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Posi-Twist Connectors

Posi-Twist Connector Review

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More Posi-Lock and Posi-Twist connectors for wire splicing; no crimp connectors by Posi-Products. Here are some more Posi-Lock Products that are useful for motorcyclists; the Posi-Twist product is covered below. To splice multiple wires using a Posi-Twist, twist the wires together, place them in the screw-on connector and attach the connector to the special Posi-Twist solid end.

Posi-Twist connectors are similar in function to a screw-on wire connector used for electrical connections for home wiring. But the Posi-Twists have all the other features of the Posi-Lock products and you can mix gauges.

Remember that sometimes multiple smaller gauge wires will fit into a single Posi-Lock, Posi-Twist or Posi-Tap. Also, Posi-Locks, Twists, Taps and other products are reusable! There is an assortment of Posi-Twist connectors available also. Note that the Posi-Twists are slightly different from the Posi-Lock in-line connectors because the Posi-Twist connectors have only one screw-on end.

Posi-Twist Connector Example
Posi-Twist Connectors Close-up

You can use the bigger diameter Posi-Twist connectors to connect several wires together or multiple gauge wires (bottom photo above).

Also available is a Posi-Lock wiring harness kit, which makes it easy to create your own wiring harness. This would be great for wiring up a trailer to tow your motorcycle or a trailer that you tow with your motorcycle!

Need to put an inline fuse somewhere on your bike? Order a Posi-Lock inline fuse holder with any other Posi-Lock order. This makes an easy job of inserting a fuse!

Posi-Lock connectors are also available as an assortment pack of various sizes.

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wBW Product Review: Posi-Twist Connectors
Cost: See the Posi-Lock Sale Page Made In: U.S.A. and China
Review Date: 2005
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