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RECALL: Can-Am’s Ryker Could Leave You Without a Wheel

If you managed to snag a 2020 Can-Am Ryker, be aware that Bombardier just sent out a recall notice for the vehicle regarding the front wheel assembly.

When the Rykers are delivered to dealers, they come without the front wheel attached to save space and money on shipping and transport; leaving it up to the dealership to assemble the front wheel and a few other components.

A dealership is not a factory, meaning the scrutiny and standards of care will not be the same when assembling anything.

The Defect Notice Report states that in some rare cases, the front wheel’s locking clip could have been perhaps installed incorrectly. This means that your new and shiny Ryker could indeed lose a front wheel when you’re out for a ride showing off your new trike.

Since September 30th 2020, there have been three total reports of a wheel taking its own way home which is a pretty high number given the low volume of sales the Ryker has paired with the 1-month window it has happened in.

The recall begins November 2nd, and any owners who own a 2020 Ryker should receive a notice in the mail regarding the recall. The problem can be spotted by the owner, but if they aren’t comfortable with investigating themselves, they are free to have the vehicle transported to a dealership for inspection at the cost of Can-Am.