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Sena adds sleek, discreet intercoms

32 Plus models arriving in May

Bluetooth motorcycle helmet intercom giant Sena has added two new headsets that eliminate the bulky external modules and are ideal for sleek open-face helmets.

The 3S PLUS Boom and 3S PLUS Universal headsets were unveiled in January.

Sena Australia spokesperson Tracey Pola estimates their first shipment will arrive in May 2021, “all going well with ocean freight”.

Pricing will be available closer to launch, but they are currently available online at $US99 each.

Bulky external headset modules may be ok for full-face helmets, but they look ugly on open-face helmets.

There has also been some concern, but no conclusive proof, that external modules may affect the rotation of a motorcyclist’s neck in the event of a crash.

Now Sena has sorted the issue with these two new intercoms.

The 3S PLUS Boom features a sleek and lightweight (55g) design with two big and convenient buttons on the boom microphone. 

No more reaching around the side of your helmet to access the controls.

Its unified speaker construction makes the 3S Plus easy to install in any jet, open-face or modular helmet.

The lightweight (48g) 3S PLUS Universal will fit any helmet, but has a minimalist external control that won’t affect  wind noise, drag or head rotation.

It has two big buttons for ease of use. 

To assure the best fit, the 3S PLUS Universal comes with two wired microphone extensions, a standard and boom microphone.

Both allow for clear, two-way HD intercom at a range of 400m.

They come wth Sena’s Advanced Noise Control to filter out wind and background noise in the microphone.

Sena 3S PLUS headsets also support smartphone connectivity so you can hear GPS directions from your phone, take phone calls or listen to music.