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RUKKA Comforina Ladies’ Jacket Review

Rider wearing Rukka Comforina ladies jacket
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RUKKA Comforina Ladies’ Jacket Review Summary
Review Summary
The RUKKA Comforina Ladies’ Jacket is figure-hugging, waterproof and super comfortable jacket that after some 10,000 miles of riding in it, feels like my second skin.
Build Quality
Completely waterproof even in the worst of downpours
All-weather protection
CE Level 2 Armor
Included thermal liner for colder rides
Comfortable due to its stretchy fabric
Flattering shape for ladies
Not for very hot weather
Price is steep but it gives great value over time
A Good Buy

Review Summary:

  • The Rukka Comforina Ladies’ Jacket is completely waterproof and held up in torrential rain.
  • It’s got a variety of features such as CE level 2 armor protection, stretchy material for comfort, and a thermal liner which makes it a well-rounded motorcycle jacket for most seasons.
  • It’s a bit expensive but you get what you pay for. The construction and quality of this jacket will last for miles to come.

Rukka Comforina Ladies’ Jacket

Last summer I rode to Nordkapp in Norway, from the UK, which accumulated some 5,000 miles on a motorcycle and I knew I needed decent gear that will see me through all eventualities the unpredictable weather can throw at me. Of course, when we are talking top quality motorcycling gear, RUKKA is the one brand that springs to mind.

I was delighted to get my hands on the Comforina jacket and trousers, I knew that clothing on this tour will be one item I won’t have to worry about.

Since returning from the trip I have worn the jacket (and trousers) on several motorcycles and it is as comfortable on an adventure motorcycle as it is on a sports one.

Rider wearing Rukka Comforina ladies jacket

About Rukka

Rukka stands for high quality, sport specific clothing. Ever since the beginning of its history, Rukka has considered it of utmost importance that all products fulfil the strictest requirements when it comes to their finish, weather resistance and functionality.

Rukka is a Finnish sportswear brand and they consider it an important part of the product development process to corporate with top athletes of various disciplines, both in Finland and abroad.

The company was established in 1950 and the first product made included things like tracksuits. In the 1970s the brand launched products in sailing and motorcycle outfits.

Rukka gear is designed and built to face the challenges of the road day after day, year after year. High-quality motorcycling gear is an investment and Rukka stands behind their products and offers a warranty that covers any manufacturing or material defects.

Having worn mine for over 10,000 miles already, I can see how I will cover many more. The jacket still looks like new.

Rukka Comforina Ladies’ Jacket Features

The Rukka Comforina Jacket comes loaded with features for both weather and impact protection.

Key features include: 

  • Detachable thermal lining to layer up on cold days
  • GORE-TEX Z-Liner membrane to keep you dry
  • Abrasion-resistant Cordura 500D reinforcements on shoulders and elbows where it’s most needed in an impact.
  • D30 limb and back protector meet Level 2 requirements
  • Jacket has a fully connecting zipper to trousers and a crotch strap, this means no water gets in when raining and the crotch strap keeps the back of the jacket in place
  • Ventilation openings on the side of the torso and two on the back
  • Plenty of pockets
  • Adjustments on upper and lower arms

For a complete list of features, visit Rukka Comforina Jacket

First Impressions

When I first tried on the jacket in a shop I was amazed at how comfortable it is. The textile is stretchy which means it hugs your torso nicely showing off the womanly shape. The stretch is comfortable and after practically living in the jacket in the last six months, it hasn’t loosened and lost its shape, the jacket looks the same as when I first got it.

As far as women’s motorcycle jackets go, It is really flattering and comfortable and even the armour is perfectly placed so you don’t even notice it.

Rider on Tuareg adventure bike


Outer Shell

The outside shell is made out of 93% Nylon with 7% Elastan and 100% Nylon that includes a layer of Gore-Tex membrane.

  • Outer Shell – 93% Nylon with 7% Elastan
  • Lining – 100% Nylon with Gore-Tex membrane.


Nylon mesh lines the interior throughout for increased airflow and comfort.


The collar features a soft lining and neoprene edge to minimize chafing and for added comfort. There is a velcro strap with branding to ensure a snug fit. Inside the collar is a storm flap to protect you from severe weather.

Front view of the Rukka Comforina jacket

Closeup of the collar


There are four pockets in total:

  • Exterior
    • Two zippered slash pockets.
  • Interior
    • Two Napoleon pockets with extra waterproof layers and deep so items don’t sit on your chest.

Interior mesh lining of the jacket

  • Hi-Viz

    There are several pops of reflectivity:

    • The big R (Rukka logo) on the back
    • Two on the upper arm.
    • Two pipings the whole length of the arms (front and back)

    The reflective bands are very subtle in the daylight.

Side view of the Rukka Comforina jacket

  • Branding

    The branding is dark grey on black which makes it very subtle and I like that. The upper arms have the recognisable Rukka design and there is only the letter R on the back.

    On the left chest, the Rukka and Gore-Tex logos are embroidered in a dark grey colour, continuing with the subtlety of the branding.

    The zipper pulls are made out of textile and padded with the branding embroidered across it. There is also a small logo stitched in under the pocket on the left hand side. On the bottom right hand side there is an embroidery stating the jacket material uses Cordura stretch textile.

    The colorful logo with the four flags appears on the velcro strap on the wrists and neck as well as stitched in just under the left pocket.

Closeup of the branding on the Rukka Comforina jacket

  • Zippers

    All of the zippers are YKK, with the main zippers having sizeable glove-friendly pull tabs. Even the ventilation zippers have glove-friendly pull tabs so you can control the flow of the air without having to stop.

Closeup of the YKK zipper

Internal pockets are one on each side of the Napoleon pocket and there is a chunky zip at the bottom of the jacket to connect to the trousers.

  • Colorways

The Rukka Comforina jacket comes in black with yellow, white and silver details, as well as in white with black sleeves and black with white sleeves. ›

Various colorways for the Rukka Comforina jacket
Credit: Rukka

Overall Build Quality


The Rukka Comforina Jacket comes in sizes from EU 34 to EU 48 and they are true to size. The fitting is really good and they tend to match well with the trouser size, too.

I have a large chest so I went a size up to my usual which was the right thing to do. With the jacket being stretchy it still hugs my waist whilst there is room for a layer of heated clothing in winter months.


Hands down, this is the most comfortable jacket from the very first outing. The stretch fabric makes such a difference. There is no need to ‘break it in’ and wait a few wears to make it yours. It fits like your second skin and the way it hugs you makes you feel really safe.

Whilst I wouldn’t wear it in extreme heat it really is comfortable in any weather and on any bike. I wore it riding an adventure bike, a touring bike and a sports bike. The crotch strap makes a difference when you are on a sports bike and this keeps the jacket close to your lower back. The jacket also has a zip to connect to the trousers to keep the wind and the rain out.

Jacket zip connector for the Rukka Comforina pants

Closeup of the mesh material

Rider with helmet on


The Rukka Comforina Jacket has a couple of adjustments:

  • Three-position popper snaps at the biceps
  • A velcro strap around the neck
  • Adjustable velcro cuff at the wrists
  • Adjustable velcro straps either side around the bottom

Because of the stretchy textile and the way it’s shaped and how it hugs your torso, not many adjustments are needed. It really is a great fit.

Rear view of the velco straps



The Rukka Comforina Ladies’ Jacket is fully waterproof thanks to the Gore-Tex liner throughout. Gore-Tex is the top range waterproof protection whilst it is also breathable so you don’t sweat on the inside.

This material is

  • Guaranteed Waterproof
  • Optimum Breathability
  • Windproof
  • Lightweight
  • Incredibly durable even in the harshest conditions

In the last eight months, I have ridden in all weather conditions. From hot, sunny days to downpours and even in snow. No matter how bad the rain was, and believe me, in the UK (especially Wales) we know rain, I always arrived at my destination completely dry under the jacket (and trousers).


The Rukka Comforina Ladies’ Jacket has some ventilation, mainly two zippers on the back and the side of the jacket. However, I would not want to ride in this in very hot conditions. Whilst it is breathable with some ventilation, it is black and lacking in vents at the front of the jacket.

It is a perfect jacket to ride in for ¾ of the year – autumn, winter and spring and even cool summer days. The jacket comes with a thermal liner for really cold days but doesn’t have much flexibility for really hot days.

Closeup of the zippers

Rukka Comforina jacket


The Rukka Comforina ladies’ jacket offers several layers of protection.

The jacket comes with the Air XTR AllBack back protector that meets the requirements of level 2, and D30 Air XTR limb protectors at shoulder and elbow areas that meet the requirements of level 2.

Garments are designed to provide protection for motorcycle riders and tested according to the class of protection they afford. Class A garments generally offer protection against the risk of riding activities attributed to road riding, whilst still providing comfort and weather protection.

The jacket and the protective armour meet the requirements of CE Norm EN 1621-1 2012 and EN 1621-2 2-14.

Care Instructions

Always store your jacket in a dry, ventilated area away from sources of extreme heat or cold.

Remove all protectors before washing and when you put them back, ensure they are the right way around.

The jacket can be machine washed at 40 degree Celsius on a gentle cycle with no spin and drip dry.

Closeup of the care wash tag

Close up of the materials tag

Closeup of the sizing tag for the jacket

Thermal Liner

The Rukka Comfornina ladies’ jacket includes a full-length sleeve thermal liner to keep you warm on those cold days. It attaches to the outer shell with a full-length zipper and a pair of snap/loops at the end of each sleeve.

The liner has no pockets.

The thermal liner inside of the Rukka Comforina jacket


Rukka guarantees their clothing for up to 6 years and this Comforina Jacket is no exception.

For details, please visit Rukka Motorcycle Clothing Warranty.


I received my Rukka Comforina jacket only a few days before I set off on an epic trip to Nordkapp, for three weeks. I was a little bit concerned as I didn’t get much time to get used to the new jacket and wear it in but that was an unnecessary worry. As the name suggests, the stretch in the fabric makes this jacket super comfortable and it moulds around the shape of your body.

For three weeks I wore it nonstop as well as on all of my trips afterwards and I think I have found the holy grail of an all-weather riding kit. The only time I would swap this jacket for something else is in the height of hot summer when I’d opt for a mesh type of jacket.

From August until February, I wore the jacket in total for around 10,000 miles of travel and it still looks like new. I’d expect some wear and tear after these many miles but the jacket still looks like new.

I have ridden many different bikes from adventure to sports bikes and everything in between and the jacket looks good and is comfortable on all, no matter the riding position. A truly versatile and comfortable jacket offering protection that hugs the shape of the body and gives us, ladies, a flattering look.


  • Completely waterproof even in the worst of downpours
  • All-weather protection
  • CE Level 2 Armor
  • Included thermal liner for colder rides
  • Comfortable due to its stretchy fabric
  • Flattering shape for ladies


  • Not for very hot weather
  • Price is steep but it gives great value over time


  • Manufacturer: RUKKA
  • Price: (When Tested): £650 Only available in the UK
  • Made In: China
  • Colors: Black and silver
  • Sizes: EU 34 – 48
  • Review Period: August 2022 – February 2023

Important Links

Manufacturer’s website: Rukka Motorsport