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Sales Spike For Royal Enfield: 10% Rise For For February 2021

2021 Royal Enfield Himalayan

Meteor Coming In Hot

Pandemic sales continue to steadily increase across the globe; and many OEMs have benefitted from what seemed to initially be a pretty bad situation to begin with. Royal Enfield is no stranger to this surge in sales, and they have reported a 10% increase in sales in February alone when compared to Q1 2020.

What has led to the increase in sales? Well for starters, the Meteor 350 hit the scene last year and quickly erupted in great sales numbers, and the Himilayan is seeing a Tripper Navigation system being added to it definitely helped.

Although Royal Enfield does great numbers in their home country of India, international sales also put a sizable dent into this increase. The Indian brand managed to sell an extra ~4000 (give or take) motorcycles in their home country which brought the February 2021 sales total to the tune of 65,114 bikes. That accounts for a 6% rise in sales, meaning the last four most likely come from international sales.

To put Royal Enfield’s focus on their domestic market into perspective; 65,114 bikes were sold in India, leaving 4,545 bikes sold for the rest of the entire planet. Their export numbers still doubled from February last year though, so the fact is that they are on an upwards trajectory across the map.

India’s hunger for sub-350 displacement motorcycles was fueled by Enfield’s new Meteor 350 in addition to their “Classic” and “Bullet” 350 models as well. Larger motorcycles such as the Himalayan didn’t fair as well in the Indian market, but it made up for what was lost in the global sales – accounting for a large chunk of exported motorcycles.