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Revzilla’s Gear Gifts Under $50 Are Excellent Right Now

Cortec duster gloves

Some of the Top Picks Under $50

With the big holidays right around the corner, Revzilla has really kicked its sales into high-gear. The company is emailing like crazy to let everyone know about its deals, too. One of the things that caught my eye recently was the company’s gear deals under $50. There’s quite a lot more here than you might expect. If you want to see all of the gear available for less than $50, click here. If you want to see my picks, keep scrolling.

Trackside Steel MX Box Stand

trackside steel mx box stand

Regular Price: $69.99, Sale Price: $49.99 (29% Off)

Are you a dirt bike rider? Do you need a good place to stand your bike up for repairs? This Trackside Steel MX Box Stand will get the job done. the stand works extremely well and it can be used as a stool when your bikes not on it. The durable steel construction means you only need to buy this one time. You’ll have it for life. With a 29 percent discount, you’re looking at saving about $20. 

Check it out at Revzilla

RAM Mounts X-Grip Fork Stem Kit

ram mounts x grip

Regular Price: $56.99, Sale Price: $45.59 (20% Off)

For a long time, I wasn’t interested in RAM Mounts or really any mounts of any kind, but as I started to venture out on my bike more, I found that these types of mounts can be super handy for following GPS directions and some other functions. Personally, I’d still rather use a Bluetooth com so that I get the voice navigation right in my helmet, but these mounts are great, and right now you’ll get 20 percent off, which means you’ll save around $11. 

Check it out at Revzilla

Firstgear 12V Heated Socks

heated socks

Regular Price: $79.95, Sale Price: $39.95 (50% Off)

With the temperatures hovering right around freezing in many areas of the country, you’ll likely not be on your bike much. If you’re one of the few who does get your bike out, cold weather necessitates you find a way to stay warm. One way is heated gear. These Firstgear 12-volt heated socks can be a real lifesaver while you’re out there. They’re designed to fit and feel like any old pair of socks, but you can also plug them into a power source and have the toastiest toes on the road. With a 50 percent discount, you’ll save about $40.

Check it out at Revzilla

Roland Sands Rourke Gloves

roland sands rourke gloves

Regular Price: $75.00, Sale Price: $40.00 (47% Off)

Earlier this week I showcased a lot of the Roland Sands Design gear that was on sale. One pair of gloves I touched on there that also fits here is the Roland Sands Rourke leather gloves. I’m a huge fan of the styling of these gloves and they appear to be some of the best-made out there. They feature perforated leather extra protection across the fingers and adjustment at the wrist to keep them secure on your hands.

Check it out at Revzilla

Cortech Duster Gloves

cortec duster glove

Regular Price: $59.99, Sale Price: $30.00 (50% Off)

Another good gear brand is Cortech. If the Roland Sands gloves above don’t do it for you, consider these Cortech Duster gloves shown above, they feature durable goatskin leather, perforations for ventilation, padding where it counts, accordion-like material at the joints, and pre-curved fingers for comfort. With a 50 percent discount offered by Revzilla, you’ll save about $40. 

Check it out at Revzilla