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Petition urges new motorsport complex

Loves Speedway and Motorsport complex petition
Loves Speedway and Motorsport complex

Urban encroachment is closing down motor racing tracks around the world, so it is pleasing when we see new facilities opening and this petition should help.

Brisbane urban speedway track, Archerfield Speedway, has been sold to developers, but management now hopes to establish a new motorsport complex on Gold Coast hinterland farming land at Loves Road, Alberton, by the end of 2016.

They have lodged an application for the “Loves Speedway and Motorsport” complex with the Gold Coast City Council and submissions close on December 16.

To encourage councillors to support the scheme, this petition has been started.

“Whether you live in the Gold City Council area or not, we need you to sign our petition of support,” the petition says and so far they have almost 2500 signatures.

Surfers Paradise used to have a race track that was the scene of many battles involving champs such as Mick Doohan, Darryl Beattie, Wayne Gardner, and the late Gregg Hansford and Warren Willing. It was absorbed by residential development in 1988.

Gregg Hansford petition
Gregg Hansford

Now, there is only this weekend’s V8 Supercars round in the streets of Surfers Paradise, a temporary street circuit that provides no long-term benefits to the motorsport community.

With Archerfield closing down, the nearest tracks are Queensland Raceway in Ipswich and Lakeside in north Brisbane. While QR hosts national events such as the Australian Superbikes and V8 Supercars, Lakeside is for clubs only and neither is international standard.

Loves Speedway and Motorsport complex is expected to stage local, national and international events and cater for more than 40 competitive sports including speedway, street-legal drag racing, drifting, karting, supercross, motocross and monster trucks.

The facility will be financed with private money at no cost to ratepayers or taxpayers.Loves Speedway and Motorsport complex petition

It will feature corporate facilities, meeting rooms, a club house, catering services, medical facilities, LED lighting and a big screen, plus a large exhibition area to stage outdoor events including stunt shows and vehicle shows, as well as driver and rider training.

The motorsport complex development consortium is led by Archerfield Speedway managers John and Kathy Kelly and local businessmen Scott Wilson and David Grose.

  1. While I support a new motorsports venue I deplore the use of farm land for such.
    We already import too much food especially from China , paving over farm land is almost as bad as tearing down forests for housing developments and factories. I am sure that if making a cheap Buck weren’t the primary concern of those involved a better place could be found.

  2. While I support the idea of a new race venue I’d sign a petition for it to be put somewhere where the land is being wasted not farming land!

  3. The area is already “off road rush” it is not useful for anything else but cane and that is decreasing at a great rate, the land is not suitable for food growing due to the high acid content, the speedway will take up a comparatively small area, there are some misconceptions about this matter that are plain paranoia!

  4. There are 55 homes within 2000 metres of this silly proposed facility. 210 homes within 4,000 metres. People have been lodging complaints to Brisbane council for years over the noise generated at Archerfield speedway. Some of those residents are up to 10 KILOMETRES AWAY. Alberton is a very quiet and peaceful farming town, horse riding folk and people who choose to live in peace and quiet (Why else does one move to acreage). Whilst it may be true the price of sugar isn’t what it used to be, it is still a multi million dollar business. We need sugar to function. We don’t need bloody speedway cars thrashing about at 10pm on a weekend while our children are trying to sleep. Take it out west where it belongs, away from effect people. Nobody in this area wants it and I assure you, the fight against them will be feirce and they will lose. The residents against this are rate payers. Council takes them into account before anything else. The buck stops with residents and there are too many effected by this. Game over.

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