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Sena updates 20S with 30K unit

The next-generation Sena 30K Bluetooth system will have improved networking so the connection isn’t lost when a rider leaves a group.

The 30K will arrive in mid-2017, according to Earmold Australia, and is based on the popular 20S unit. It also uses the same mount so you can swap them over.

Sena calls the new technology “adaptive mesh networking” and it is similar to Cardo’s recent Packtalk.

Cardo's Scala Rider Packtalk Bluetooth unit - 30k
Cardo’s Scala Rider Packtalk Bluetooth uni

Both systems now claim to have fixed the problem of communication dropouts when a member leaves the group and the difficulties of reconnecting when they rejoin.

Instead of Bluetooth, it uses mesh networking with each device acting as a node to receive and relay data.

While the Packtalk has range of 1.6km between intercoms and up to 5km with four or more riders/pillions, the Sena 30K has the same theoretical 2km range as the 20S and supports up to 16 riders/pillions.

Sleeker 30K unit

The weather-resistant 30K unit looks a little sleeker than the 20S but with the same “jog dial” which is the easiest in the industry to use.

Sena 30K mesh networking bluetooth
Sena 30K has built-in FM

It has all the other 20S features including built-in FM tuner, voice commands, noise filter, audio multitasking and will work with any other Bluetooth intercom unit.

Battery life is now 13 hours with a 15-minute quick-charge feature to add four more hours of talk time.

There is no word et on price, but the current Sena 20S is $345 for a single unit.

Sena has also updated its RideConnected smartphone app for iOS and Android.

Sena 30K mesh networking bluetooth
RideConnected app

The app allows rider to create a private group and communicate via the headset with up to 16 other people that can be anywhere in the world, as long as they have access to a mobile network.

  1. Mark,
    I have had the 20S since just after it’s release. Through several firmware updates it has become significantly better. However SENA have become a disappointment to me with first the Smart helmet and now the 30K.

    The Smart helmet was first shown to the public 13 months ago and as of today there is still not a release date. The 30K you say will be released mid 2017, why would it be that long? Seems to me they are dare I say trying to milk the market. In the release notes for the last 20S firmware upgrade there was an item for adding support for the “RideConnected App” which is not currently available to download.

    1. Simon
      I agree with you. It seems the bike and accessories market have been toying with it’s customers for quite some time now. The two items you have mentioned and Yamaha with telling everyone that a new Venture Royale is coming out soon. That started in 2014 and every year Yamaha keeps delaying the production. Now with the accessories companies are teasing everyone and giving the customers false hopes. I guess it’s up to us customers who make them rich to start boycotting these companies for a couple years and buy some other brand, only then will they learn who puts food on the their tables and hopefully they will start production on time.

  2. Does the 30K mount retain the earphone socket that the 20S has? I have found this very useful, with Earmold earpieces, for noise reduction on long rides…

    1. Hi “Grumblebum”!
      Yep the distributor tells us the 30k will fit the 20s mount so it should have a headphone jack in it.
      Should be in Australia around October.

  3. I agree with everyone regarding this type of marketing. They are wasting everyone’s time with this wait and see tactic. I will give Sena until the middle of of May 2017 then I will jump ship to cardio to use their already proven unit. Sena says they can ship by the end of May or at least that is what Revzilla has on their website, which was prompted by Sena’s marketing department. If they do not produce I will take my money with a different company which look and sound like an equally capable. 2017 is a good year to show every company that not paying attention to the consumer needs is a huge business mistake.

  4. Does the mesh networking only work with those who also have the 30K or will it work with all models?

  5. 1. Mesh works with only the 30K models.
    2. Retains the headphone jack.
    3. Bluetooth works well across 2 or more units (includes connecting with the 20S)
    4. Mesh — USELESS … when using Mesh between two 30K units, as soon as you travel more than 30km / hour, and 50m apart it breaks up. Have preserved with using it over 2000km (followed all of Sena’s troubleshooting (resets, repairs, firmware, antenna up etc). Only seems to be clear when stationery and next to each other.

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