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Oxford Super Leggings Hands-On Review

Amazing Comfort

Super Leggings front view
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Oxford Super Leggings Review Summary
Review Summary
The Oxford Super Leggings are a complete surprise in both comfort in function. Finding the best fit for gear can be tricky for ladies, but Oxford certainly has that covered with a great variety of sizing options. Comfort is everything in a legging-style pant, and the additional protection that comes with the Super Leggings makes it well worth it and a must when riding.
Excellent comfort and fit
Good abrasion protection
Good impact protection in knees with CE Level 2 included
Quality construction and materials
2 exterior pockets
Available in a wide assortment of lengths and sizes
Reasonable pricing
Shallow external pockets
Only offered in black
CE hip protection is not included

To be honest, I never even considered a legging style pant for riding which is odd because I often wear leggings or compression leggings to the gym or as comfort wear at home. The Oxford Super Leggings opened my eyes to this great new idea of comfort and protection when riding. These form-fitting pants are perfect for a relaxed riding position or even in a very sporty tuck on a sportbike that doesn’t create a glut of fabric at your knees and hips.


The Super Leggings are offered only in black but the sizing options are really awesome. Ladies first select their leg length from the choices which include 28, 30 and 32 inches. Next, you select your size which ranges from a USA 2 up to USA 18. My selection proved to be a good choice as the leggings fit as I expected and are very true in size.

Super Leggings very true sizing front view

Reasonable Pricing

The Oxford Super Leggings retail for $124.95 which includes the knee protection but hip protection must be ordered separately. Shipping options include everything from USPS to UPS Next Day Air and there is a great shipping estimator offered when you view your shopping cart.

The pricing is very reasonable considering the cost of other riding pants which can easily exceed $200 and basic leggings and spandex pants with no protective qualities are often priced at $75 or more.

Construction & Care

Super Leggings side view

The Super Leggings outer shell is a combination of 92% polyester and 8% elastane and the lining is 95% Kevlar and 5% Elastane. I was very impressed with the smooth texture of the outer shell.

With the high polyester content, I was expecting something that was very soft and prone to snagging and pulls like an old style polyester tracksuit. That is not the case at all with the Super Leggings as the feel is soft and smooth but durable, almost like brushed denim.

I also had some reservations about a fabric that is 95% Kevlar fiber, but the lining is very flexible and soft, much like a cotton t-shirt. These leggings are not nearly as thin as spandex or other athletic style leggings, the feel is closer to that of a 2 mil wetsuit or Lavacore-style suit.

And it is important to note that these leggings can be machine washed once the added armor is removed and then allowed to drip dry.

Fit & Comfort

I will be the first to admit that I am not a slave to fashion but I am very picky about the fit and comfort of everything that I wear, not just my riding gear. And after having the opportunity to try out the Super Leggings, I know that I would pay a lot more than $125 for this kind of comfort.

I am 5’ 10” tall and have fairly long legs. I normally wear a 33 or 34-inch inseam pants so I was not sure how the 32-inch leggings would work for me. But I was very happy to find that they fit very well. I didn’t consider that a legging length should be about an inch shorter than other pants or jeans to fit properly inside a boot. I chose the size 16 as I didn’t want a super tight fit.

Super Leggings rear view and large rear belt loops


The waist is a little bit loose but that was by choice, so order your true size and the fit will be perfect. The material does offer some expansion if you are between sizes. As an added benefit or use, the Super Leggings are form-fitting enough to be worn under regular pants or even a riding suit for added protection and comfort.

Super Leggings taper well to fit into boots

The waistband on the Super Leggings is a full 3.5” elastic band that keeps the pants in place regardless of your riding position. Even leaned forward in a tight tuck, I never had an issue with the waistband sliding down to create the plumbers crack issue. Nor did I ever have any issues with the front or sides of the waistband rolling to create a bind.

Belt Loops & Pockets

In addition, there are five large belt loops which can accommodate a 2” wide belt if you choose to wear one. And these belt loops are not going to fail as they are flag stitched for some amazing durability.

Super Leggings front view of slash pockets and large belt loops

The Super Leggings offer two front slash pockets which are more than most legging type pants offer and are a nice bonus to hold your bike key or some other small item. I did find that an average size smartphone will fit in the pocket when standing but is likely to fall out when you sit down.

My one wish for these leggings was that the front pockets were a little deeper as they measure not quite 5.5 inches deep. But again, for something this form-fitting, it is very unlikely that you will want to have anything in the pockets when you are sitting on a bike.


Hot Weather Comfort

Although I have not yet worn the Super Leggings in very hot weather, I would imagine that the lining could stick to your legs as you begin to get sweaty, but that happens with any riding pant in high temperatures or in high humidity regions.

One simple fix that I have discovered with all types of riding pants in hot weather is to wear a pair of athletic spandex or compression leggings under the riding pants. This eliminated the pants sticking to your knees and bunching when you move your foot from the peg to the ground and back when you stop and launch. I’m sure that will work well with the Super Leggings as well.

Overall, I could not be happier with the fit and comfort of the Super Leggings. And I am very happy to have discovered this great alternative to the bulkier ladies riding pants.

The Protection

The Oxford Super Leggings include CE Level 2 knee protectors which fit into velcro free pockets. Matching hip protection can be purchased and added to the hip pockets which are also velcro free. I did not order the hip protection but would remind buyers to consider the added approximately ¼ inch thickness when selecting a size if you plan to add the CE Level 2 hip protectors.

The Kevlar lining extends from the waistband to about 7 inches above the cuff of each pant leg. This helps to reduce the bulk when the pant legs are tucked into boots. For relatively lightweight riding pants, I have to admit that I felt far more protected than when I was wearing jeans and far more comfortable as well.

The Verdict?

I am far more than satisfied with the fit and comfort of the Oxford Super Leggings and the protective features that they offer. The sizing is very true and Oxford really put some thought into features like the wide waistband and the super durable belt loops to make this product stand out as a superior choice for ladies riding pants.

Not only am I very picky about fit and comfort but I am also often times hard to fit when it comes to buying ladies gear. That makes the discovery of the Oxford Super Leggings even more important to me.

Now I have a very comfortable pair of riding pants, that can be worn under other pants in cold weather and alone in hot weather, and will provide great abrasion and impact protection. And with the wide array of sizes offered, I believe that there is a pair of Oxford Super Leggings that will fit every lady out there who wants to ride in comfort.


  • Excellent comfort & fit
  • Good abrasion protection
  • Good impact protection in knees with CE Level 2 included
  • Quality construction and materials
  • 2 exterior pockets
  • Available in a wide assortment of lengths and sizes
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Shallow external pockets
  • Only offered in black
  • CE hip protection is not included


  • Manufacturer: Oxford Products USA
  • Price (When Tested): $124.95
  • Made In: UK
  • Alternative models & colors: All black only
  • Sizes: Lengths 28, 30, 32 and USA sizes 2 – 18
  • Review Date: March 2019