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Patent Power: BMW Files for ‘R12 S’

'R12' and 'R12 S' Now Belong to the Bavarians Until 2031

BMW's iconic R12. Media sourced from Wikipedia.
BMW's iconic R12. Media sourced from Wikipedia.

If what we hear is true, BMW has just filed for rights to the name ‘R12 S’ – and it’s a toss-up whether BMW will resurrect their WWII-era bike into a refreshed new model, or if they will slap the name onto another range entirely.

The move mirrors a previous action made to snatch up ‘R12,’ with the rights being registered for the United States, Germany, Japan and Australia, and lasting until 2031. 

The additional ‘S’ variant registry tells us we’re likely to see a middleweight / higher-cc brainchild – especially considering that the original BMW R12 was capable of a 110-120km (68-75 mile) top speed and a tepid 18hp (via Wikipedia). 

Still, wouldn’t it be drool-worthy if BMW slapped a larger engine inside a replica chassis of this bad gal and decided to resurrect a vintage vibe to today’s streets:

BMW's iconic R12. Media sourced from Wikipedia.
BMW’s iconic R12. Media sourced from Wikipedia.

There are additional guesses from other parts of the industry, too; apparently, thinks the new machine will be an RnineT successor, whereas BMW’s first ‘R12’ patent filing had others believing that “BMW would give the R1200C a proper successor, and judging by the format of the name, it appears that the new model could follow in the R 18’s design” (via RideApart).

“However, new evidence suggests that there is more to the R 12 name than another cruiser from the brand.”

BMW's RnineT. Media sourced from Moto1.
BMW’s RnineT. Media sourced from Moto1.

What do you think? Drop a comment below to get the conversation rolling – I personally would love to see a replica R12 with a few more ponies in the chassis. 

We’ll be sure to heft the news your way as soon as it comes down the pipeline; stay tuned for uhpdates, and as ever – stay safe on the twisties. 

*Media sourced from Wikipedia*