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Police ‘harass’ funeral cortege

police harass funeral cortegePolice have “harassed” motorcycle riders on their way to the funeral of a 70-year-old woman who died of cancer, according to a Townsville bike shop owner.
The riders were also videoed as they escorted the hearse from the funeral parlour to the cemetery, says Townsville Custom Cycles owner Leeroy Donovan.
He says his customers are “straight as the day is long” but are getting “hassled because we look the part”.
“We were put through the ringer,” he says.
Photos taken by Leeroy’s business partner show the riders wearing jeans, white shirts and leather vests with no patches or colours.
Leeroy says he advised the police before the funeral on October 26 that there would be were 14 bikes in the funeral cortege for the 70-year-old wife of longtime shop customer Noel Evans.
police harass funeral cortege“They said ‘yeah we know Leeroy and his group, no worries’,” he says.
However, the day of the funeral was also the weekend of the 72-hour blitz on declared outlaw bikie clubs in Queensland.
“Saturday morning I get up early and get the coffee machine going as we have to hit the road at quarter to 9,” he says.
“Now the Rebels clubhouse is just 500m down the road and the cops are sitting outside in their vests ready to go.
“We had to go 1km down the road to the funeral parlour and as soon as we move off they come tearing up with their lights and sirens going.police harass funeral cortege
“I spoke to them in a firm and polite manager that we had cleared it with central and what do they need from us.
“I told them we had 15 minutes to be at the funeral parlour, but they stuffed us around and took names, regos and phone numbers which we never gave them – I have legal advice that we don’t have to give our phone numbers.”
Leeroy and his fellow riders made it to the funeral in time and escorted the hearse to the cemetery, but he says they were videoed by police on the way.
“We are not bikies and have no association with them. We don’t even do any work for the Rebels who are just down the road,” Leeroy protests.
police harass funeral cortege“This shop is where everybody hangs out. We have a group that we call the “clan” and it’s made up of millionaires, rubbish truck drivers, businessmen and a lot of military and ex-military like myself.”
(Leeroy spent 20 years in the Australian Army.)
“At the end of the day all my super from the Army is in this shop,” he says.
“People say they want to buy a Harley but they are thinking twice about it because of this business going on with people being harassed.
“It’s affecting my business. I’d say I’m down about 50-60%. In the past month and a half I’ve sold one bike.”
While declaring that his shop does nothing illegal and is an official roadworthy inspection centre for motorcycles, he admits some of his customers may “look the part”.
“We have a couple of rough-looking dudes that look the part and we are getting smashed for it,” he says.
“I’ve got one customer with a mohawk and the police raided his house because he was reported as a Rebels member, but he’s never been patched in his life.”

  • Meanwhile, the Australian Motorcycle Council has established a fighting fund to support any High Court challenge to any of the anti-bikie legislations. To read more about the fund and to donate, click here.
  1. It is having a larger impact on the community than just targeting the bikers. I feel for all the small business owners such as Leeory where it is affecting their livelihoods. Is the government going to compensate all the affected businesses for it? I personally do not own a bike but given the chance I would LOVE to own a Harley. I don’t like these new laws and feel that something should be done before it is too late, I cannot believe how many people are supporting these laws without doing the full research or realising the full effects that these laws have and the innocent bystanders that it is affecting in the process.

    1. 2wheelsupporter, you can do something. Right now. Hit Fruher Newman’s Facebook page and tell him what you think of these laws. Then go the Conveyancer Generals page and do the same thing, then the Police Mnister’s page. Everyone can do this.

  2. Yeah, look, I have posted comments in the past about various issues that arise from time to time regarding the bikie laws, and quite frankly my gravest fear is that this could be a giant snow job designed to divert public attention from what could be the reality of bikie infiltration into the police ranks…….just like they have filtered into the locksmith industry……and like the Fitzgerald Enquiry could take a while for the honest truth to be realised and the secret corruptions to be revealed.
    Remember……..what goes up………..’nuff said. Hang in there guys!

  3. I find it very disturbing that the police are turning into what they are saying these new laws are there for. They are harassing and intimidating people etc so who are the bullies now you cant even go to pay your respects even after you advised them and gave plenty of notice these laws breach so many of our basic rights

  4. This is getting out of hand. I’d rather have the bikie crime (which has never affected my life in any way!) than allow our government to pass fascist laws that our police have to then enforce. This is not Nazi Germany. And quite frankly if you remove the bikies you are just creating a vacuum. Which I’m sure will happily be filled by criminal elements of some of our newer entries to Australia.

  5. “This is not Nazi Germany”, says Disgusted, before going on to make a veiled racist criticism.

    A+ work.

    1. I see no mention of “race” in Disgusted’s comment. People move to Australia from all over the world…. and this may shock you rex, but some of them are the same race as disgusted.
      May I suggest some inner reflection before pointing the finger rex….. You are obviously the one with racist undertones to your personality! To immediately assume that Disgusted was inferring a person of different race than his good self shows you to be the racist.

      1. Well Said!! I was thinking the exact same thing, ‘Disgusted’ has said nothing racist, clearly ‘Rex’ is an asshat 😉

      2. By referring to ppl not of Australia and coming in to Australia
        Does this not mean by no small meaning of the word race
        Please don’t hide what someone’s wording is on language
        The comment was valid until that point of reference

    2. So Rex, are you saying the original tenants or the descendants of the first fleet brought heroin and variants into the country, or just possibly some of our visitors from the equatorial nations that have been known to extract an income may have imported the larger quantities, as public records show. Also I read that the three largest drug busts since 2007 have been directly related to the police, (I don’t know of what ethnicity)

      But why use this forum to turn on each other, can’t you see what the government is achieving by this ? For those that don’t ride, most of us are working family orientated people, who are affected by draconian fascist laws. I am not and do not mean to infer that I wear a patch, but am sitting there watching as ill informed cops harass people who only ride on weekends with mates, some of which aren’t saints, they may even failed to pay a speeding fine once??

      Not all riders are criminals same as not all priests are kiddy fiddlers and even not all cops are arseholes.

    3. I don’t know Rex. I have more of a problem with your comment.. Let me guess. You must work for the media or marketing industries.. Why jump to the conclusion that Disgusted” made racist comments WITHOUT asking a few simple questions and learn what he ment with that comment.. Why leave the simple factors of bad communication, second language or simply trying to make a different point out of question.. Think before you act, just because your first reaction was “racial attack” it doesn’t mean someone else thinks like you..

    4. If it wasn’t a hint at racism, then I’d like to see who the individual was specifically referring to.

  6. Such disrespectful bastards! I wonder what would happen if we walked in on one of their HERO’s march!

  7. don’t call them anti bikie laws , they are anti queenslander laws, they don’t mention bikies in the legislation it can be any group or corporation the newman government dislikes!!! calling them anti bikie laws is the governments propaganda and misleads the public!

    1. thanks Dave this needs to be published a lot more people don’t seem to understand that it can be anyone if they don’t like the look of u your gone and u must prove your are innocent we no longer have innocent til proven guilty in this state anymore and its about time all Queenslanders started to realise this

  8. No not NAZI GERMANY,

    Worse it is NAZI QUEENSLAND,

    and thousands of Queensland soldiers died fighting Nazi Germans, only to find that they are now in their homeland under the guise of the NLP!

    1. Yeah! With the genocide of millions and the invasion of Belgium! Just like the Nazis!

      Cool ya jets there fella, not Nazis, just arsehat law makers and incorrect applying of the intent of the law

  9. fellas, it’s not the cops, they are doing what Newman has legislated, Newman, Cox, Crisafuli and Hathaway[ex-army] are the problem, the next state election is Dec 2014, time to seek revenge at the ballot box.

    1. It may not be the police who have introduced these laws and they may well have to uphold these laws but is in the manour in which they carry out their actions that is so wrong , they videod these bikes got their number plates which they only need to punch into the computer in the police car and brings up every bit of information on each and every one of us so they “Bully” these motorcyclists who i wouldn,t blame for expressing outrage and claiming victimisation towards these low life coppers going about their actions in such a way (that comment not directed to all police just the ones who cannot perform their duties in a polite and respectable manor , or maybe we suspect them all just because of their appearence)

  10. How sad and people just want to live and be treated with equal rights! Shame to all of Queensland. Australia started as a penal colony guess we are becoming one again who wants to live in a Country that makes you guilty just because you are in a group that has a very small number of bad people in it.

  11. I work across the road from this shop, and I can say I am both saddened and disgusted that they were targeted. My father and his friends ride bikes all the time and the new rules make it almost impossible for them to have a nice ride together. The police say they won’t target the innocent but this is a perfect example of them abusing their power. The police here in Townsville and throughout Queensland are so corrupt and it frustrates me. Why not target drink drivers or the terrible drivers that speed all the time.

    I hope the government wakes up to itself and sees that these new laws are just ludacris and are causing our local business people to suffer.

    1. through facebook I was sent this little pearler, The Vicious Lawless Association Establishment Bill 2013, where any group of three or more people be it lawful or unlawful are breaking the new laws

  12. now that is so damn wrong ,,, out of respect for a funeral ,, damn these police and commissioner should be looking at this ,, so damn disrespectful ,,,You police commissioner ,, the bikers do a wonderful job gifts & money for kids that are in hospital ,,that are in care/ low income ,, they do a wonderful job ,,,doing this to a old lady who is 70 a furneral for her is damn blood wrong ,,No Damn Respect,,, Disgraceful … shared on My page and facebook

  13. am absolutely appalled!! I used to live right around the corner from this shop and a nicer group of blokes I have never come across – between destroying legitimate business (both bike shops AND tattoo studios) and allowing police thuggery this Government is turning Qld into a crap place to live, may have to buy a little putt putt boat and head for Indonesia, I wonder if I could claim asylum from wanker politicians???

  14. Bent like a banana, hanging from a tree, slowly bending lower, for the plonkers on their knees. This is where they belong, crawling on the ground, no rights for standing tall, their pride it has all gone. They seek this yellow fruit, it’s the colour of their day, I pity all the other folk, as they have no place to play. Stand in the ranks, that scared the Japanese away, the power of this people, will be the power of your play. A voice shared together, is a voice that holds the light, fear not my fellow riders, together we will spread the awesome light.

  15. Newman government controlled by one person, or a small group of people. In this form of government the power rests entirely on the person or group of people, and can be obtained by force Newman The dictator may also take away much of its peoples’ freedom welcome to Queensland

  16. It just shows the mentality of the Police Force & the Government. They don’t give tuppence to the feels of anybody dead or alive. The Police have taken the out look of the French law, GUILTY till PROVEN INNOCENT.

    1. My daughter is a police woman. She puts her life on the line every shift. Police enforce the law they don’t make the law. They are there for our protection. The Mafia bikie gangs have made it hard for the legit bikies who just love their bikes and love riding. I used to ride myself. To hear what has been happening on the GC I think the Qld Government had to do what they had to do. It is tough but put blame where it is deserved and not the people who are trying to protect innocent people. We know the new rules lets abide by them. We have a choice. Go to the funeral in cars. Can’t have it both ways!! Protection or be over run by gun slinging mafia drug selling thugs who think they are above the law and us?
      Police cannot discriminate between good bikies and bad bikies and if they are seen to then they would get more flack. Remember they deal with low lifes every second of the day. That is their job…….all they want is respect from people they are trying to protect.

      1. Sorry Lesley but the governments own statistics show that less than 1% of crime on the Gold Coast is related to bikies and their organisations. The LNP are past masters at disinformation, the media only publicise what will sell newspapers so every time something bad happens which is associated with bikies they report it like they are responsible for all the bad things which happen! I sympathise with your daughter but like many you appear to have fallen hook line and sinker for the untruths this governed are peddling. I am not defending the illegal activities of these groups, however this is not the solution. What they have effectively done is pass legislation which prohibits people of like mind gathering together in groups of 3 or more. Can you not see how this could be abused? The complaints you read are not about the bikies and who is harassing who they are about legislation which has no place in a democratic nation. As an enforcer of the law I am sure your daughter can recognise now wrong these laws are, if she can’t then may I suggest she needs to change profession before she becomes part of the problem rather than part of the solution. Perhaps Newman and others who think these laws are right need a refresher on the separation of powers, shockingly the police force is NOT supposed to be an enforcer of government policy or opinion!

      2. It is in the way the police handle every situation; they BULLY the public especially regarding these new laws which by the way are not just limited to bikies. They are valid against all congregations of 3 or more people. They can even be applied to the old girls in their bowling whites if the copper has a bee in his/her bonnet. The police are there to uphold the law not to try to incriminate/victimise law-abiding citizens just because of their race/appearance or the vehicle they drive/ride. So you’re telling me if these laws were directed at car drivers we’d have to all get bikes to go to a funeral.Get ya head out of the sand.

      3. A couple thousand bikies (if that!) in gangs isn’t going to overrun anyone or anything in a state of 4million+.
        There were already laws to deal with them, but now EVERYONE has to be affected to catch this tiny minority of people that break laws. Fact is, if they were breaking laws, why didn’t the police get them? Why need all these new laws that affect EVERYONE. Stop spreading the fear and propaganda.

      4. Lesley- do you really think it is right that a law abiding community member can’t ride their bike they bought through hard work to a funeral? Surely you can’t believe that in your heart. I know you are protecting your daughter but police shouldn’t just follow orders- they should think too. Your daughter is a person with values and a brain not a robot, just following orders has proven to be time and time again no excuse for harassment.

    2. You know the police have been told by Newman do your job or get out. Now they also have to fear for their families because of Newman’s laws. I know there are corrupt police but let’s face it not all are, but now they are all being labelled the same.

  17. The new Qld non-association laws (bikie laws) were used to disperse drumming circles at Stradbroke Island beach after the “Island Vibe” music festival! People approaching the circles were told by police that they would face arrest if they congregated in groups of more than 20. Smaller groups were told to stop making music or face arrest for disturbing the peace. People approaching small groups (under 20 people) were told that if they refused to move on they would be arrested for failing to observe police directions. If police are willing to use the ‘bikie laws’ on peaceful festival goers, imagine how happy they will be to use them on CSG protests or other environmental and political rallies!!

  18. I am moving from Darwin to Brisbane in the next few months. I ride a Black Honda VTX 1300. I am 29 6″4 140Kg i have tattoo’s and I almost forgot, a law abiding citizen. Reading all these story’s coming out of Queensland I’ve decided to sell my bike before I leave because I don’t need to be harassed every time I ride to or from work, on weekends or going to the shops. My friends have stopped riding and are starting to sell their rides and they’re everyday people. Police state is correct, Australia does not have anything in place to protect our rights. People will only take so much and then Anarchy will ensue. It will be a sad day for Australia when we reach the point of rioting and the people who will be rioting are the normal members of society just wanting their rights to be protected. Votes you got mine and my friends, family, workmates and anyone who has the time to hear what’s going on and wants to help.
    *also heard the Police have the power to make you strip down in public to take photos of your tattoos and you can’t say no without being arrested* IS THAT TRUE ?

      1. For Dave_VTX ,

        Sadly selling your car will not help, I have read Newspaper reports that a man wearing a singlet with Tattoos showing was stopped by Police who demanded to take Photos of his Tattoos and told him to report to a police Station to take his FINGER PRINTS, he was driving a Ford Fiesta with his three children in the back seat aged 2,4,and 6!

        I have just one suggestion don’t go to Queensland, however I am hearing that the NT CLP are looking at these laws carefully themselves! Whilst the initial target is bikies there is significant scope to proscribe Unions and other groups!

  19. But…but they PROMISED us in official government TV adverts that “law-abiding motorcyclists and clubs have nothing to worry about” from the new laws…didn’t they…?

  20. These so-called laws are a disgrace … I cannot believe we are allowing this to happen in this country!

  21. I own a small shop on the Gold Coast painting bikes. I haven’t had a customer walk though the doors since all this crap started. It’s hitting all the small businesses hard ……
    It’s funny how bikie crime only makes up 0.6% of the crime on the Gold Coast but yet they make it seem like they’re fighting a war ..what a joke

    1. You should be compensated, but then that money will come from the taxpayer anyway so better to scrap the new laws. I support all petitions to repeal this VLAD bill a.s.a.p!!! This site is getting shared across Facebook, and people who supported this law in the start are reconsidering after hearing all these terrible stories. The recipients of charity runs will suffer too, what about the kids?!? I’m not even a bike rider yet I feel compelled to share my feelings on it, hope thats ok.
      Good luck Nathan with the shop, hope things improve soon so it can return to normal 🙂

  22. The biggest Problem in QLD is the fact that they got rid of the upper house of parliament in the Peterson days I know it means more pollies but a lot of the time the government of the day doesn’t have the full power and the ones that carry the balance of power and can stop this gross miscarriage of justice.

    1. Les, while not supporting these laws in any way shape or form it is important that information people are using to justify the fight against them is correct. Joh did not get rid of the Upper house in Qld, that happened many many years before Joh was in power. I don’t know the exact dates etc but please, please don’t give the other side ammunition to come back at you saying that you have your facts wrong so therefore don’t have credibility. In this situation I doubt an upper house would have made a difference because the issue in Qld is so the huge majority the LNP have which I guess would also have been reflected in any sort of senate.

  23. This Government is a disgrace. I feel embarrassed. My apologies to you. Nobody deserve this treatment.

  24. Stereotyping at its worst, well actually the laws have just been in place, wait until the cops learn to abuse these laws, as Queensland Police are known for. They are only learning how to be arses about these laws at the moment.
    To the family of the departed, you are lucky to have riders as friends and show their respect, I don’t think a 70 year old lady was their partner in crime, just a well-respected local.
    Leeroy, good luck with your business and remind riders that come to you that they can still ride for the love of it, and record incidents with Police for harassment suits in the court of law.
    Product Idea; Make a logbook for riders to log Police details, time etc, see how they like their badge number written down to be given to a lawyer.
    Ride free all and good luck.

  25. I wonder what crimes toxic Adolph Newman is hiding by trying to divert the public’s attention with this charade?

  26. hey they did the same with sport cars a couple of yrs ago and most businesses in mooloolaba had to close as there was no patronage any more

  27. This is nothing new – on the 12th of March 1987, my family suffered the same indiginity. the oldest son of my parents and our big brother died on the 9th and the funeral was on the 12th. We, and his fellow motorcycling friends where harassed, followed, videotaped and had the media up to our necks the whole day. Our distress and the bikers sorrow was at no time considered significant. Darryl was 30 and had been a biker all his adult life, his death was tragic and to this day our hearts ache for him BUT those moments of saying goodbye were made that much more harrowing by the intrusion of both the police and the media. 14 bikes, 100 bikes, a thousand bikes – it doesnt matter when we come together to mourn and celebrate the son, brother, father, friend and others (the police and media) should appreciate that a little more when they do what they do.

  28. When does looking the part make you a criminal.
    If they made laws like these for 3 asians or 3 catholics or 3 blacks or 3 muslims there would be world wide out rage.

    1. They did but they are making the bikies the scape-goats. It is called the Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Bill 2013.


  30. You know I’m sick of all this hate campaign at our boys in blue , none of you would complain if they rock up n help you out or protect your wife or children from grubs yet your all bloody keyboard warriors on here. The police have wives and children too that get threats all the from grubs they arrest, living like that is no joy ride either mate ! But no one thinks of that , at the end of the day if you’ve got nothing to hide then chill the hell out and go with it till they separate the wheat from the chaff !

    1. its not a HATE campaign against all the boys in blue but as a law abiding citizen getting acosted in the street and told to take your shirt off so they can take photo,s of my tatts and in the manor in which SOME of them go about it needs to be addressed otherwise there will be a lot more hatred towards the police force being created by a relatily small number of the police all caused by illegally introduced laws which contravine the higher law of the land which is federal law and also the human rights which this country prides itself in being a part of upholding

    2. You take the job you take everything that comes with it. IF you want to be an asshole and support the Newman laws, you will have to take what comes with it, and that means even more of the public not supporting police.

  31. So how many people on this page voted for Newman & co? Because the LNP got the largest non- gerrymander landslide in Queensland history. Now the rest of us have to suffer for the mindless rush to get rid of Labor. And no, I didn’t vote for either party. This is what the end of democracy looks like. Thanks for that.

  32. Interrupting a funeral is just about as low as it gets. To those who defend the police ‘just doing a job’ I say its a moral obligation to disobey such orders, and to use some discretion and common sense. Its a shame some of these cops are too serious and robotic in their conduct, these officers should act like decent humans and have a heart. My sincerest condolences

  33. I feel for your club, here in Lindsay Ontario Canada we “The Kawartha Charity Riders” have been refused to take part in our Remembrance Day march from the Royal Canadian Legion to our Cenotaph by the Chief of Police as he feels our attire in inappropriate. Harassment by the Police to motorcyclists seems to be spreading like the Plague.

  34. Hi
    I am not a bike rider but watching this crazy thing happen. Just had a thought if u notify police & still get pulled up – is there a way to notify via email or fax or phone where u get some sort of confirmation or receipt number to show that police have been notified. Sounds like this police dept is not talking to that police dept then compliant people get pulled over. I know it’s crazy but it seems police should provide some sort of tracking number to the people who notify- to comply with the law.

  35. I am a retired cop, and I have two concerns relative to Newman’s draconian laws. The first is that if a criminal a bikie or otherwise feels that he is not going to get a fair shake if he is caught, he will consider resorting to violent methods to try and prevent or revenge it.. This puts the life of the Police that have to enforce such laws in danger. So what, Newman thinks that wearing army type vests and army type fighting equipment will save them? They can’t wear that all the time, and what about their homes and families, do they have to wear vests as well? Secondly what happens to a fair trial? It is difficult to mount a defence if you are in the clink and what about rehabilitation? The big trouble with Newman is that he is ex-army and still thinks he is in the army. Wake up Queensland, you came into the 21st century when we got rid of Joh. Newman wants to take you back there. Don’t let him.

  36. FYI: ABC has now picked up this story

    From the article:
    However, Thuringowa MP Sam Cox says police were acting under the Government’s new bikie laws.

    “I guess the experience these people had – and I know it’s unfortunate that it happened on the same day of the funeral and they believe they’ve gone through the right channels and notified police – I guess police are doing their job,” he said.

    “In light of that, police are just enforcing what the new laws are.”

    So, going through the process of asking police not to harrass you(as suggested by police minister and commissioner) is not going to work. Who’d ‘a thunked it?

  37. Campbell Newman – Townsville Police regularly conduct traffic enforcement operations across the city and District.
    Inquiries made reveal there has been no recorded contact with Townsville District Police advising of any motorcyclists providing a guard of honour for any funeral in the last three weeks.
    Townsville Police have conducted operations on Criminal Motorcycle Gangs, members and associates, which has resulted in a number of people being prosecuted in relation to a range of traffic and criminal offences.
    Through the course of normal policing and traffic operations the drivers of both motor vehicles and motorcycle’s will be intercepted from time to time. – Premier’s Team

  38. The bikies are our last line of defense against the crooks in government. And they know this first they took our guns now dissembling any groups that pose a threat to tyrannical rule.

  39. Guys I have learned if you want Govt to make changes – you have to go to them with the answer. No use just whinging about how it affects you. Tell them what would work better. Get together and work out a solution to the problem. Govt will listen to you if you take this approach – trust me in my job I’ve had to deal with all levels of Govt and this is what works. They don’t have all the answers but will listen to people what come to them with a plan of action instead of complaining about what Govt has instituted.

    1. Yes I totally agree! but this idiot was elected to GOVERN our State, not DICTATE !!!! He has successfully Turned QLD into a Communist State.

  40. First it was federal government with the gun laws,Now it’s this father knows best dude with the anti biker laws wot next you have to get a permit to breathe. You will notice that these laws were brought in by liberals to conserve their lifestyle not ours!!

  41. It’s just plain wrong. they say you might be a criminal if you own a bike, I would say then, that they should do the same for POLITITIANS, because if any group in this society should cause the public and police to be suspicious of their activities and ties to questionable activities, IT WOULD HAVE TO BE POLITITIANS!!,

  42. I see some comments referring to ‘not all police being assholes’ etc etc. So is it that some want us to be lenient of our views and to not group the police all in one basket……. Wouldn’t it be fair if they granted us the same leniency and fairness because they’re not. Plain and simple it’s guilty till proven innocent. Not the other way around.

  43. Some one needs to start bashing the pricks at there own houses and show them what intimidation is.
    And when there family’s don’t feel safe then the cops might have a reason to use the methods they are as it’s tactics like this that starts wars

    1. People with attitudes like yours, Nigel, are the reason these laws are being imposed.

  44. “First they came for the communists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.
    Then they came for the socialists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.
    “Then they came for me,
    and there was no one left to speak for me.” ~Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)

  45. why are the bikies being picked on all of a sudden, ??????
    tell me who did they pick on before the bikies?????????
    this country is going to the dogs
    I just wish I wasn’t a Queenslander

  46. WE’ve got a little bastard with small man syndrome at the helm & a post pubescent conveyancing lawyer/ grub as his hatchet man & they’re both a laughing stock. God save QLD from these Gold painted turds

  47. A parking warden should have booked that Policeman in the picture for parking badly and having his rear offside wheel on a solid white line ! He is causing an obstruction and it would have been ironic if the car had been taken out by a truck !

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