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Raven Rova Falcon Textile Jacket Hands-On Review

Front view of the Raven Rova Falcon Textile Jacket
Folding the arm also shows off some sleeve room to spare, along with continual surprise on my end that my shoulder tip isn’t being dragged down by a general lack of fabric (what I’ve been used to in other jackets barring my KLIM Altitude).
Raven Rova Falcon Textile Jacket Review Summary
Review Summary
Raven Rova’s Falcon Textile Jacket is a sweet, decently breathable number that fits perfectly with any fairweather outing; featuring nifty additions like Keprotec® DuPont Kevlar® stretch panels and some well-thought-out leather detailing, this Midnight Blue unit will serve style while still ensuring safety remains a top priority.
Build Quality
Built from the ground up for the female figure
Design inspired by Princess Leia Organa, the main protagonist of the original STAR WARS™ trilogy!
Top-quality materials and componentry (zippers, seam quality, etc.)
Very nice breathability
Great protection ratings - and armor included!
Sizing can be confusing
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Review Summary

  • The Raven Rova Falcon Textile Jacket is available for a retail price of $271.00 USD
  • CE-1 back protector and CE-2 elbow protectors included
  • Main material features a blend of Midnight Blue 500 denier CORDURA® and black Keprotec® DuPont Kevlar® stretch panels
  • Additional perks include 4 pockets and aesthetically-pleasing double-layer-stitched lines
  • Ventilation is slightly above typical thanks to the back zippered vents and DuPont Kevlar on the inside of each arm
  • The penultimate textile number for a fitment that hugs in all the right places – but be sure to factor in chest size when choosing your jacket!
  • I wish I had sized up – my fault, but something that can be completely avoided by talking with Karleen’s team prior to ordering!

Raven Rova: A Brand of Another Breed

Back in 2021, I had the pleasure of interviewing Raven Rova’s founder, Karleen Eberle. Here was a woman with a degree from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology and using her 15 years in the field to create motorcycle gear that ACTUALLY fit the female body (spoiler: Most motorcycle gear marketed to women doesn’t).

Fast forward to today, and that initial jump from Indiegogo has propelled Raven Rova to new heights. Eberle’s dream to birth a gear company devoted to true fitment has come true – all despite a rather serious medical diagnosis and six crunched vertebrae from two hit-and-run collisions (not a walk in the park, to say the least).

Bottom line, folks, if Eberle can shoot for the stars, you can too. ✨

Side view of rider wearing the Raven Rova Falcon Textile Jacket
“If it fits, I sits.” Notice how the jacket cuts a perfect horizontal line across the waist, with room to spare in the sleeve length.

About Raven Rova

According to their website, Raven Rova is “a fashion design house for protective motorcycle apparel.” The wording there is key since Eberle’s approach to motorcycle gear takes a more detailed lean toward the individual client than I consider typical for our mass-production-obsessed industry.

Raven Rova’s very first gear prototypes were revealed to the public in 2018; since then, RR has helped thousands of riders find their perfect fit.

Brand values of the company include:

  1. Bravery – “To face fears, shed stereotypes, and combat all forms of negativity.”
  2. Community – RR lifeblood. “We are inspired by our sisters and brothers of the road and strive to design products for protecting them.”
  3. Fun – “The reason we face those dangerous statistics, constantly wrench on our machines, and deal with helmet hair.”
  4. Curiosity – “to try new materials, learn new techniques, and never cease to question the status quo.”
  5. Quality – “Because our lives and yours depend on it.”

*A BIG thank-you to Karleen for the privilege of being able to test my first piece(s) of Raven Rova motorcycle gear!*

Closeup of the jacket unzipped
You can tell a good jacket by how she falls when she’s unzipped. Note the gentle lines from armpit to waist, and the neat, aligned inner zipper flap.


Since the Falcon Pants were the very first of Eberle’s lineup to see our markets, Karleen really didn’t hold back with the Falcon jacket. Both knowledge and know-how have been carried over from the success of the Falcon pants to this number, and the residual quality shows in the performance specs.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Key features include: 

  • 500 denier CORDURA® and Keprotec® DuPont Kevlar® stretch panels (the black fabric)
  • Interchangeable armor pockets (CE-1 back protector and CE-2 shoulder/elbow armor included)
  • Zip-out quilted thermal liner for all-season riding
  • Internal waterproof phone pocket
  • Accordion panels at the shoulders for maximum motion
  • Adjustable velcro tabs and accordion panels at the waist to customize your fit
  • Breathable stretch panels on the inner arm for maximum motion and airflow
  • Water-resistant material
  • Athletic mesh lining

For a complete list of features, visit Raven Rova Falcon Textil Jacket in Midnight Blue.

Collage image of the jacket from different angles
See how much room Karleen left for our shoulders and the cleverness of where she placed her accordion stretch panels at the top. Note – different lighting renders a different effect in this jacket’s hue.

First Impressions

I had three thoughts smack me simultaneously upon first zip:

  1. I had asked for the wrong jacket size, though she still zipped up decently.
  2. The fitment still felt amazing in spite of the cinching about the chest.
  3. I was FINALLY wearing a Leia Organa-inspired motorcycle jacket (see the “Pros” section of this review for additional information)!

Comparing this unit to my current #1 jacket – the KLIM Altitude with her plethora of GORE-TEX and 600D CORDURA® – I found the Falcon’s style and choice of 500D CORDURA® to be more flattering – certainly more forgiving.

In short, I had on a size too small and I was already reveling in the rockstar properties of my new blue bit of happiness.

This image may or may not represent how I initially felt donning ADV-happy gear on a beginner-friendly supersport. Note the jacket’s smaller sizing leading to potential for exposed skin at the lower back. Food for thought when asking Raven Rova for your perfect fitment.

Yes, the jacket was cinched tighter about my waist than would be recommended; regardless, Raven Rova’s jacket followed torso lines beautifully. I could see how the RR Falcon happily catered both to larger ladies and, simultaneously, to shorter gals… and nearly everyone in between, including my lanky 5’9” self.

Once I had the jacket on and the mandarin collar clipped, I could see that Eberle was very intentional in shaping space for the neck, relieving the worry that I would have to carry away red marks from my rides like I had to with the REV’IT! Coral jacket.

Overall, the smaller jacket size I had chosen showed off the inner workings of my zipped-in meshing more than recommended – a small detail to remember for picking your own size, but one that also speaks to Karleen’s excellent forethought in choosing strong, yet stretchy material for the zip-in connector.

Right side view of the Raven Rova Falcon Textile Jacket
Note the ample room in the Falcon’s elbows, which are perfectly shaped to communicate the slight bend every rider wants in their riding setup.

I can also say with utmost certainty that the Falcon Midnight Blue (FMB) doesn’t hurt in the corners (armpits, elbows) when I lean into my Yamaha R3 AT ALL, and – get this – the jacket still breathes brilliantly once out and away.

Rockstar qualities indeed.

Front photo of the Raven Rova Falcon Textile Jacket
The Falcon Textile Jacket features longer sleeves and a tough yet approachable 500 Denier CORDURA® shell.


Outer Shell

For the exterior of this jacket, Karleen has chosen a 500 Denier (500D) CORDURA® Nylon fabric (in Midnight Blue). This is a versatile material boasting water-resistant properties due to the polyurethane coating on its nylon fibers.

For the black stretch panels, we’ve been given Keprotec® DuPont Kevlar® – developed for motorcycle riders, and optimizing high durability, temperature stability, and comfort (via Discovery Fabrics).

At the front of the jacket rests two pockets for both hands; a latch with Velcro attaches to the Mandarin collar, while the back features accordion panels at the back of the shoulders and two zippered vents open on either shoulder blade for airflow.

Raven Rova Falcon Textile Jacket unzipped
In placing the jacket on the ground, we see the relaxed shape of the jacket – how easily the main zip portions open, and how easily they stay open. This, if anything, was what first confirmed comfy ratings for me.

Numerous other little details are added, such as accordion panels at the waist, large branding, two over-strap cinchers, black Keprotec® DuPont Kevlar® on the inside of the arms, and premium componentry such as YKK zippers and metal snaps.

The inside features an athletic mesh that contributes to the breathability of this jacket, on which is connected a stretchy zip-in connector for the full-suit experience.

Rear view of the Raven Rova Falcon Textile Jacket
Note to the reader: While the Raven Rova Falcon Pants in Midnight Blue carry a bit of leather, the jacket remains fully textile and does not.

Outer Shell: 500 Denier (500D) CORDURA® Nylon / Keprotec® DuPont Kevlar®

Lining: Athletic mesh

Insulation/Inner shell: polyester mesh

Inner liner of the jacket removed
Raven Rova made a clever decision in going with a quilted pattern with this jacket; the loft of the jacket’s polyester batting allows additional warmth while maintaining moderate breathability.


On the inside of the Falcon’s outer shell, Karleen has lined the jacket with athletic mesh and two pockets – a waterproof number for phones on the one side of the main zip, and a larger option for wallets and documents secured by Velcro on the other.

The back features the zippered-in, CE-1 back protector and CE-2 shoulder/elbow pads, with black Keprotec® DuPont Kevlar® being the chosen strip of fabric to carry the zipper for connecting Raven Rova’s Falcon Jacket with their equally entrancing Falcon Textile pants.

The inner shell is removable via snaps at the sleeves and collar, and may not feature the waterproof phone pocket, but it does feature an identical option for wallets and documents secured by Velcro on the lefthand side of the jacket’s main zip.

Folding the arm also shows off some sleeve room to spare, along with continual surprise on my end that my shoulder tip isn’t being dragged down by a general lack of fabric (what I’ve been used to in other jackets barring my KLIM Altitude).
Closeup of 7" pocket depth for Raven Rova Falcon Textile Jacket
Each of the slash pockets measure 6.5” in diagonal depth – the perfect size for fitting a generic handheld device, or perhaps an unlucky Snickers bar.
Each of the slash pockets measure 6.5” in diagonal depth – the perfect size for fitting a generic handheld device, or perhaps an unlucky Snickers bar.
Interior mesh pocket for the Raven Rova Falcon Textile Jacket
Each of the pockets measure 6.5” in diagonal depth – the perfect size for fitting a generic handheld device, or perhaps an unlucky Snickers bar.
Interior document pocket on the Raven Rova Falcon Textile Jacket
The document pocket measures slightly larger, at 7.5”.

In total, there are five pockets for the Falcon Jacket, four of which are in the outer shell (this excludes the pocketry for shoulder and back protectors):

  • Two diagonal, zippered slash pockets at the front, both of which are lined with a water-resistant material
  • One inner straight pocket design, zippered, and featuring the same water-resistant lining
  • One flap pocket – the largest – featuring a Velcro fastener and a wallet picture.
Closeup of the Raven Rova branding on the jacket
Love me some large-and-in-charge branding.

Interior brand logo


The Raven Rova branding has been placed loud and proud on the lower back of the jacket, as well as the back of the neck for both the outer shell and the inner removable insert. An “RR” logo dresses both shoulders.

Closeup of the YKK cuff zippers
YKK zippers are known for their award-winning construction, landing numerous awards that have also made this zipper a favorite in the automotive world (they won 2019’s Bets Autommotive Supplier of the Year)

Zippers / Fasteners

All the Falcon jacket zippers are products of YKK – a fantastic choice, since YKK zippers self-lubricate, acquiring a smoother feel as the years pass.

The Raven Rova Falcon jacket’s YKK zippers are used for the main front zip, as well as the inner gusseted cuff (both), the two from slash pockets, and the inner slash pocket on the left-hand side – though that last pocket contains a smaller YKK unit, since it rests right on the left pectoral.

Red loop catches the red snap – a design addition for which I was grateful.

For snap buttons, we have units at the very end of each shell cuff, as well as additional numbers at the bottom and cuffs of the liner, allowing an easy snap-in experience that had me cussing far less than usual.

To anybody who is worried about the hue of this jacket in the sunlight, the 500 Denier CORDURA® behaves very well in elevated lighting.


The Raven Rova Falcon Textile Jacket is available in Midnight Blue. If you’re keen on other colors for a Falcon textile jacket, Karleen has organized the website so that the differing colors each have their own page.

We hear that pink may soon be on the horizon for RR’s lineups, though don’t quote us on that particular tidbit; if you’re looking for another color for the Falcon Textile jacket, Karleen’s original Falcon Textile jacket is up on their website, though currently sold out.

No stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking Nerf herder here…

Big surprise there, considering this jacket features the main color from Princess Leia Organa’s outfit at the Hoth Rebel Base in “Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back” (1980). So cool.

Be sure to sign up for updates on the Raven Rova Collections, and pair this jacket up with the Falcon Textile Pants for a brilliant new adventure suit!

Build Quality

Any jacket will feel hot if you leave it on in hot weather while tootling about. Just because a jacket is textile doesn’t mean that an extra layer could overwhelm the senses prior to the ride home. Stay safe on the twisties, everyone.


Sizing is tricky when it comes to finding a perfect fit at Raven Rova, and it ain’t Karleen’s fault. I blame our industry for lying to us, crooning in our gullible ears that we are a smaller size when, in fact, we may be something else entirely.

Enter Exhibit A: Garment fitment back when Marilyn Monroe walked the streets of Hollywood proper, compared to mass-produced clothing sizes today. Hear me out, this is a fun one.

According to Monroe’s secretary in 1945, Monroe’s measurements in her first modeling contract showed a 5’5” woman with torso specs spanning 36-24-34, or that era’s “Size 12” (via The Marilyn Monroe Collection).

Today, Monroe’s measurements would get her a Raven Rova Falcon Textile jacket in Size 8, possibly even a Size 10.

You know what Marilyn Monroe’s size translates to for a generic womens jacket sold in America? At Target? A “Small/S.”

Make that an “Extra Small/XS” if you’re hunting about the grounds of Costco.

Take all of the above into account when sizing. For Raven Rova, Karleen likes to leave breathing room in her measurements, to when in doubt, PLEASE size up. The phenomenal fitment will be worth it.

The Falcon jacket ransitions from a lighter, less-saturated gleam in full sunlight to a richer shade as the light falls.

The Raven Rova Falcon Textile Jacket comes in sizes 6-24. Being a slightly more cushy mesomorph with lanky arms and a broader shoulder equation, my 36-28-40 self and I were sold on a Size 8. It was a toss-up between size 6 and 8 for my bottoms, and I typically required a bigger sizing for daily styles… and there was no way that my shoulders would need a bigger size for my chest than my caboose, right?

“If your measurement exceeds the number on the chart, that size is too small in 9/10 cases,” Karleen imparted to me; despite her sage words, my mind repelled the thought of a Size 10. Tossing the baby out with the bath water, I requested the size 8. Vanity of vanities!

Spoiler for the incoming Raven Rova Falcon Textile Pants Review: My shoulders may have needed a Size 10 for the jacket, but my legs were quite happy with the size 8.

Fabric curvature and breahtability are all fantastic here, while snaps at the wrists aren’t too tight.


The Falcon jacket hugs curves while still allowing room for breathing, bloating, flannel long-sleeve underthings, and more – but only if you choose your proper size. I may not have had the full equation for my time reviewing the jacket, but my waist, at least, was perfectly happy with the Size 8.

Comfort in a Raven Rova textile jacket boils down to the smart use of different materials for elevated quality of experience, including the following:

  • Keprotec® DuPont Kevlar® stretch panels on the inside of the arms, allowing the sleeve to relax to full extension at stasis while still creating brilliant breathability on the road
  • Deep gussets at the end of the cuff for easy jacket removal
  • The extra material at the back of the jacket
  • Accordion panels at the back of the shoulders
  • The quilted liner (so cushy)

Note to the reader: Always make sure to have measurements done meticulously at home, and check three times before clicking that “checkout” button; Raven Rova offers an instant chat bubble on their website where anybody can ask questions about gear, fitment, and more. Be sure to listen to the advice proffered, to score on the size that will suit your inclination and build best!

Rider taking off the Raven Rova Falcon Textile Jacket
As with any close-fitting jacket, we recommend you unsnap and unzip your gussetted wrists before disrobing. Flex optional.


The Raven Rova Falcon Textile jacket offers moderate adjustability through waist cinchers that Velcro at the back of the jacket. Beyond this, the jacket’s clever construction means that there’s less adjustable factors needed – especially when counting the accordion panels at the back of the shoulders, the extra material at the back of the jacket and the Keprotec® DuPont Kevlar® stretch panels on the inside of the arms.


Full extension of the sleeve affords a good glimpse at the jacket’s comfiture capabilities.

On the Raven Rova website, Karleen wordes this jacket as “lightweight and breathable for summer riding,” offering “protection from road rash, wind burn, and dehydration on your next intergalactic mission.”

Based on my experience on road, dirt and otherwise, the above checks out; just remember that  buying a jacket that’s too small for you will harm some of the Falcon’s functionality perks.

The suit connector may be a new YKK unit, but I had a buttery experience from the first zip.


I may have already said this somewhere up above (multiple times), but I’ll say it again: For what it weighs, the Raven Rova Falcon Textile Jacket is magnificently breathable. Sure, a smaller size will harm ventilation potential (and darker colors tend to absorb more heat / Midnight Blue will be a hotter number than the OG Textile unit), but this jacket beat the REV’IT! Coral jacket I tried last year for airflow by a mile. The Scorpion Wax Riding Shirt I tried earlier in the season was stupidly breathable, so I’d rank the Raven Rova Falcon jacket below the Wax Shirt.

(Recap: Anything treated with wax is not breathable, yet the Scorpion’s boxy fitment ensured that I SAILED down the freeway with a hyper little air bubble down my back the whole way.)

Ventilation aids are represented in the stretchy Keprotec® DuPont Kevlar® panels on the inside of each arm, as well as the choice of 500 denier CORDURA® textile as a main material for the jacket.

The review period for this jacket had me riding in temperatures ranging from 50° to 104° Fahrenheit, thanks to a final heat wave that persisted into the end of September here in Canada. During that time, I rode in mainly sunny weather with the occasional splash of rain baptizing the shoulders of the jacket as I rolled into my garage .

In other words, I used this jacket mainly for fairweather riding, with the roughest day being a headache largely due to the clay I rolled myself into.

Cup of dirt a day and all that.

The Falcon jacket is a fun number for a perky punch on your power platform of choice.

Water Retention

A reminder: Unless specifically treated and rated, textile fabrics are not waterproof. The material might exhibit water-resistance qualities, but liquids will eventually soak through, if given enough time. I will not rate a textile jacket badly for the lack of waterproofing if it is not intended to be waterproof, so consider yourself suitably warned!

On top of the spitting I was subjected to on the cloudier days, I also tested water retention of the Falcon jacket by pouring a cup of water on the thing and timing how long the liquid took to seep through.

The results showed that direct contact with non-pressurized water – aided by constant back-and-forth rubbing – allowed seep-through in the space of about 5 minutes.

What does this mean for your rev-happy hooning?

If you get caught in the rain like I do on the daily, don’t expect to stay dry if you’re stuck riding through a deluge for longer than five minutes. You’ll lastlonger if you happen to have the insert installed as a buffer, but expect to have to dry everything out when you get home.

Raven Rova recommends a proprietary Silicone or Fluorocarbon spray as an option for further maintenance of the jacket’s water-resistant abilities.

CE back protector on Raven Rova Falcon Textile Jacket
The Falcon jacket features a Roger Rocks foam back protector, though removal of the pad is not advised, as the zippered opening is narrower than the pad.
Shoulder protectors on Raven Rova Falcon Textile Jacket
The Falcon’s shoulder pads are presumably from the same brand – though I could not find “Roger Rocks” on either of them – and feature CE Level 1 protection.
The Falcon’s shoulder pads are presumably from the same brand – though I could not find “Roger Rocks” on either of them – and feature CE Level 1 protection.


As a brand, Raven Rova is built with protection being the first priority; as such, all of Karleen’s gear comes with safety equipment included (yay!).

The Falcon Textile jacket came with two sets of shoulder pads and elbow pads – both rated to CE-1 level certification – as well as a big back protector rated to CE-1 safety certification.

Hint: Don’t try removing the back protector, as the zipper was far too short to take out the thing without bending the protector or dismantling the joint of the zipper!

An additional note: Since I chose a size that didn’t allow extra wiggle room, I found that the fitment relaxed slightly with the removal of the elbow and shoulder pads… but not by much, and technically you shouldn’t be wearing a jacket like this without pads anyways.

Still, do with that information what you will. I personally was impressed at the further proof that Karleen built this jacket with the armor foremost in mind.

CE armor tag
As with any motorcycle jacket, care must be taken in washing and drying the thing.


Materials tag on the Raven Rova Falcon Textile Jacket
As with any motorcycle jacket, care must be taken in washing and drying the thing.
Care instructions tag
As with any motorcycle jacket, care must be taken in washing and drying the thing.

Care Instructions

According to the tags found on the jacket, Karleen recommends no drying (the triangle), no ironing (the far right symbol), and ABSOLUTELY no dry cleaning (the circle).

All the above means that care is therefore limited to a “delicate wash” – nothing higher than 30° Fahrenheit, handwashing and hang-drying the unit works as well.

Based on the jackets I have reviewed thus far, the Falcon’s level of maintenance is very reasonable. You should look at the list I had to type out for the Scorpion Wax Riding Shirt

Do not buy this jacket if you’re a serial returner, aka, if you want to wear this jacket to all adventures and hand it back at the end of the season. Do buy this jacket if you like to support small, local businesses with immense passion for quality products!


Karleen stipulates a 15-day return policy on her website; while there are exceptions to this rule, they are few and far between – and you are also responsible for the full cost of return shipping.


Raven Rova is a passionate but small company doing everything they possibly can in the creation of top-tier products; as such, RR’s comprehensive return policy comes with the automatic expectation of respect for a local, small-scale gear operation.

When you buy Raven Rova gear, you are supporting the dream of a dedicated business owner called to bring something valuable to our markets for a reasonable price; as such, we ask that you respect that holy trifecta. Protect Karleen’s aspirations by going through the process of a return ONLY if the return is utterly, unequivocally, and thoroughly warranted. You wouldn’t believe the stories Karleen told me of scammers posing as legitimate customers… and while every business must adapt to such environs, we have a particular soft spot for Raven Rova’s bright Eberle.

The takeaway? This ain’t a Costco, so don’t treat Eberle’s hard work as such. Contact Raven Rova’s instant chat if you’re unsure about sizing, and trust that the team on Karleen’s end will put your fitment first.

Should you want to check out Raven Rova’s Return Policy and additional particulars, here’s where you can reach out (we recommend the instant chat on their website for more casual questions):

The Falcon jacket has me spellbound. Please support the talented work of Karleen Eberle and her dedicated team!


Riding with Karleen’s Raven Rova gear has been a surreal experience. While I’ve only tried ten or so jackets since my inception on a motorcycle, I entered the Powersports industry with a particular pickiness for livery that looks good and hangs well off the proverbial hanger. I don’t wear things that make me feel like I’m sucking in parts of my body that I didn’t know I had (a symptom I acquired when I dropped over four stone back in 2019).

Today, I feel so grateful to impassioned individuals like Karleen who continue following their dreams in spite of difficult times. Karleen, you inspire me to do justice to our moto markets by continuing to churn out content that helps riders to live out their best life.

For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As for the Falcon Textile jacket, I’ll probably be buying a bigger size… but as a better-safe-than-sorry gal who also beats the living daylights out of her gear, I personally recommend Raven Rova’s Textile jacket.

Oh – and I totally felt like Leia Organa on top of some of those dirt heaps, Karleen.  Big thanks for that one. 🙂

Enjoy the rest of the season, guys; as ever, looking forward to hearing what y’all think about Raven Rova’s gear, and stay safe on the twisties, yeah?


  • Designed from the ground up for the female figure
  • Design inspired by Princess Leia Organa, the main protagonist of the original STAR WARS™ trilogy!
  • Top-quality materials and componentry (zippers, seam quality, etc.)
  • Very nice breathability
  • Pockets, pockets, pockets
  • Great protection ratings, armor included
  • Surprisingly water-resistant for a textile number


  • Sizing can be confusing
  • Outer pocket snaps come undone easily


  • Manufacturer: Raven Rova
  • Price: $271.00 USD
  • Made In: Sialkot, Pakistan (Longview PVT)
  • Colors: Midnight Blue
  • Sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 ,18, 20, 22, 24
  • Review Period: July 31 – September 29, 2023

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