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Petition against late registration rip-off

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A petition has been started to halt the Queensland Government’s rip-off penalty of the equivalent of a whole month’s registration if you are even one day late with your renewal.

For a motorcycle that is about $40 on a $482 annual fee for dual-seat registration ($294 for single seat), which recently went up almost 10% an are the most expensive in the nation.

It’s a blatant rip-off, especially for motorcycle riders who should actually get a reduction in registration fees because of the environmental advantages of riding, less wear and tear on the roads, the improvements they make to traffic congestion and the reduction on parking space demand.

Sue Smith has started a petition to Transport Minister Jackie Trad to stop this blatant rip-off.  

You can sign it here. So far, more than 2600 people have signed.

She says the late fee generates millions of dollars for the Queensland Government.

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“Registration is a pro-rata payment. Stop ripping off tax payers by stinging them over 1 months registration for being 1 day late,” she says.

“One in six Queensland motorists fails to pay their rego on time, with the State Government raking in almost $2.4 million a month in late payment fees.

“Queensland Transport figures show the Government collected more than $14.6 million in overdue fees in the past six months from more than 280,000 drivers.”

RACQ spokesman Paul Turner said it was unfair for Queensland motorists who were already paying the highest rego in the country to be slugged with the “double whammy” of late fees.



While we’re at it, motorcycle riders should only have to pay one lot of compulsory third party for multiple motorcycle registrations as they can only ride one bike at a time.

  • What do you think about discounts for motorcycle registrations?

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  1. Signed the petition as I think it’s not an appropriate penalty.

    But, when we register our vehicles we know when they are due for renewal and the contract that goes with it: Pay registration up before it expires to stay registered. Pretty simple for adults to budget if you want to keep the vehicle on the road.
    No sob stories thanks, if you can’t pay rego on time you probably can’t afford to even have a car.

    1. It’s OK, they’ll just get on the evening news and ask the gullible to help them out as seems to be the trend these days

  2. This is where a monthly or three monthly payment option would be useful as that stops the need for such a large lump sum payment which can be hard for lower income people who are usually the most reliant on their cars.

  3. Hi Mark,
    I agree that in theory you should only have to pay CTP on one bike if you own and register multiple of them. However, there is a serious potential problem when your mates or family members come to visit and you decide to take more than one of your bikes out for the day. The same logic applies to car owners with multiple cars – ‘no son, you can’t borrow the second car to drive to work while yours gets repaired cos it’s not insured if you hit someone’… I suppose you can always just say no to the aspiring buddy, brother etc, but the temptation will be too much for some…
    As for Sue’s pushing for a reduction on the late fee, while I will sign it, good luck with that…

    1. Hi Ross,
      Perhaps there should be an option to pay or not pay CTP on other bikes. If someone is caught riding your bike and you opted to not pay CTP< you would then be liable. Surely the options should be available. Cheers, Mark

      1. Yes, such options would be one, um, option, although I’m sure the government wants to keep the system as simple as possible. From a safety perspective, I think the main problem isn’t with people potentially getting caught (cop the fine, bad luck), but with people getting hurt and not being covered. Cheers, Ross

  4. Ross brings up a valid point that others may be allowed to ride that 2nd or 3rd motorcycle and CTP cover may not apply. The fundamental behind CTP is that there should be cover for an injured third party regardless of the owners driving history. Being a “legal contract” it then becomes subject to often inflexible or accidentally dumb terms and conditions.
    An insurer could easily suggest (if the authorities allow it) that multiple registrations could be covered when disclosed and a small admin fee charged. Read “SMALL ADMIN FEE”.
    On another matter – loud pipes – it could be the same approach by our registering authorities. If they could “get over it” and think laterally then the imposition of a small “change to standards” levy could be applied that would show on the registration history of the bike. That way the rider is legal if they choose to “fess up” and pay the “small levy”. Read “SMALL LEVY”.

  5. You Aussies are hilarious. Petitions are useless and you cowards never protest or organize general strikes while the white collar mafia keeps stealing your liberties, your land, your self determination and your hard earned money. I’ve lived and worked on 3 continents and I have never come across a society as COWARDLY + SUBMISSIVE in dealing with government as the Aussies. The mafia could increase your alcohol tax and make your beer carton 100 dollars and you still wouldn’t hit the roads in protest, show up in front of the parliament house and defend your rights. You never do. Signing a stupid petition. The white collar mafia only laughs about that one. There are ONLY TWO methods that work in dealing with tyrants: PROTEST + GENERAL STRIKE.

  6. You know what a petition really is? BEGGING! You’re begging the strongest gang on the land to give you a better deal. Beggars get what beggars ask for: Pocket change and little respect. If you want REAL RIGHTS and FREEDOM, you gotta fight for it. Signing petitions and ticking boxes on a useless piece of paper every few years during a nationwide erection EQUALS BEGGING.

  7. My cousin years ago had an idea which I still can’t fault.
    Add an extra amount [whatever that may be] to the price of fuel, be it diesel, petrol or LPG [already taxed heaps anyway], that goes to 3rd party insurance, registration, TAC, and whatever else may be included in the ‘registration’ in each state.
    That way, if a vehicle has petrol in the tank it is registered and insured.
    Overnight this would mean that it is impossible for there to be unregistered vehicles on the road! Even if a vehicle runs out of fuel while driving there would still be *some* fuel in the tank.

  8. The registration of vehicles in Australia is a complete rip-off and Australians should be doing something about it. We’re all getting r*ped and no-one says anything. The original third-party insurances, Medicare and taxes should cover legitimate and genuine no fault injury claims already.

    Compared to vehicle registration fees to that of other countries like New Zealand the difference is astonishing. 6/12 months registration for a standard vehicle in NZ is NZD $58/$105 consecutively.

  9. Its true we Australians get the treatment we deserve. Its time to get off our collective arses and deal with arrogant politicians and government as citizens to whom they are accountable. This kind of absurd penalty is just one of many issues riders and motor vehicle owners tolerate too meekly. Speak to your local member. Vote for candidates that represent your interests.

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