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Police warn riders heading to MotoGP

Police cops speed speeding motogp

Riders face long delays getting to the MotoGP at Phillip Island this month as Victorian Police have warned riders of a heavy presence in and around the track and eastern Victoria region.

In what they refer to as “Operation Motosafe”, they will have road blocks, random breath testing and number plate identification to check for illegal motorcycles.

In previous years, Victorian Police have been accused of being heavy handed and discriminatory with riders before and after the MotoGP event.

Some have even sworn not to attend future events as a result.Police cops speed speeding motogp

This year, the Victorian Police are claiming their operation is about the safety of riders and will run throughout this month in Eastern Victoria was riders start arriving from around the country for the October 18 race.

“Police are putting motorcyclist safety at the forefront of their minds as they gear up for Operation Motosafe,” their press release states.

“Forty-seven people have been killed and 781 seriously injured on eastern region roads during the month of October between 2010 and 2014.

“Operation Motosafe is designed to ensure a maximum visible policing presence in an endeavour to reduce road trauma in particular involving motorcycles.

Phillip Island MotoGP
Phillip Island MotoGP

“The grand prix will be a major focus of the operation with a highly visible police presence ensuring visitors to Phillip Island arrive safely.”

The release also says police will  be on patrol in and around the race track and roads leafing to the island over the MotoGP weekend with riders again expected to wait in long queues at police road blocks.

“Random breath testing sites and road blocks will be set up during the operation, with police also using automated number plate recognition technology to detect any unregistered and unroadworthy vehicles,” the police release says.

“There will also be a police presence at the track to ensure the event is enjoyable and trouble-free for patrons.”

The release quotes Senior Sergeant Dave Watson saying crowd behaviour at the Australian MotoGP in previous years has been positive, but that “drunkenness and anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated”. Offenders  will be evicted.

  1. It is a sad reflection on modern democracy when police consider road blocks are a normal part of policing

    The North Eastern Police command in Victoria has a history of poor behaviour with police hidden in the bush with radar including on down hill gradients which would not be within operational guide lines in NSW

    It is little wonder the boycott Victoria suggestion has been made on forums

    1. Victoria amongst other states are signatories or some such to the Australian standard for speed radar (updates should cover lidar and other methods also)
      To operate the radar according to standard and there for legally it should not be setup on the slope or at the base of a hill. It should not be operated in a manner that would bring it into disrepute and a number of other things that are all probably ignored by radar operators.
      If you are ever pinged and you know it or suspect you have been pinged take plenty of photos there and then especially ones that show the exact location either gps or street address markers are good. Then read the standard and look for failures all police are supposed to base the operation manual on the standard and judges luv to stick it to cops who don’t follow the rules.
      On a side note if anyone wants to see the event rained out just fly me and my brother down there we are the next incarnation of Noah.

  2. This is why we no longer go. Myself and 8 mates are heading to northern NSW again to watch this year’s races. Far cheaper and far less feelings of being treated like criminals.

  3. I’ve heard comments about how Victorian police are among the worst in Australia, it is however the government, the police are just the tools for the governments enforcement. Victoria has the most speed Cameras of any state in the whole of Australia. They are EXTREMELY focused on revenue raising. There is no safety issue at all. The top universitys have proven speed cameras do NOTHING for safety apart from raise revenue.

  4. With riders boycotting the ride down to the island how many small towns suffer as a result from lost revenue along the way. We get hassled enough in Qld without having to face the games the Victorian force are willing to play in order to keep us safe. Good luck to those going by bike.

  5. This just sealed it. Why bother going just to face delays and checks along the way and then at the destination.

    Comfortable couch and TV for me. I will miss the atmosphere/

  6. Rarely do police and tourism folks sing from the same hymn book. I can think of numerous examples over the years where police have done their utmost to disrupt people’s enjoyment. Targa Tasmania, Lions TT (QLD side), WA cops in Broome, VIC police in the Grand Prix Rally …. the list goes on. How many interstate and oversees visitors go home saying, “What a bunch of a..holes” (pic: QLD Police farewell visitors to their state with a breath test. Nice work lads)

  7. Well that confirms it for me. Ill skip the GP altogether this year: I am tired of being treated to this sort of heavy handed behaviour as a rider that i just fele quite turned off by this press release. Ill bet the cars wont get the same treatment, A year or so ago I went on the Run led by the police that motored along so slowly that I had overheating of my engine at one point, and decided that was the last GP ‘led’ ride Id go on. Last year I rode down on my own NOT on GP day and had a pleasant time- but have to say that I was not harrassed by the police that time.
    As the police are playing silly games with helmets, all of which are unresolved, I am sure they will get a massive hitlist of fines from pseudo’offences’ on helmets especially coming from interstate (we all are aware now of the inconsistent helmet approval processes that have been allowed to develop), communication clipons, cameras- perhaps even give us all a hard time over tinted visors.

    Until the police get their act together on all these areas, I just dont want to ride down into a near certain hassles including likely reruns of the Frankston nonsense about helmets – still unresolved- but a nice little potential earner for the Police until they do..

    I can really live without the sort of program that the police say they are putting on.

  8. Yep, really useful policing here guys.

    Sure, go hard on ppl doing stupid things that can directly endanger others but this isn’t intelligent police work; its part revenue raising part harassment because you can. Real pride in that approach, hey?

    I’ve seen this in action circa the GP. The vast majority of ‘attitude’ I saw on the weekend came from (some of) those in blue. The thing is, the cops without the attitude watched on, condoning it.

    Clap for them lads, clap for them….

  9. Bikers should hire a semi trailer or 2 and use them to get past the road blocks inside the trailer ?

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