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R&G Fork Sliders Review

R&G Fork Sliders for Protection

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Review Summary

As I discovered in installing the R&G radiator guard (review), the Fork Protector Kit is well made, all-inclusive and très simple to install.

They look really nice as well.

Something as simple, and inexpensive as fork protectors can go a long way in minimizing or preventing damage to the bottom and sides of the forks.

They can also protect the ABS and brake components.

In the event of an incident or accident, having to replace one or both fork protectors in lieu of far more expensive OE parts is always the better option.

And if you need to justify this type of accessory, remember that anything this simple to install and good looking can’t be bad, right?

R&G Fork Slider Kit
R&G Fork Sliders Installed on BMW S1000XR


The principle purpose of these type of protectors or “sliders” available from R&G and others is to provide protection to critical and expensive components on the motorcycle.

For the most part, protectors or sliders are a simple add-on piece or set of pieces that enhance and complement stock components of the host motorcycle, although many owners consider such pieces to be cosmetic “bling” and not functional.

But ask them to list some of the many uses of the “bling” and they will typically give you a different story — like how the simple and relatively inexpensive parts saved the day for the motorcycle and possibly even for the rider as well…things not to be ignored.

The R&G Fork Protectors

As with all installation work done on the S1000XR, the information and instructions provided are based from the rider’s perspective when sitting on the motorcycle.

Many motorcycle product kit instructions alternate or even mix up left and right layouts, and sometimes the visuals aren’t always the best. But the R&G instructions are, for the most part, correctly oriented and detailed

The R&G Fork Protector Kit for the BMW S1000XR (also fits the 2015 BMW F800R) is listed as part #FP0176BK and it contains the following:

  • Two Crash Protectors (caps) made from B0442 high density nylon with M8 centre holes.
  • One spacer, S0903, Left side (not right as identified on the instructions).
  • One spacer, S0904, right side.
  • One spindle bar, SB015, 305 mm long (passes through axle).
  • Two M8 flat washers and two M8 nyloc (Nylon insert) nuts.
  • Double-sided instruction handout, both English and French versions included.

Tools Required for Assembly

  • Two 13 mm socket and ratchets for the nyloc nuts, which are are recessed in the spacer counter-bores.
  • One 13 mm open- or box-end wrench.
  • Pliers


The kit components as assembled in the box may not be laid out in the order needed for assembly. So as always, even with simple installations, it’s best lay out (order) the individual components prior to assembly on the motorcycle.

The plastic tubing protection sleeve for the spindle bar that goes through the front axle can be re-used or re-cycled, as it is not needed for installation.

With the spindle bar in hand, thread one of the M8 washers onto the end with the short length of threads end and tighten it up to the end of the threads.

Now slip one of the flat washers on from the other end, then the shorter S0903 left-hand (LHS) spacer.

Slide this assembly through the axle from the left side of the bike (rider’s view), making sure that the end of the axle and the spindle nut pieces are clean of debris so the pieces will fit together properly with final assembly.

Working on the right side (rider’s view), the longer S0904 RHS spacer is slide onto the spindle bar then the remaining flat washer and M8 nyloc nut. Again, make sure that the mating surfaces are clean.

Take both 13 mm ratchets and tighten up the end nyloc nuts until resistance is felt. This is made easier in having tightened up the left side hardware first.

Do NOT over-tighten — the nyloc nuts will keep everything in place.

Once installed, the large black plastic spindles or spacers sit passively in place, looking good while awaiting a call into action to provide protection to fork surfaces along with axle and brake related components.

Any or all of the kit components can be replaced easily; we actually received a second kit for the S1000XR…hopefully it won’t be needed for a while.

R&G Fork Sliders Installed on the BMW S1000XR Front View


As we have come to expect from our experience with R&G products, all of the kits — including the fork sliders — are top-notch in terms of design, form, fit and seemingly function.

They are extremely popular kits for motorcyclists, no matter the application.

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