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Riders help Monument Valley Navajo

Monument Valley - road to sturgis
Monument Valley

One of the most iconic riding destinations would have to be Monument Valley in the Navajo reservation on the Arizona-Utah border with its towering landmarks and desolate surroundings.

It has been immortalised in many Hollywood films and is a top destination for motorcyclists.

We travelled there a couple of years ago and the eerie scenery is breathtaking.

Monument Valley STURGIS
MBW in Monument Valley

But one motorcycle rider has gone further than just appreciating the scenery.

Ron Grace was riding through the Navajo reservation in 2000 when his BMW GSPD adventure motorcycle broke down.

“My wife Dawn and I met officer Darryl Curley Navajo PD; he graciously waited with us for almost two hours telling us of the problems and culture of the Navajo,” he says.

“Then after additional trips with my Dad Ron Sr, I decided to do what I could to help, even if it was only a small thing.”

Ron and Dawn Grace Monument Valley Navajo
Ron and Dawn Grace

Ron founded the Lost For A Reason website three years ago to educate other riders and encourage them to raise funds and help out the native people in any way they can.

“Lost for a was founded as a way to say thank you to the children and families on the N​avajo reservation, for the use of the land, to ride, to run, to explore.”

Ron has now reached out to Motorbike Writer to help spread the word internationally.

“With God’s blessing and the help of many others, we are now doing bigger and better things each year,” he says.

Ron and Dawn Grace Monument Valley Navajo
Helping the Navajo people

The organisation has helped Navajo children and families with a variety of things, including food, school supplies, playgrounds, home repairs and domestic violence shelters.

They organise charity rides and other functions to raise money or you can donate directly through their website.

There are about 250,000 Navajo people spread throughout the southwest of the United States. They suffer from starvation, poverty and barely have the basic needs to survive.

  1. I don’t quite understand why they are starving ? I was there 6 month ago and found that they understand business very well. They have stalls along the road selling everything, entrance to the famous sites cost money, they run tours which aren’t cheap, they run a hotel just at the entrance with the famous view for $200/night etc etc. I have an MBA and I couldn’t think of anything they have missed milking the fact that we are visiting their land.

    So forgive me for not seeing how they do us a favour by letting us visit the site and are suffering. I am sure there are poor people amongst the Navajo but we have poor people in Australia too its just a fact, and it has to do with wealth distribution and noting more.

    1. Joe – the problems are similar to those in most indigenous populations. Including Australia’s. Substance abuse, domestic violence, shortage of employment opportunities etc.

      You only need to head a little way away from the tourist destinations to see this.

      Ron is just average guy (carpenter) who has seen a need is striven to do something to fix it. I got to meet him when I was travelling about and was surprised by this guy guy that lives in Suburban Denver.

  2. Joe,…
    We are planning a work trip in May to help an orphanage on the Navajo reservation. I don’t know where you live, but I would love it if you had a chance to venture off of the paved road that runs through and to the outer areas affected by alcohol abuse and domestic violence, … remote areas , much like Australia. I think it would change your opinion to have first hand information, … maybe not… yes, I agree about wealth distribution, … the benefits of certain things like casinos or federally owned parks don’t seem to make it very far,… I don’t have an MBA in business, . But I know that when people need help, then it’s good to help them. I think with a business background you would commend those who would set up a roadside stand,… or open a hotel or other business, .. does your $10 necklace purchase or $200 hotel stay put them in the lap of luxury? … no…does it help?… Yes. … is there anything you could have missed?… yes,.. there is a problem, ..and an opportunity to do something about it. I invite you to help us some time and we can talk more about it.

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