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Scorpion R1 Air Juice Helmet Hands-On Review

Scorpion R1 Air Juice Helmet Review Summary
Review Summary
Scorpion brings the public to MotoGP with the addition of their new full-face, the R1 Air Juice. A helmet worn by pros but made for the racer in all of us. We look at the helmet designed for speed, shaped to win, and aimed to be versatile enough for any rider hitting the tarmac. This helmet flaunts its lightweight, breathable interior, superior ventilation system, and layered shell that meets the standards of World superbike champions.
Design & Features
Build Quality
Sizing & Comfort
Value for Money
Comfort & Airflow
Noise Management
Premium helmet features and quality at a mid-range price.
Extremely comfortable and well-ventilated
3.05lb weight is lighter than most full face helmets.
Includes various accessories (two pinlock face shields, anti-fog insert, and aero skirt). Freebies!
Elliptic II quick-release face shield is durable and easy to swap.
Removable and washable interior liner
Airfit inflation system and multiple lining options makes head fitment easy.
Integrated speaker pockets fits most bluetooth compatible lines.
Noisy while riding
Can be tight-fitting when cheek pads inflated
No magnetic chinstrap

Review Summary

  • The Scorpion R1 Air is a thoughtfully constructed design that gives us a TCT composit shell with a highly sculpted aerodynamic shape made to minimize drag.
  • The helmet packs on a impact-absorbing EPS liner and emergency releases that works to dissipate and absorb collisions at the track or the street.
  • It’s featherweight of just over three pounds with a shape meant to minimize clavicle damage and increase range of mobility,  which helps you enjoy the the ride even longer.
  • This helmet includes two pin-lock visors and a quick release system that makes change ups a breeze.
  • The shape includes a big arrangement of ventilation that cooled incredibly but at the cost of alot of noise.

Scorpion R1 Air Juice Design

Photography by Ratish Rao (Instagram – @rr_films_23) 

This writer can’t say she’s not already too familiar with Scorpion’s build of helmets, but that doesn’t mean she’s seen all they can offer. That is until the R1 Air.

A stark comparison comes from my first helmet being a Scorpion EXO 1200 but truly showing Scorpion’s dedication in leveling up in design and modernity. My experience with the 1200 is a steadfast stead of helmet proportions for a first-time rider. Consistently constructed, lightweight, and built to last. The R1 is like comparing a dragon to my reliable stead. Its razor-sharp compositions result from track innovation built for racers and released to the public. We can see that this dragon is made to race, and it has.

This same helmet graced the head of the diablo himself, Fabio Quartararo. I quickly figured out why this helmet has the nod of MotoGP and Superbike champions. Just from admiring the sleek aerodynamic shell, the R1 is lightyears ahead in cutting drag, equalizing neutral-medial balance, and aiding against riding fatigue. Its aerodynamics matched its featherweight, which reminded me of what Quaurtararo was looking for.

This R1 line wasn’t just made to be a reliable everyday helmet; it was made for the heedless and uncompromising nature of track-worthy speed. I may not be a superbike champ, but wearing this helmet in the canyons made this girl feel like one.

Though scorpion’s previous designs were DOT and ECE rated as well, this noggin topper is not just a safety dummy’s best friend. It has some fancy features that initially I thought were just talk to help push it to the public, but the reality was that it blew me away. It was the level of aerodynamic layering with the Ultra-TCT shell. The EXO R1 is given its “Air” designation for its transonic shell shape. It utilizes a unique blend of fiberglass that promises high strength, low weight, and greater impact dispersal. You’re basically wearing a katana cutting through the air.

Exceptional Build Quality

It boasts premium materials that use a multilayered, resin-infused TCT Ultra composite shell and multi-density impact-absorbing EPS liner that works to dissipate and absorb impacts. Along with a shape meant to minimize clavicle damage and increase the rider’s range of mobility. That’s why no portion of the main shell sculpture protrudes more than 5mm.

This minimizes rotational stresses in the event of an impact and helps minimize the overall weight. Much thought went into this helmet, and the evidence is apparent to me. I didn’t need to take it off in any condition, but more importantly, I didn’t want to. It’s breathable, protective, lightweight, and It looks damn good.

Courtesy: Scorpion USA

The Scorpion R1 Air Juice Is Extremely Lightweight

A lightweight helmet is a requirement when going the speed of the diable and leaning like the pros. The reduction in drag and weight gives you the advantage of staying precise and controlled instead of being worn down by physics.

But even if you never don a tracksuit, this helmet still proves its advantages in the street with its fluid movements, all in a 3.05lb package. Still an average of up to half a pound lighter than most full-face street helmets. It was a difference for me, and the comparison was that my 1200 was .55 lbs heavier. The R1 successfully trimmed the fat and kept the quality high with the weight low.

Safety and Protection

It is still DOT certified for the US as well as ECE 22.05 certified in Europe. Additionally, it even has Emergency Quick Release System to help paramedics easily remove a helmet from an injured rider – without adding to any neck or spinal injuries. It has removable cheek pads but also a removable neck roll to assist. Things that give me peace of mind even if I’m not racing but just fighting ridiculous traffic.

The R1 also has fastenings using titanium double-d rings. They’re pretty easy to use and usually what you’ll find on a racing helmet, but they are considered a more upscale material that lasts. They are made to hold and protect.

These safety features alone justify a lot of the price for me. Without sacrificing protection, combined with the R1s body, it helped make the helmet feel secure yet less clunky, streamlined, and svelte.

The Visor Provides 190 Degrees of Vision!

And you’ll be able to get a good look with the size of this visor. The eye port was explicitly designed to provide a 190° horizontal and 100° vertical visual field of vision. Wearing it throughout the day was visually and practically spectacular.

Each visor is anti-scratch coated and offers 95% UV-A & UV-B protection. It helped improve my visual when switching lanes and I was comfortable enough to keep on even at a stop down to the beach. The selling point for me was the quick-release pin-lock system and pin-lock anti-fog insert. EXO 1200, who?


Courtesy: Scorpion USA

This 2D max vision shield had a pin-lock already installed and has the blessing of a girl who has finger fumbled their way to open a shield at a stoplight one too many times. Scorpion’s Ellip-Tec II shield system is designed to keep the seal nice and tight when you close but has an added chinbar vent from the inside to keep air flowing to the face shield but not onto you.

It will immensely help with the amount of heavy breathing you’ll likely be doing from how awesome it is.

Installing the Visor

The visor handled smoothly and comfortably when opening, closing, and locking. Its EllipTec™ II quick-release system is user-friendly for quick installs and visor changes. Just raise the visor to the topmost position and then pull up the lever near the visor pivot. Pulling forward on the visor will release it from its place.

To reinstall the visor, place the two small tabs on the visor in their respective tracks while holding the lever up. Letting go of the lever once they are in place recaptures the tabs and that’s it. See above for help, but really I think most could figure it out.

I could see the thought of what a racer would need. Full visual on the road. Even though I’m not a racer–yet. Any rider would appreciate the full range of the horizon when riding through a busy city or the curves of a track. This helmet also includes an additional dark smoke MaxVision Pinlock face shield to help boost its worth in price and pedigree.

I was already familiar with the smoke on my previous EXO, but Scorpion was also generous enough to whip out a blue one for this review. I liked having its reflective nature on bright days without it shadowing the road after sunset. The blue was bright, glossy, and looked sleek with the frame of the helmet. We can attest that blue, black, or clear Scorpion delivered in visors with striking and astute form.

The R1 Air Juice Offers Plenty of Ventilation

Inside, the R1 Air’s multi-layer EPS liner has channels for increased airflow, and the aero-tuned ventilation system uses two air intakes in front of the helmet and a 3-port exhaust spoiler system.

Both of the front vents are closeable, and when open, I certainly felt the difference. The top and backports are deeply lined into the shell. It felt like it created a cavern inside, and when I was riding, I didn’t just feel the temperature cool inside; I also felt the weight of the helmet adjust and lighten.

It performed track ready and helped me stay focused on the road. Scorpion praises that this arrangement of vents is aligned to create a venturi effect where those little holes on the top and side aren’t there to allow air in as much as pull air out when you’re going fast. The faster air outside the helmet has lower pressure, causing the air from inside the helmet (relatively higher pressure) to rise. A lot of science, but hey, I felt it. No hot head here.

And on long rides, I didn’t feel as weary. Most likely because my body wasn’t working harder to cool me off. In addition, It felt more conformed to my head, closer but not stifling.

Sizing and Comfort

The sizing is coming off a bit tighter than my EXO 1200. I was actually expecting this considering the R1 was mapped out to be a competitive track helmet first and the 1200 strictly a full-face street helmet. With the EXO 1200 my 55.4cm head was marked as a XSM, but for the R1, it was similar to Quartararo, an SM. A tighter fit, perhaps due to the AirFit cheek pad inflation system, which is adjustable to your comfort by a small balloon behind each cheek pad.

These cheek pads push toward your face to move your jaw up and hold the helmet more firmly. The inside also has a KwikWick III liner that uses synthetic materials, is moisture-wicking, and is hypoallergenic. It’s included with a neck roll and 3D cheek pads that even have grooves designed for glasses.

I liked the details in the lining that consider all the possibilities with sweat, support and size. There is even the option of additional sizes of inner liners. I was also sent an XSM and an SM lining, but the SM lining fit the best for me. The helmets themselves have sizes from SM to 3XL. For those that struggle with the shape or size of helmets, this gives you more options for your dimension and a more tapered fit overall.

Scorpion R1 Air Juice Noise Management

With such a light, buoyant and aerodynamic helmet, I was not surprised to find that it wasn’t the quietest. Carbon fiber helmets are notorious for having a higher noise rating. It’s light as a feather but loud as duck. Don’t skimp out on the earplugs.

Supersonic high-performance helmet for the louder wind? Seems like a fair trade.

You can adjust the Airfit and make a tighter push toward your ears and face, but you’ll also look less like Fabio and more like a squirrel. There is credit for the chin curtain and wrap-around neck roll design that seals out the wind turbulence and lift but for me; it still fails to live up to the comfortable decibel of riding earplugless.

Value for Money

Regardless of the noise, it feels performance inspired. It gives you the pedigree of a premium composite shell, science-backed ventilation, DOT and ECE safety-tested frame, and the weight of a track speed-oriented design.

You’re also getting a lot of perks people normally buy later to enhance a helmet. You’re set up with a clear MaxVision Pinlock-ready anti-scratch face shield, a Pinlock anti-fog insert, and free additional dark smoke MaxVision Pinlock face shield.

These are all things in my mind that add value to a helmet priced at a midrange but give you a taste of the elite. It’s comfortable and gives a luxurious feel to its inner lining with multiple sizing options, and looks as handsome as the devil that wore it. A deadly combination that makes the R1 stand up to competitors. This is a champion-inspired helmet to make anyone aspire to be one.


    • Manufacturer: Scorpion
    • Price when tested $429.95$
    • Alternative colors:; Red, White/blue, Fabio Quartararo Monster Replica
    • Sizes: XS-2XL
  • Additional Info:
    • Includes Dark Smoke shield and Clear shield
    • Weight: ± 1,383 grams / 3.05 lbs (size medium)
    • 3-Shell sizes for a precision fit
    • DOT FMVSS No. 218 Certified / ECE Approved
    • 5-Year warranty