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REV’IT Sand 3 Gloves

REV'IT Sand 3 Gloves
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Sand 3 Gloves Review Summary
Review Summary
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Beating the summer heat for the motorcycle rider is always a challenge. Protective gear can be stifling in the hot and humid Summers here in the Southeastern United States. Earlier this year I reviewed the Orsa  Leather MkII gloves from Knox that I have put to use for hot weather riding since 2017. Those gloves are very protective and look the part for sport riding gloves.

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Always being interested in what the next new thing might be I started looking for a new pair of hot weather gloves for 2018. Back in 2017, REV’IT released an update to the Sand Pro gloves, the Sand 3. The description ticked all the right boxes for me and they were available in a stylish brown color. Certainly the color won’t affect comfort or protection but they do look cool (in my opinion).

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  1. I purchased sand 3 gloves year ago and while they are nice gloves, the stitching quality is atrocious. Some parts of both gloves became unstitched in first month of soft usage. Primerly fabric near the cuffs.

  2. One variation on Eugene’s comment in re stitching: I was more disappointed by the fact that the stitching on these gloves was done on the interior, causing there to be some comfort issues in the fingers.

    Klim solved this problem with the latest (2018) version of its Induction gloves, which is where I will be looking in future.

  3. I purchases 2 years ago and ride on- and off-road and commute all year, and they’re still 100% intact. Best gloves I’ve owned to date.

  4. My only question is will they work with cell phones? I’ve never really looked, or really even cared about functionality until I attending the 2018 INTERMOT with a friend, that would only consider purchasing gloves that would work with his cell phone. So with me being a sport tourer, my thoughts are now locked on ensuring that I can easily use my phones GPS program, and other capabilities without having to remove my gloves. So for me, any full and complete test should by default include this.

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