all new BMW motorcycles clearly identified that the luggage carrier was missing and five weeks after taking delivery of my S1000XR, the dealer notified me that the updated parts had been received.

Meanwhile, while anxiously awaiting the arrival of the luggage carrier, I was also anxiously awaiting availability of the new SHAD Top Master kit for the S1000XR.

This would then allow me to adapt the SHAD universal mounting plate to the BMW luggage rack, to which I could attach the SH48 top case, providing some lockable storage to the bike.

But, it was still going to be another couple of months before the SHAD Top Master kit for the S1000XR would be ready.

In the meantime, I found a way to mount the SHAD universal adapter plate in a functional (but not very tidy) way, using pieces from the SHAD universal hardware kit that is also included with every SHAD top case kit.

This configuration wasn’t optimal, but at least provided a temporary solution for attaching the SH48 top case.

SHAD Top Master Kit
The SHAD Top Master mounting kit for the BMW S1000XR.

The BMW Rear Luggage Carrier

The S1000XR rear luggage carrier or rack is called the BMW Motorrad Accessory Luggage Rack (also identified as Carrier or Grid), with BMW part number 46 54 7 717 019.

It normally comes installed on the S1000XR (depending on option packages) and it is also available as an authorized (retrofit) accessory from BMW dealers.

The SHAD Top Master Kit

The SHAD Top Master Kit for the S1000XR is SHAD part number W0SX15ST.

It is a new product, specifically designed for the S1000XR and similar to other SHAD Top Master kits for newer Beemers.

These Top Master kits are, for the most part, simple and quite inexpensive and they make it a simple task to prepare the bike so you can adapt the SHAD universal mounting plate and then a SHAD top case of your choice.

The SHAD Universal Mounting Plate Kit

The combination of the Top Master kit and the SHAD top case parts have everything else you’ll need to install a SHAD top case, including the appropriate adapter plate for the specific top case model and two keys for the lock.

The strong plastic universal adapter plate found inside each SHAD top case is “honey-combed” with a template of square and slotted holes.

It also includes a versatile hardware kit that will facilitate fitting the adapter plate to almost any type of surface.

But, they do work best when combined with the appropriate SHAD Top Master kit for the specific make and model of motorcycle.

BMW Rear Luggage Carrier
BMW luggage carrier.


Replacing the passenger grab rail with the luggage carrier on the BMW would have been done by the dealer at no charge, but I convinced them to let me do the task at my convenience.

I had to do some other accessory installation work anyway and the DIY project would also set the stage for this dual kit review.

Parts and Tools Required

  • BMW Motorrad Luggage Rack or Grid (PN 46 54 7 717 019).
  • SHAD Top Master Kit for the BMW S1000XR (PN W0SX15ST).
  • SHAD SH48 Titanium top case with D1B48PA adapter plate (included).

Tools and Materials Used

  • T40 Torx tool (socket or T-handle).
  • 6 mm Allen head tool.
  • No. 1 and 2 Phillips head screwdrivers.
  • Medium thread locking compound.

Before Installation

As preparatory work, remove the seat and then the left and right rear trim panels on the S1000XR.

This provides an unobstructed access to the work area. Removal of the panels is described in theBMW Fairing and Panel Removal article.

BMW Rear Luggage Carrier Installation
BMW luggage carrier installation.

Installing the BMW Luggage Carrier on the S1000XR

First remove the left and right 60 mm collars and plastic covers that are held in place with M8 x 65 mm screws threaded into the drop-down tabs on the side case frame assembly.

With the plastic covers removed, the back frame mount points are revealed.

Remove the M8 x 65 mm back frame mount screw and then the M8 x 50mm screws located on the top of the grab rail piece.

With these four screws removed, the grab rail can be wiggled up and away from the motorcycle.

Note: Once the rear frame mounts are removed, loosening the forward side frame mounts allows the side case frame to drop down slightly, facilitating grab rail removal and luggage carrier placement. Don’t forget to retighten these screws again.

Set the (new) OE metal luggage carrier component in place and wiggle it down into the side slots.

With the carrier sitting in place and lined up with the mounting points, apply a bit of medium thread locking compound to the threads of the removed OE screws and reinstall all four.

Tighten and torque the upper frame mounting screws followed by the top screws and, retighten the forward side case mount screws if loosened, all to 19 Nm (14 ft. lbs.).

The final steps involve affixing the small BMW logo badge to the back centre indent on the carrier and then a small plastic bumper to the indent circles on each side arm of the carrier (as illustrated in the instructions).

The smaller stylized black plastic carrier piece, included with the OE carrier kit and needed to accommodate fitment of BMW cases, fits into cut-outs on the luggage carrier.

This black plastic pieces secures with six M6 x 20 mm screws, all tightened in a cross pattern to 8 Nm (6 ft. lbs.).

Note: If a third-party top case adapter is being installed, like the SHAD Top Master kit, the top carrier piece may/may not be required; it is not for the SHAD kit fitment.

SHAD Top Master Kit Parts Listing
(Above) The SHAD Top Master mounting kit hardware.

Installing the SHAD Top Master Kit

Fitting the SHAD Top Master kit for the BMW S1000XR (.pdf) is only slightly more involved than getting the BMW luggage carrier in place.

If the black plastic carrier plate is mounted on the BMW luggage carrier, remove it, as the mounting points are used for installing the SHAD Top Master kit.

The numbers in parentheses below indicate the SHAD Instruction Item Number that might facilitate identification:

  • Position two of the 8 mm tall spacers (#5) on top of the raised front mounting points and the other two 8 mm spacers (#5) into the recesses at the middle mount points.
  • Set the two 12 mm high spacers (#4) into the recesses at the rear mount points.
  • Position the left and right plates (#1) short flat edge forward, over the front two mount points.
  • Start the M6 x 30 mm hex-socket head screws (#6) with 18 mm diameter washers (#2) into the front mount points.
  • Start the M6 x 35 mm countersunk socket head screws (#7) into the middle mount points.
  • Tighten the screws in steps 4 and 5 above, front to back then left to right.
  • Add one 24 mm diameter washer (#8) to the top of each back spacer and lay the SHAD adapter plate in place so the front middle cut-outs of the adapter plate.
  • Align with the threaded holes of the left and right lower plates; the back mounting points will align with rear slotted cut-outs.
  • Start the front M6 x 30 mm countersunk socket head screws (#9) through the red nylon inserts (#10) into the threaded holes on the left and right kit plates.
  • Next, start the rear M6 x 30 mm hex-socket head screws (#6) with 18 mm diameter flat washers (#2) and plates (#3) at the rear mounts.
  • Make sure the adapter plate is aligned and then tighten the four screws progressively.
  • Add the top insert cover onto the adapter plate and secure it with the four sheet screws using the No. 1 Phillips screwdriver.
  • Slip the SH48 top case into the front slots and lock it in place at the back.

NOTES: If the front mounting points need adjustment, loosen the front screws of the left and/or right lower plates and pivot them left or right (holes are elongated) so the hardware is aligned with the mounts.

And don’t forget to retighten the plate screws. Also, don’t forget to retighten the plate screws.

SHAD Top Master Kit Hardware Installation
The SHAD Top Master kit for the BMW S1000XR. A Top Master kit has bike-specific hardware and parts to adapt a SHAD universal mounting plate (next photo).
SHAD Universal Mounting Plate Installation
SHAD universal mounting plate parts. A universal mounting plate comes with every SHAD top case.

Function and Performance

The BMW luggage carrier is an attractively styled piece that flows and extends the lines of the motorcycle, even more so than the basic grab rail.

Simple to install and very strong, it provides a very useful albeit small platform for securely mounting your luggage.

It has open “grid” styling and support points that facilitate the use of straps, especially ROK straps, which is about all I use anymore.

Fitting the SHAD Top Master kit adds about 0.5 kg to the rear carrier.

But it provides an extremely strong, supportive and adjustable platform for the adapter plate and top case and the whole combination is clean and efficient looking.

The style and size of the SHAD SH-48 top case with the carbon-look insert that closely matches the black patterned finish of the S1000XR’s trim pieces.

It just looks right, contrasting perfectly with the “Light White” plastic panels on the XR.

And when the SHAD SH48 or other top case isn’t needed, it can be easily removed, along with a connection for an Admore LED top case lighting kit I installed.

This leaves behind the flat SHAD universal adapter plate, attached to the BMW luggage carrier with the Top Master kit.

The combination provides a solid platform for installing other types of luggage, such as soft or semi-rigid waterproof luggage like the new Touratech Adventure dry bags (review).

The SHAD SH48 top case that looks so good on the S1000XR is coincidentally also my favourite among the larger SHAD cases.

I have used this one on virtually every motorcycle I’ve owned recently.


While waiting for the BMW luggage carrier to arrive, there was ample time to reflect upon just how valued this relatively small and lightweight component is to the overall scheme of things.

Having a passenger handrail isn’t of primary importance for me; both my wife and I have our own motorcycles.

Thus, the passenger seat is pretty much dedicated to functioning as a load point for additional soft-sided waterproof luggage of some sort when needed.

But in using the motorcycles on a daily basis — usually with some sort of load for commuting or travel, a luggage rack is a valuable component.

This is why they are pretty much a standard fixture on many motorcycles.

For the BMW S1000XR, the luggage carrier, the SHAD Top Master kit and the SH48 top case forms an attractive combination, a solid and very functional solution with lots of lockable storage space.

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