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Project video on motorbike wheels

Forget about hand signals, now you can express yourself to the surrounding traffic in text and images via a display video on your wheels.

Thai company World Moto has produced a light show for your wheels that can display full-colour images, text, animations and even video.

Founder and CEO Paul Giles says they “realistically expect to have a retail product available for Australia in six months”.Wheelies
World Moto’s ‘Wheelies’ technology which debuted at the Sign Asia Expo in Thailand basically consists of  LEDs on the wheel spokes and sensors that detect rotation – much like Harley-Davidson’s invisible ABS light sensors.
Wheelies 2The company claims it will work on any wheel or spinning object.

Wheelies come preloaded with custom content or you can download images and video via a web-based tool and create your own playlists.

Not only that, but there are methods for “real-time” sharing of content between vehicles.

So if you don’t like the way someone is driving, you can send them a message via your wheels rather than a hand or finger gesture.Wheelies 3Paul says they will have optional storage capabilities of up to 40 hours of video, or millions of animations and images.

“We’re working to reduce costs and so a rough estimate today per wheel is $800 for both sides with two displays,” he says.

World Moto is a Bangkok-based company that produces meters and communications solutions for the worldwide taxi industry.