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Savic confirms electric motorcycle prices

Dennis Savic with electric Cafe racer motorcycle orders

Prices and some technical specifications have been confirmed for the Savic C-Series, Australia’s first electric motorcycle.

Savic Motorcycles will make 49 C-Series cafe racer electric motorcycles available from November in three variants.

Specification Alpha Delta Omega
Power 60kW 40kW 25kW
Torque 190Nm TBC TBC
Range 200km TBC TBC
Charge time 4-6 hours TBC TBC
0-100km/h 3s 900ms TBC TBC
Price (+ORC) $22,999.00 $15,999.00 $10,999.00

That’s much cheaper than the Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle which launched last month in Portland, Orgeon, at about $US30,000 ($A44,000). It will be available in Australia late next year. Pricing is yet to be confirmed.

Savic unveiled

Dennis Savic Orders accepted for Aussie electric motorcycle
Dennis Savic on his Savic C-Series

Savic Motorcycles unveiled its electric cafe racer prototype at the Melbourne Moto Expo last November and the bikes are now available for order.

Founder Dennis Savic, says they also hope to make it available for test rides at the Australian Motorcycle Festival in Wollongong in November.

Savic motorcycles will be made in Melbourne and Taiwan and delivered in 2020.

Buyers of the first production models will also receive:

  • Exclusive company updates first;
  • Lifetime membership providing exclusive discounts for all future Savic rider gear; and
  • Live updates and images of their bike build as it happens.

Each model comes with several battery pack options. The largest offered in the Alpha will provide range of up to 200km, while the smallest option in the Omega is expected to have about 50km range. 

Like all electric vehicles, peak torque is instantaneous and the Alpha will accelerate from 0-100km in 3.9 seconds.

By comparison, the LiveWire has city range of about 235km and highway range of about 150km and reaches 100km/h in three seconds.

Savic customers will be able choose a range of options in brakes, suspension, wheels, tyres and three colours – Spectre, Stealth, and Rustic.

Aftermarket upgrades will also be offered. 

The bikes feature a fully integrated, stressed, liquid-cooled motor and energy storage system.

Depending on the model and battery pack a customer selects, a single charge can provide up to 11kWh. That costs only $3 compared with about $15 for a petrol bike to travel 250km.

Prototype designSavic Motorcycles electric cafe racer prototype

Dennis, 27, spent more than 650 hours designing and building the prototype.

“This is a bit of a dream come true,” he says.

“When I was 14, I decided I wanted to design and build my own vehicles one day. So I did my engineering degree and when I graduated about three years ago I got stuck into it. It’s been a long time coming.

Dennis Savic Orders accepted for Aussie electric motorcycle
Dennis at work

“These motorcycles are a unique offering with the most advanced features and functionality that the materials, engineering, electronic controls, electrical technology and 3D printing can offer today. 

“We have created a unique design featuring a perfectly rolled (not bent) backbone frame and developed our own powertrain package.” 

Dennis Savic with electric Cafe racer motrcycle
Dennis with the unveiled electric Cafe Racer

Savic Motorcycles electric cafe racer prototype

Savic Motorcycles electric cafe racer prototype