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Sandy Corley Memorial Run 2017 – 10 reasons I love this charity run.

*Update. Sandy Corley Memorial Run 2017  is 7/20/17 – 7/23/17

10. It’s close to home in West Michigan

The Double JJ ranch is 1.1 hrs from good ol’ home sweet home. We stay for the full 5 days of the event, so we trailer up our bikes and gear and ride out from there. Not that we couldn’t pack in, but 5 days of rustic biker party time is a little too long for the wifey. So we load up the toy hauler with damn near everything and head out first thing Wednesday morning.

Sturgis is about 12.5 hours away, which is quite a haul. So going to big motorcycle rally event that is this much fun –  this close to home is awesome.


9. The folks that run the Sandy Corley Memorial Charity Run are the real deal.

28th Annual Sandy Corley Memorial Run Biker Winner

That’s Rick Corley (on the left) in this picture of the 27th Annual Sandy Corley Raffle Bike Winner.

While many changes have been imposed on the dealership that Rick operates and the charity events that he and Karen Corley run, they’ve maintained a family first approach to business. When you walk in the front doors – you feel at home and welcome. (And he knows that I ride a Yamaha too.)


8. The crowd is super respectful and a lot of fun.

Here is a quick tour (half-speed the video of you need to)

We have never had any trouble with any of our stuff wondering off or damaged while we were away here. The crowd and the event brings with is a sense of respect for all those who ride. And for those that want to disrespect that – let’s just say that you don’t want to me one those.


7. Funding Cancer Research:

28th Annual Sandy Corley Memorial Run

The Sandy Corley memorial run was started in 1989 to commemorate the death of Sandy Corley who started the Harley Owners Group in Michigan in 1986. He also owned Sandy’s Harley Davidson Sport Centre and was a popular local figure. He provided support and guidance to a small team of dedicated riders in the area. Sadly sandy died of cancer and his friends and family started the event in his name shortly afterwards.

The event started out small with a participants riding together, then an auction was held to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. Over the years the event has grown and grown into what it is today. Every year the original as well as newer members of the Fremont Harley Owners Group come up with ideas to raise money for cancer patients.

The auction starts at 5pm on Friday, June 10th.

6. The music is always off the charts – last year there was a chainsaw on stage.

jackyl with chainsaw

Band Information

This year a number of great local and national bands are playing at the event. Whatever type of music you are into there’s something for everyone.

5. The Double JJ offers more fun sht.

Double JJ Ranch Attractions

Go and visit the waterpark on rainy or cold days. Or you can pay the entry fee just to get yourself a hot shower if you need to.

Horses are also an everyday attraction of the “Ranch.” Just across the street from the campground there are animals and an old western saloon. Behind that are a bunch of really nice cabins that some of our friends stay in. Most of them pull along their tow-behind motorcycle trailers to bring enough stuff up for the weekend. They just don’t like to stay in tents, so the cabins are a perfect match.


4. Electric Forest in the same location.

They are there in the area setting stuff up (or tearing down) and you can ride around and see some of the different attractions.

The old barn on site at the campground offers a nice building area for new wood projects that the Electric Forest needs for the following week. They’re always changing the attractions, so new ones are built every year. Poke your head in and take a peak, most of the guys working are volunteers that help out and are pretty cool to chat with for a bit.


3. Fun places to ride in the area

Casino  Little river Casino and Resort  – 77 miles from Fremont

BreweriesBrewworks of Fremont – In Fremont

Ludington Pier – 61 miles

Government Lake Lodge Resturant and Bar – 43 miles


2. The Auction and Bike Raffle:

Helmet Donation to Rick Corley for Sandy Corley Memorial Run by Harley Davidson1

I had the chance to Rick while donating a helmet for the charity auction. Over $1.8 million of goods have been donated over the lifetime of this event and all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society in Sandy’s name.


1. Beer – It’s MI!

West Michigan is becoming a nation-wide destination for Craft beer lovers and makers alike. With over 212 breweries listed on just for West Michigan, there is always a new one to try out. Also named Beer City, USA – Grand Rapids – has plenty of microbrew tours and destinations to check out. You might get lucky and find one in the Rothbury area too.

Find Michigan Breweries Michigan Brewers Guild

Complete list of MI breweries here.

**I should add a disclaimer here, most of the brewers in the area do not officially attend this event (opportunity here…. hint, hint.)

BUT – while traveling around the campground and making friends, you bring some craft beer and you share some craft beer and you are likely to find some that you have never heard of before too.

aerial-photo from sandycorley

Other General Rules for Sandy Corley Memorial Run:

In order to ensure that everyone at the event is safe and has an enjoyable weekend the organizers have come up with the following rules.

  • No Pets have to brought to the event.
  • Event tickets or a wrist band must be produced to allow you to camp at the advanced camping site.
  • This camp site has been created for participants only
  • You are not allowed to bring visitors or helpers into the camps sight or event
  • After dark all vehicles must use their headlights
  • All drivers of motorized vehicles must have a license
  • There is a 5MPH speed limit in the camp ground
  • If you plan to make a camp fire you must do so in a fire ring, no digging holes.
  • Adults must accompany children at all times; including sharing the same camp site.
  • An adult must sign the child’s registration.

See the official 28th annual Sandy Corley Memorial Run Page is here.

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