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Is it wrong to feel like a rebel biker?

I’ve been testing a couple of bikes recently that got me thinking about being a supposedly rebel biker. Why are bikes and bikers cast as rebels, outlaws, or villains?

And indeed is that a bad thing?

I see bikes as a green solution to our woeful state of traffic, an easy way to clear up snarls and open more parking spaces. Not very sexy, though.

And that’s what bikes are all about … sex. For a start you stick them between your legs!

They are big, powerful, dangerous, menacing, everything that is both good and bad.

Practicalities aside, they are an emotional fix that panders to our dark and impractical side.

So it was that in succession I’ve been testing a Harley-Davidson Breakout with all the connotations of breaking out of jail and the even more obvious Convict Escape custom motorcycle.

Now, I’ve never been in trouble with the boys in blue except for the occasional speeding fine. Yet somehow, these bikes – and their monikers – appeal to me. I feel like a bad boy, a naughty boy, someone to be feared and maybe even loathed. A rebel biker. Not a solution to the environment or greening the planet.

And therein lies the real value of a motorcycle. That ability to take a hold of your fantasies and give you more than transport, more even than the thrills of speed. Much more than money can buy.

Hopefully my news, views and reviews will convey some of this passion.

Hop on, hang on and join me for a ride!

KTM 390 Duke - CFMoto

MBW at the world launch of the KTM 390 Duke in Austria

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