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Praise for the Bike Night concept

Gold Coast Bike Night

Bike night has become a booming source of evening entertainment when riders might normally have parked up their motorbikes for the day. Travel rider and contributor Todd Parkes of the Gold Coast goes drooling among the bikes at the Gold Coast Bike Night.

Gold Coast Bike NightGold Coast Bike Night

It’s dusk on a beautiful spring afternoon on the Goldy after a day of riding. I pull into an industrial carpark in Nerang along motorcycle alley (Lawrence Dr) and the carpark is already packed with all manner of motorcycles.

There are two-stroke Cagivas, a bunch of Honda Monkeys, three-wheeled Spyders and all manner of other road, touring, sports and cruiser bikes.Gold Coast Bike Night

This isn’t the carpark of a gang’s clubhouse, but the local Sunstate motorcycle dealer. Local clubs Four Two as well as Two Wheels, One Family are the organisers.

On the last Saturday night of every month, it is bike night. From 4pm on the bikes roll in, the girls in bikinis wash them for $10 a bike, the people gather and form a community with a common bond.

Food trucks and coffee vans are here, some traders also (tonight including Get Plugged ear protection) and others also share their wares. Gold Coast Bike Night

No hoons

What is missing is the burnouts, screaming engines and hooligan carry-on. No siree, none of those shenanigans as there seems to be this unwritten rule of how easy it would be to ruin it for everyone and lose the monthly experience.

Every now and then the Police come past and occasionally through but as long as the community behaves they do not seem worried. They see the value. Gold Coast Bike Night

There is a show and shine with a range of categories for every bike to fit in. They even have what’s called a slow drag race where the idea is to take the longest time to get between two points with your feet up.

For those with muscles, there is even a tyre-throw competition. All of these have industry sponsorship with a range of products as prizes as well as trophies available.


When it is all done and dusted around 8pm, some gather and head out for a night ride having enjoyed themselves and wanting to continue the bond of motorcycle-based community.

It does not matter whether you ride a Harley, a DR-Z, a Ducati or other; all are equal and everyone chats warmly about the day, the bikes and whatever crosses their mind. Many even bring their family for a night out. 

Gold Coast Bike Night

My advice is to find a bike night nearby or start one yourself. But keep it sensible and enjoy.

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