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One-wheeled motorcycle preview

Ryno Motors boss Chris Hoffmann
Ryno Motors boss Chris Hoffmann


This amazing looking vehicle is best described as a cross between a Segway and a motorcycle.Ryno electric motorcycle
The mono-wheeled Ryno is a gyroscopic electric bike/scooter/mobility machine that is about to go into production in Portland Oregon.
Ryno stands for Ride Your New Opportunity and the opportunity to ride one is fast approaching with the company now taking refundable deposits of $US150.
Ryno Motors Sales and Marketing director David Combe says they have received interest from about 60 countries, including Australia.
The Ryno will cost $US5295 with first deliveries in the second quarter of 2014, but you will have to pick it up in the US.
“We are only distributing to the US market to start,” says David. “International distribution will begin later in 2014.”
Ryno is powered by an electric motor and uses gyroscopic technology which is basically a spinning wheel with a “free” axle to keep balance.
Ryno electric motorcycleBut don‘t expect this to take over from your current bike. It’s more like a small-capacity scooter and is regulated at 16km/h (10mph) for city use.
The company website says there is a diversity of uses for the bike: “from urban transportation, down at the boat docks, the pit area at NASCAR, riding at the beach to factory pick-and-pack to security guards to parking patrol and even a guy in Russia that wants to use it in a coal mine”.
Meanwhile, if you like the idea, you can support the company by buying their cotton t-shirts from their website.
The tag inside the collar says: “This shirt was sewn by 9 people in a sweatshop-free environment in downtown L.A. where they are paid fair wages and have access to healthcare and benefits.”
Ryno electric motorcycle Ryno electric motorcycle