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REV’IT! Sand 2 Pants Review

All-Weather Mid-Range Pants

REV’IT! Sand 2 Pants
REV’IT! Sand 2 Pants Review Summary
Review Summary

The REV’IT! Sand 2 pants are a mild upgrade to the original REV’IT! Sand pants (review).

Actually, either pair would be a good match for both the original REV’IT! Sand jacket (review) and the updated REV’IT! Sand 2 jacket (review).

Either way, the Sand 2 pants are much like the originals; these are nicely styled and very comfortable trousers that would make a good match for any REV’IT! brand jacket.

The updated Sand 2 pants are a mild evolution of the original Sand pants, which were an update of the REV’IT! Dakar pants (review) the REV’IT! Off-Track jacket (review) jacket.

The Off-Track jacket and Dakar pants were the Netherlands-based company’s first take on an adventure-touring outfit.

And the current Sand II jacket and pants are more or less a 50/50 combination that works for adventure-touring, long-distance touring or daily street riding.

The Sand 2 pants do not have the Gore-Tex shell used in the high-end REV’IT! GTX line of clothing.

But the Sand 2 pants list for about half the price of the REV’IT! Poseidon GTX trousers, the current top-of-the-line all-featured REV’IT! Gore-Tex pants.

REV'IT! Sand 2 Pants Front, Side and Rear Views
REV’IT! Sand 2 trousers (available in silver or black).

REV’IT! Sand 2 Pants

The REV’IT! Sand 2 pants haven’t been changed all that much from the original Sand pants, so I’ll probably end up repeating a lot of what was said in the Sand pants review.

The Sand 2 pants are still available in the “silver” (I’d call it “light stone”) and all-black colors.

And also like the originals, the Sand 2 pants are the perfect match for the REV’IT! Sand 2 jacket (review) and other REV’IT! jackets.

Note that the Sand 2 pants now have a list price of $329.99, compared to the original Sand pants with a 2010 list price of $299.99.

REV’IT! told me that they have normalized the attachment zippers on their jackets and pants, so I’ll have to assume that the Sand 2 pants (or any other new REV’IT! pants) will attach to any REV’IT! jacket and vice-versa.

I’m sure REV’IT! would also be happy to sell you a pair of Sand 2 pants (or any others!) even if you don’t own a REV’IT! jacket.

In fact, the Sand 2 pants in black would make an excellent choice to wear with any other textile 3/4-length or short jacket I can think of.

It’s easy enough to have a tailor sew the second half of the Sand 2 pants attachment zipper to your favorite jacket; I have done this several times.

The Sand 2 pants are very comfortable and the soft-ish polyester 500 and 600 denier shell has the same tight-yet-soft weave I noted for the Sand 2 jacket.

This gives the pants (and jacket) an extra amount of flexibility with none of the binding or tightness I sometimes feel with other types of motorcycle pants that have a stiffer or thicker shell fabric.

In fact, I’d say that their comfort is the single most outstanding feature of the Sand 2 pants.

REV'IT! Sand Pants - Front, Side and Rear Views
The original REV’IT! Sand trousers for comparison.


Styling Differences Between the Sand and Sand 2 Pants

The main difference I noticed right away is with the cargo pockets on the Sand 2 pants; they are now canted slightly towards the outside.

I’m not sure if this makes a difference for access, but it sure looks cool; sort of like military pants.

The cargo pockets have two metal grommets at the lower corner to drain any water that might enter (the pockets are unlined).

The slanted pockets also now have the intake vent on the inside; it’s a zipper that opens up the length of the pocket, about 17 cm.

The vents don’t really do much, because when you’re sitting on a motorcycle, the inside of your thighs isn’t really in the airstream — especially on a touring bike.

Another difference is that the Sand 2 pants have the metal hook at the waist that we’ve been hounding REV’IT! about. The pants now hold firmly at the waist and that’s a nice change.

There’s a bit more of the secondary fabric (600D?) that you can see as the black portions on the silver pants in our photos.

The styling of these sections is slightly different but you’d have to see both the original Sand pants and the Sand 2 pants together (as in our photo above) to notice the difference.


Like the original Sand pants, each leg of the Sand 2 pants carries a large cargo pocket and the pockets are easily accessed by a large fold-over flap designed to keep out moisture while providing one-handed access.

I don’t remember the pocket flaps on the Sand pants but the flaps on the Sand 2 pants could use an extension or tab to help “lift and tear” open the hook-and-loop.

The cargo pockets on the Sand 2 pants now have a single laminated reflective strip bonded to the flap, rather than the two strips on the Sand pants.

The cargo pockets of the Sand 2 pants also do not have the secondary pocket underneath of the Sand pants.

The Sand 2 pants also have the same type of hand pockets on either side, closed with the YKK Vislon low-effort zippers. As with the Sand pants, the hand pockets are lined with what appears to be water-resistant material.


The Sand 2 pants use the same Prolife CE protectors in the knees, perforated EVA foam in the hips and double material in the seat as the Sand pants.

The knee protectors on the Sand 2 pants seems to be located just a touch higher than I remember from the Sand pants, which is good (for me).

I usually remove pants protectors anyway and use the Bohn Cool-Air Bodyguard armored underpants (review) underneath for more secure protection.

REV'IT! Sand 2 Pants Waist Buttons and Hook
The Sand 2 pants now include a metal hook in addition to the single snap (see photo below).
REV'IT! Sand Pants - Waist Snap
The original Sand pants had only a single waist snap…


Zippers and Snaps

All of the zippers used on the external shell of the Sand pants are the YKK Vislon type, discussed in the Sand 2 jacket review.

These zippers were designed for one-handed ease of use and to work in rough conditions.

Both liners in the Sand pants use YKK Vislon zippers also, in a smaller size than the large, beefy zippers used in the pants shell.

Each liner has a full-length waist zipper and a full-length zipper at the pants cuff; the latter is very unusual and found on high-end pants.

Zippers used in this fashion ensure that the liners will absolutely stay put when the pants are put on or removed, and this is an excellent feature.

REV'IT! Sand 2 Pants Waist

Water- and Wind-Resistant Liners

Like the Sand 2 jacket and the original the Sand jacket and pants, the Sand 2 pants are “3-in-1”.

The two liners can be used simultaneously or individually. So the pants can be worn with no liners; with the water-resistant Hydratex liner only; with the thermal liner only; or with both.

Again, both liners are fitted with their own individual waist and cuff zippers, which is an highly recommended feature.

And also like I mentioned in the Sand 2 jacket review, there are pros and cons to having the water-resistance provided by a removable liner rather than as a membrane bonded to the outer shell.

The liner can be removed for the vast majority of riding, which is done in dry conditions. This makes the pants (or jacket) cooler and less bulky.

Yes, it’s difficult to stop by the side of the road and take off the pants to insert the waterproof liner, but if rain is predicted, you can either insert the liner before you leave or carry a rain oversuit.

A lot of riders complain about having water-resistant capability with a removable liner.

But if you want water resistance at the outer shell that actually works, you’re going to pay dearly for it; the REV’IT! Gore-Tex pants are nearly twice the list price of the Sand 2 pants

The thermal liner in the Sand 2 pants works really well, as I’ve noticed in recent 4 C (40 F) degree riding weather recently.

But the dual liners can take up about a one size difference in bulk, which we think is the cause of the sizing issue discussed below.

REV'IT! Sand 2 Pants Cargo Pocket
Waist adjuster on the Sand pants. These size XXL pants fit the 36″ waist shown here.

Waist and Fit

REV’IT! changed their sizing over the last year and these Sand 2 pants are size XL, which used to be equivalent to a size L but now seems more like the correct standard size XL.

The retailers’ size charts apparently have yet to catch up with the new REV’IT! sizing. Some of them list the XL as a 38 to 41 waist, but I think this is way off. I think the XL fits a 36-37 waist.

A 34-35 waist should buy the size L in my opinion.

The waist of the Sand 2 pants have sliding adjusters on the side, similar to the type used in the Sand 2 jacket.

The problem is still that the pants will adjust tighter by maybe a size or two, but there should be some elastic in the sides also to allow for flexibility and slightly expanded waists after that burrito stop.

REV'IT! Sand 2 Pants Leg Cuff Adjusters
Leg adjustment on the Sand 2 pants is bulky, but it works..

Short and Long Lengths

As with the original Sand pants, the Sand 2 pants are available in short and tall sizes and lengths.

The sizes range from S to 4XL in standard length; M to 3XL in short length and M to 2XL in long lengths.

The original Sand pants I had before were size XXL, which fit my 30″ inseam perfectly, with enough extra room to accommodate the riding position.

These Sand 2 pants are size XL and they feel about one size too big, so I’ll probably have to go to my standard size L in REV’IT! clothing.


The REV’IT! Sand Ii pants are comfortable, versatile and good-looking. The few updates are welcomed and the new and corrected sizing scheme is a plus.

The Sand 2 pants would make an excellent choice for a quality pair of all-season pants whether you own a REV’IT! jacket or not.

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