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Police advise on registering your ride

Queensland-Police-Service-logoQueensland Police are still developing a system to register group rides of 12 or more so innocent riders can avoid unnecessary police intervention and mistaken identity as bikies.
This follows a meeting last week between motorcycle representative groups and Police Commissioner Ian Stewart, Police Minister Jack Dempsey and members of Taskforce Maxima.
A police spokesman says the meeting was convened to explain the Queensland Government’s new Vicious Lawless associations Disestablishment (VLAD) legislation and respond to questions from legitimate motorcycle clubs and groups.
Police harass bike riders“During the meeting a process to enable legitimate motorcycle clubs and groups the opportunity to register their rides was raised,” a police spokesman has told MotorbikeWriter today. Read the stories here and here.
“The vast majority of representatives supported the merits of this initiative.”
This is still disputed as one motorcycle representative has said no one raised any objections in the meeting. However after the meeting Motorcycle Riders Association of Queensland president Chris Mearns described it as “insane” and Australian Motorcycle Council representative Eva Cripps said it was  “unacceptable”.
The police spokesman said they are “in the early stages of developing the concept” of a phone-in hotline and online register.
“The intention of the voluntary registration process is to communicate legitimate rides to QPS members to ensure minimum inconvenience to all stakeholders, the spokesman says.
“Clearly, the registration process could not be effective unless parameters are applied and understood. In this regard the QPS believes the registration process would best be suited for rides likely to meet or exceed 12 riders.”
While a web-based process is being developed motorcycling clubs and groups have been advised that they can provide advice of their planned rides by contacting 131444, faxing details to (07) 3055 6305 or emailing
Interstate riders or people on mobile phones can contact (07) 3055 6200 and international riders can contact +617 3055 6200.

The information sought from Clubs and Groups is:
Name of Club/Group:New 1
Date of Ride:
Expected no riders:
Ride occasion:
Start Location:
Time ride commences:
Finish Location:
Proposed finish time:
Planned route:
Planned stops and proposed time/s:Police harass rider
Ride organiser/Road captain:
Contact mobile no:
Club/Group position:
Secondary contact:
Contact mobile no:
Club/Group position:
CrimeThe police also provided details of Crime Stoppers for any anonymous information on criminal activity. Contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or 24hrs a day.  For all non-urgent police reporting or general police inquiries contact Policelink on 131 444.


  2. i will not under any circumstance tell them anything to do with my freedom…….maybe they,ll assign a car to just follow me around everyday.

  3. Who are they kidding this is an invasion of our privacy. Having to register if we wish to go for a ride is a joke. Lets see how many other social groups have to register if they have a outing.

  4. The ones who are going to suffer are the charities. A lot of groups do charity rides and raise a lot of money for different groups and it will be them that get picked on. It sad it has come to this because someone is shaking in his nickers over a minority group so he has to pick on the majority. It won’t be worth the effort for the ones organising the charity rides, so they will stop doing them. The ‘Toy Run’ is on soon to raise money for the Salvation Army christmas appeal. If they groups get harassed this year could up being the last year it’s done. And guess who’s going to suffer?

    1. I agree 100% Kirra I have been on two toy runs last year and I have two more coming up like you said the only people going to suffer are the needy

  5. Please go and read the whole of the VLAD act…it’;s only about ten pages. NOT ONCE does it mention the words “motorcycle/bike”, “bikie gang”, or “outlaw motorcycle club”. All it talks about is “persons”. It can literally be used against any group they choose. Not on…

  6. Really??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! Register to go for a SOCIAL RIDE?????????????…..I think NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The whole point of riding is the freedom it affords an individual. I will never phone in when our social group go for our rides. My grandfather and Dad fought for our freedom when they went to WW2 and Vietnam. Newman and his minions need to wake up to themselves!

  8. With you Alecia. Isn’t that the exhilaration of riding motorcycles? Out there in the elements, the rush of riding and the fact that until legislated otherwise we are participating in a legal lifestyle choice. But, this is the result of giving one party absolute power in implementing stupid and discriminatory laws to be seen to be being ‘tough on crime.’ Use fear to subdue the public as a red herring while even more proscriptive laws are being hatched. And we have at least 2 more years of this. What’s next?

  9. Charity rides, just about every motorbike club on the planet have them and raise a lot of money for different charities surely we are not expected to register each ride how many go on these rides, who knows until the day it happens the police in NSW can’t help enough with these events just recently pink ribbon ride in port Macquarie 160 bikes and two yes two police officers, traffic control so the ride could leave in a safe manner. I believe this law in QLD is getting out of control

  10. This is just not on. If you are a law abiding citizen you should not have to register an outing with your friends. The thin end of the wedge is getting deeper

  11. Maybe if everyone registered every ride they did for every day they rode for just the next two weeks (I ride every day and more often then not ride alongside a few other bikers) a worthwhile point could be made. But I’m guessing that they don’t look at the register themselves anyway.

  12. in answer to TonyE..’patch’ clubs don’t travel anywhere at the moment in any size group. It is illegal for more than two of them to travel anywhere. It is also illegal for them to ride in their colours. (under the new lawes it is illegal to ‘promote or advertise a criminal motorcycle gang…e.g. illegal to wear any club stuff)
    Do either of these things (even to attend a protest at parliament) and we risk six months in jail

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