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Police probe stunt-riding Facebook videos

Karupt Customz Facebook photo
Karupt Customz Facebook photo

Police are investigating two Gold Coast motorcycle businesses over amateur stunt videos posted on their Facebook sites, including one in which a rider wheelies through a school zone.

Gold Coast Road Policing commander Snr Sgt Bradyn Murphy said the videos include riders doing burnouts, high-speed wheelies and other dangerous stunts on public roads.

The Facebook pages belong to Karupt Customs and Two Wheel Escorts Gold Coast. Karupt Customs declined to comment on the investigations and Two Wheel Escorts could not be contacted for comment.

Braydn says they have previously seized vehicles and charged motorists based on Facebook posts.

“We got one guy who did high speed wheelies on the Gold Coast highway,” he says.

“We seized his computer and videos and he copped a 12-months disqualification and a few thousand dollars in fines. There have been others, too.”

Bradyn says it can be difficult to identify the riders in the videos because they are wearing face masks and helmets.

Two Wheel Escorts Gold Coast Facebook photo
Two Wheel Escorts Gold Coast Facebook photo

“It comes down to identification, but we are cross-matching it with other photographic evidence on their Facebook pages where someone wearing the exact same clothing is seen without a helmet on,” he says.

“They will have to prove it’s not them in the video.”

Karupt Customz Facebook photo
Karupt Customz Facebook photo

He says they have identified some of the riding in the canefields of northern NSW and have passed them on to NSW police to investigate.

If riders can be identified, they face serious charges including dangerous driving with substantial fines and confiscation of vehicles.

“High-speed wheel stands on the motorway are the most dangerous. When you wheel stand at 130km/h-plus there is no way you can see what’s in front of you.

“We also know some of these guys are crashing. One of the videos even says it was filmed five minutes before they threw it down the road.

“We just hope this is a wake call for them,” says Bradyn who has been a police motorcycle rider and trainer for 30 years.

“You can’t control stupidity, but unfortunately stupidity breeds stupidity and people see these riders in videos doing wheel stands on the motorway and think they can do the same and the next thing we have a fatality.

“If you’re interested in stunt riding, contact the stunt academy or go and do a track day and get your thrills there. The roads are not a playground. You’re dealing with people’s lives.”

Karupt Customz Facebook photo
Karupt Customz Facebook photo

Bradyn says the videos create a “bad reputation for anyone who rides motorcycle”.

“Everyone gets tarred with the same brush,” he says.

  1. Stunting riders are leading the charge of the breakdown of society as we know it – if we can just stop them, we might have a chance at survival!

  2. Pretty idiotic doing wheelies like that on a busy public street – and then posting it on a public group, but I must admit to having a twinge of wheelie skill jealousy after seeing those videos (and burnout skill envy too).

  3. Nerer heard of those shops – until now.
    Never stood a bike up in my life, never will, but if anyone else wants to act in front of the whole world like a Hoodridge teenager who’s just traded in his skateboard, it’s their problem.

    Wouldn’t take my bike to a shop like that, but plenty others would
    & I bet the businesses involved are thanking the police for all the free publicity.

  4. I like the guilty until you can prove it’s not you comment. not bothering to look at the facebook page to see what’s posted I will say that given the state of men’s fashion especially riding gear that there’d be upto a thousand riders in pretty much the same outfit.
    That said these guys are justifiably called stupid first for doing stunts on public roads and then for posting their antics without anonymising the images with mosaics etc. Whenever one of these heros comes a cropper first I wince as I know the pain it’s going to cause then I laugh at their idiocy and cry at the thought that thanks to them if I even so much as chirp a tyre infront of a cop I’ll be treated like I committed the crime of the century.

    1. Yeah, Harley riders all wear the same uniform – open face helmet, fingerless gloves, Johnny Reb boots, suede jackets with tassels and blue jeans.

        1. I know of one super bike rider who wore a pink silk teddy under his leathers that his girlfriend made for him.

  5. “They will have to prove it’s not them in the video.” Right. So what happened to “the prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt…” then?
    Look these blokes are idiots, but seriously, either catch them in the act or let it go. I know this sounds trite, but haven’t the police up there got anything better to do?

    1. Guilty until proven innocent – kinda exposed their mentality a bit there. Makes me glad I don’t live in the big smoke…

  6. Popping a wheelie in a school zone may not be all that cool but kudos to any rider that can pull a 12 o’clock on a custom Harley. Far out. Guys got skills

    1. Was it during school times?

      … and Mark, seriously, the capchta is f**ked

  7. Any lawyer would get you off . You just have to prove more than one of these items of clothing have been sold .
    Therefore you have reasonable doubt

  8. only in Queensland eh! where the necks are red and the heads are dead

  9. Never ever admit guilt, as it’s up to them to prove it other wise.
    Name, number, and address only.(don’t give any ammunition to charge you keep your cool).

    Remember the Australian constitution “ALL FINES AND FORFEITURES BEFORE COURT APPEARANCES ETC ARE ILLEGAL” (Section 12 !)

    Be polite whilst your talking to the officer.
    Take care
    Peace to all.

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