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R&G Swingarm Sliders Review

R&G Swingarm Slider Protection

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Review Summary

The R&G Swingarm Protector Kit (Part #SB0057BK ) fits the BMW S1000RR, HP4 and S1000XR.

It also fits the Suzuki GSXR 1000 (2005+), GSXR 750 and GSXR 600 (2006+) or motorcycles that have 16 mm and 23.5 mm mounting diameters.

The R&G Swingarm Protector Kit is another example where function and design has resulted in utter simplicity, something not always seen with motorcycle accessories these days.

Kit components include:

  • Two Crash Protectors (caps), B0481, for left and right sides.
  • One left side Mounting Block, M0354, expanding piece for left side.
  • One M6 x 40 mm countersunk screw for left side.
  • One right side Mounting Block, M0385, expanding piece for right side.
  • One M6 x 65 mm countersunk screw for right side.
  • Two conical nuts, H0015, for left and right sides.
  • Double-sided instruction sheets (English and French versions).

Tools Required for Assembly

4 mm Allen wrench, socket with ratchet driver or screwdriver.

R&G Swingarm Slider Kit


Installation of the swingarm sliders is straightforward, with only the parts differentiating the left and right side processes.

Make sure the left and right axle mounting points are clean. Starting with the left side, take the 40 mm countersunk screw and add one of the crash protectors, then the shorter left side mounting block piece.

Then thread one of the conical nuts onto the screw so it is just contacts the recessed (expanding) face of the mounting block.

Insert the assembly firmly into the left side axle (spindle) and once seated use the 4 mm tool to tighten the screw.

Taking the remaining (right side) components, repeat the process to mount the right side protector components into the (axle) spindle.

Make sure both side assemblies are sitting tight inside the axle and against the outer surfaces, then re-check the screws, but do not over-tighten or stress the expanding components.

Check the screws after a couple of days and once a week or so thereafter; these checks should part of a larger inspection done on a regular basis anyway.

So far the installed sliders haven’t loosened at all, but if the expansion pieces do back off from the conical nuts, a bit of medium thread locking compound should help.

Also, for those of us who ride in cool (cold) temperatures, some contraction of materials might be seen or felt, so this is something to watch for.

The light-weight stylish sliders haven’t been put to any test yet, and hopefully they won’t be for a while.

But they do help keep the axle ends clean and this makes the area look a little spiffier.

Just remember that the sliders are basically tough nylon caps that cover and protect axle access points, so they need to be removed for any maintenance work involving the axle, such as chain adjustment, so keep a 4 mm tool handy.

BMW S1000XR Before Swingarm Slider Installation
R&G Swingarm Slider Installed
R&G Swingarm Slider Installation Rear View


As with other similar products and other kits offered by R&G Racing Products, the swingarm sliders bring some added protection enhancement (and peace of mind) while adding some good looking pieces to the rear axle.

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Review Date: January 2016
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