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Self-loading motorcycle ramp

loading motorcycle trailer

Loading a motorcycle on to a trailer or vehicle can lead to disasters and can take a lot of muscle and skill to get it right.

However, Dutch company Porteos takes all the worry, muscle and skill out of the process.

They are updating their self-loading motorcycle ramp with a lighter telescopic ramp that can be easily fitted to most utilities and vans.

It features a telescopic ramp that slides out and down and will lift any size motorcycle up to 400kg using a motorised pulley system.

Easy loading

Porteos have been making the self-loading ramps in Europe out of steel but have now started an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign to make their new lightweight ramp.

We warn potential supporters of Indiegogo crowd-funding campaigns that they may not receive a refund unless specified. If the campaign does not, backers will have to contact the campaigner for a refund, put a stop to their payment or cancel their credit card.

It is made of aerospace-grade aluminium which is lighter, but also more robust.

The Porteos ramp includes rollers so the 60kg device can be moved around easier and can be moved from vehicle to vehicle more easily.loading motorcycle trailer

The new Porteos motorcycle ramp has a “power tilt” feature that allows it to fit the bike quickly in tighter places.

It is not cheap starting at $2652 but crowd-funding supporters can get it for $2074. (We recommend caution on supporting any crowd-funding camapaign as prodjuct delivery and refunds are not guaranteed.)

Porteos says they will ship their new ramp worldwide and they estimate it will cost about $500 to get one to Australia.