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Practice makes riders better

If you want to ride a big bike in tight maneuvres like the police, there is no easy way.
It takes lots and lots of practice, says Harley-Davidson director of police and fleet sales, Steve Saint Thomas.
Officiating at the police riding competition which is part of the massive Harley 110th anniversary celebrations in Milwaukee, he says slow riding and tight maneuvre skills are “perishable”, so you have to practise often.
The police riding competition is back by popular demand after appearing first at Harley’s 105th bash.
“The feedback from our customers was that it was popular. This is what we got the most comments about,” Steve says.
Some 110 police, including three women, from all over the USA and Canada have come to the 110th party to compete for trophies and to help raise money for “Carers of Police Survivors”.
Steve says they hope to raise $50,000 for the charity that looks after family members left behind when an officer is killed in action.
He says some other tips for riding like the police is to have your head and eyes always looking at where you want to go, not at the cone you may hit and to have a smooth combination of clutch, throttle and rear brake, with no front brake.
So far, David Sciandra of Jacksonville appears to be quickest and, judging by his style, you should also sit up, sit forward and have upright handlebars.