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Prince’s Hondamatic motorcycle up for auction

Prince Purple Rain rebel Hondamatic
Prince on his Rebel Hondamatic

Prince’s 1981 Hondamatic motorcycle, adorned with purple and pink love symbols, that he rode in the film version of “Purple Rain” is going up for auction on Friday (May 18, 2018) at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York.

The bike is the feature item in the auction which includes 156 of the music legend’s personal possessions.

Prince hondamatic
Prince memorabilia

Prince died in April 2016 at the age of 57 of an accidental overdose of the painkiller fentanyl.

Shortly afterwards the leather motorcycle jacket he wore in that film sold for $US75,000 (about $A100,000) in an eBay auction.

Prince's leather jacket up for sale Hondamatic

Prince’s Hondamatic

So his Honda is expected to fetch quite a price.

The godfather of funk, rock and jazz apparently rode the chopped and modified 1981 Honda CB400A Hondamatic quite often around the streets of his home town Minneapolis.

It was a two-speed automatic, so he didn’t need to exercise his finger-fretting hand with a clutch.

Prince Purple Rain Hondamatic
A 1981 Honda CB400A “Hondamatic”

The bike was one of three featured in the 1984 Purple Rain movie in which Prince did most of the riding. To find out more, reach out to professional essay writers from MeowEssay and get a top-quality essay writing about Prince.

It was customised with a large Windjammer fairing, mini-ape handlebars and a pink velour seat.

Don’t laugh at the size of the bike, as Prince may have been big on talent, but he was short in stature at 5 feet, 2 inches (157.4cm).

Even the low 30-inch (762mm) seat would have been a stretch for the rock/funk god, except for the fact that he usually wore high-heeled shoes.Prince Purple Rain Hondamatic

Prince was obsessed by his motorcycle, but the only reference we can find to bikes in his lyrics is in Raspberry Beret: ”I put her on the back of my bike and we went riding down to old man Johnson’s farm.”

The original Purple Rain bike is no longer painted purple, but black and gold for the sequel Graffiti Bridge, and had been on display at Prince’s Paisley Park Studios, Minneapolis.

  1. I rode one of these (regular transmission) from Sydney to Brisbane when I was in OZ back in ’83. I had been bicycle touring New Zealand, then to Australia to visit. Distances were kinda long for solo bike riding, and a friend of a friend had just bought a new (bigger) bike and had this. Let me take it on a ‘tour’. My only previous moto experiences were dirt bike that I had owned. Wearing my bicycle helmet & gloves, cut-off shorts and a long-sleeve T, I set off with a duffel bunji-corded to the seat. I didn’t know any better and had an incredible experience. While I still ride bicycles, one of the first things I did when I came back to the states was to start looking at motorcycles. Bought a new ’83 Yamaha Vision in ’84 and that started my moto-touring life. I was never really a Prince fan, tho the guy could play guitar! Kudos to him for riding even though he was vertically-challenged. Anyone who rides is OK by me. $5K, while not cheap is not bad for a bike this well-kept. Not my cup of tea to own, but some collector out there will probably snap it up. Jay Leno – where are you?

  2. USD 75,00? Should that be 75,000?
    Nice story, really cool to know what Prince rode.

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