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Riding motorcycles makes you happy

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Riding a motorcycle not makes you so happy some women can even orgasm while riding.

With the Black Dog 1 Dayer rides for depression awareness on 15 March 2020 and International Day of Happiness on 20 March, psychologist and reborn rider Sharon Ledger suggests going for a ride to feel happy.

She says it’s all got to do with chemicals in the brain.

“There are more than 10,000 chemical reactions going on in the brain every second,” she says.

“The chemicals that make you feel happy – oxytocin, dopamine, endorphin and serotonin – are produced by the endocrine system.

“Not all of these chemicals are released at the same time and each has a different outcome.

“However, more of these chemicals are produced when we look forward to doing something we enjoy, we get up early, we go outside in the sunshine and fresh air, we challenge ourselves, we meditate, we concentrate on an activity that requires skill and generally do things that motivate us.

“That pretty much sounds like motorcycling to me,” she says.

Sharon Ledger - divorce - born - happy
Sharon Ledger

Happy signals

“So when you get up early anticipating a good ride, already dopamine is starting to send happy signals to the brain.”

Different combinations of the chemicals come into play as you ride, she says.

“Add a bit of adrenalin and it’s like a happy cocktail for the brain.”

Sharon says an increase in serotonin can also reduce depression.

“You can increase your serotonin levels with fresh air, mild exercise and even morning sunlight, all of which you get on a ride.

“It won’t cure depression, but will help people cope.”

Riding can not only make men and women happy, but also make women feel sexy.

Sex on wheels

- powerHarley-Davidson Forty-Eight - power - happy
Sex on wheels?

American dating service, BikerKiss, says Harleys, in particular, can even give women an orgasm!

The Southern California online dating service asked about 3000 members (1900 men and 1100 women) “is Harley your favourite motorcycle brand” and 31% of women said yes, compared with 19% men.

The most common answer to the question was that Harley motorcycles are “gorgeous and expensive”. One dating club member said: ”I love it when I am on a Harley. It gives you all the attention you want.” Another said: “it’s not about being pretentious or anything, or like I’m doing it out of vanity. I just love it deep down.”

But here’s the thing that Harley-Davidson and makers of big-twin motorcycles will love the most: some women are able to orgasm while riding a bike with a big twin-cylinder engine because of the bike and seat vibrations.

Could you be any happier?

Black Dog Ride 1 DayerSunshine Coast Black Dog Ride 1 Dayer

The annual Black Dog Ride’s iconic annual 1 Dayer on 15 March aims to start a national conversation about depression and suicide prevention.

Click here to register for one of the 38 rides in all states and territories.

Black Dog Ride claim one in five Australians experience a mental health condition each year; three million Australians live with depression or anxiety and eight Australians take their lives each day.

The ride aims to build a community culture of awareness, inclusion, acceptance and breaking down the barrier of silence around mental illness.

If you are experiencing mental issues, we suggest going for a ride, joining the Black Dog Ride 1 Dayer, or calling Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636, or Lifeline Australia on 131114.

  1. its true to say that riding a bike does make one aroused indeed! Harley $ale$ should now skyrocket in the female sector if this article is used in the company’s advertising, off now for a ride to arouse ones self …. & put a smile on my face & car drivers don,t even know why one is grinning like an idiot, LOL.

  2. I must say i have wondered about those long strips of leather some riders
    have got hanging off the handgrips I thought they must whip the crap
    out of the rider. But that must be the whole idea
    The leather ,the studs,middle aged angst suddenly it all makes sense.
    I reckon there’s enough material for a thesis there Sharon

  3. Riding Motorcycles makes you happy: telling us what we already know, but I guess explaining why, to an extent. Female riders of big twins that vibrate having orgasms? telling some of us what we already know. Don’t let the politicians know that female riders can have orgasms riding bikes that vibrate, or it may become a safety issue. Imagine that; mandatory AIrHawk seats for female riders of just about any bike that vibrates. Fortunately (or unfortunately), my gender makes orgasms whilst riding very unlikly, but I’d love to hear an orgasm being used as a reason for exceeding the speed limit, or any other triffic infringement situations! “Sorry Orificer, but I was speeding because my orgasm made me crosseyed when I went past that last speed sign”

    Any research been done into female pillions have orgasms, rather than just riders? If that was the case, I’ll add that to my list of reasons as to why I need a new Streetfighter V4 and see what my wife reckons. Nah, that won’t work as she rides as well. Just have to hide the keys to it then.

  4. Give us a break with all that hd crap of orgasmic experience cause if that is happening I wish they were paying more attention to what was happening on the road

  5. It’s all about pretentions and in some cases pretentions and denial. If it wasn’t you’d ride a motorcycle instead of a harley.

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