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Pak-Lite LED Flashlight

A Snap-on LED Flashlight for 10V Batteries

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webBikeWorld was started back in 2000 (an eternity in Internet time) to provide our visitors with information on unique and hard-to-find motorcycle products and accessories.

We get just as much of a thrill now as we did then when we find a really unique product, and the Pak-Lite certainly fits the bill.

Motorcyclists are fascinated by flashlights, especially small and light weight LED flashlights that can be easily stored in a pocket, a tank bag or under the seat.

Well, they don’t get much smaller or lighter than this.

The Pak-Lite is a tiny 3 gram (0.125 ounce) cap that snaps on to a 9 Volt battery and voilà: a two-LED flashlight that’s surprisingly powerful!

The Pak-Lite was originally designed for backpackers as an ultra-lightweight LED flashlight with maximum burn time.

The 9 Volt battery is claimed to last approximately 20 hours.

Apparently there is so little resistance in this design that the battery will continue to power the LEDs even when it is almost completely drained.

The Pak-Lite has a claimed two-year shelf life. The high-intensity LED bulbs are claimed to last 100,000 hours, and the switch has a claimed life of 100,000 on/off cycles.

The entire battery and Pak-Lite combination weighs a scant 1.5 ounces (41 grams), and the assembly will fit in the smallest of pockets and even under the seat of the most radical sport bikes.

The Pak-Lite is available with the high-intensity white LEDs shown here, or in a variety of colors, including yellow, green, red, blue, orange and even infrared and ultra-violet. The ultra-violet Pak-Lite is used to detect counterfeit bills and other forensic work.


The Pak-Lite company also has a variety of accessories available, including a headband attachment.

There are also variations on the Pak-Lite concept, with flashing LED lights of various types available. There are marine, pilot and Doctor’s versions available too.

The Pak-Lite also has a “glow cap” that glows in the dark for a few minutes after the light is activated. This can help locate the light if it’s dropped.

The device is surprisingly powerful, especially in pitch black conditions.

It isn’t quite as bright when the ambient light levels are high, but I’ve used it outdoors at night and I’m amazed at how far the two unfocused LED bulbs throw their light.

Although I haven’t yet had the opportunity, it would probably be a lifesaver during a nighttime breakdown on a motorcycle.

Also, 9 Volt batteries are usually readily available all over the world, so the Pak-Lite could be a great traveling companion on that next journey to the outback.

Pak-Lites are made in the U.S.A. and they are guaranteed for life. The basic Pak-Lite shown here retails for $12.99 plus shipping and handling.

Here are more photos of the Pak-Lite:

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(L) Photo taken in the complete dark from 10 feet away, using only the Pak-Lite for illumination. (R) The Pak-Lite snaps on to a standard 9 Volt battery. A battery is supplied with the light.
The top has a “glow in the dark” feature that works for several minutes after the lights are engaged.

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wBW Review: Pak-Lite LED Flashlight
Manufacturer: Pak-Lite List Price (2005): $12.99 plus S/H
Colors: Many different bulb colors available. Made In: U.S.A.
Review Date: October 2005
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