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Rider survey of Australian airport parking

Prices and facilities vary across the nation

Perth airport parking

With Australia’s state borders completely open from next month and international travel open from today (21 February 2022) for vaccinated travellers, the issue of airport parking for motorcycles is back on the agenda.

Bike parking at airports around the country varies substantially.

Melbourne airport parking is among the most expensive in the world and has no discount for motorcycles while at the other end of the sale, Sydney has free parking for motorcycles at the domestic and international airports.

Recently the Motorcycle Riders Association of Australia (MRAA) asked riders across the country about facilities for motorcycle and scooter parking at airports. 

There was strong response and, while the results are not a complete picture by any means, they are an indicator that riders want better and cheaper facilities.

MRAA says that the parking area with the least to offer riders is at Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport. 

A small area is set aside for motorbikes at the same cost as car parking. Privately owned car parks nearby offered better deals with bikes parked under cover at a reasonable price, with shuttle services to terminals. 

Brisbane Airport parks motorcycles for $10 a day compared with cars at $40/day. For long-term parking, the bike price drops to just $5/day. 

Perth Airport charges just $6.10 a day for motorcycles in a secure, purpose-built motorcycle parking facility with boom gates too barrow for cars.

Perth airport parking

None of the airports had lockers for riders’ safety gear such as helmets and boots.

The MRAA recently approached Hobart Airport to ask about securing free parking and lockers for motorcycles.

Hobart Airport Executive General Manager Commercial, Grahaem Duff, told them he was considering a similar facility to the one at the Perth Airport and sought the MRAA’s advice on location.

Riders will also have access to a new luggage locker system.

Grahaem Duff (left) with MRAA’s Gary McLean.