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Nolan Has Two New Modular Helmet Options

Standard and Carbon

For the riders set on the modular lifestyle, Nolan has two new helmet options coming to you for the new year; one being a standard helmet and the other will be coming to Nolan’s ‘X-Lite’ sub-brand that specializes in carbon fiber helmet manufacturing.

We’ll start at the bottom and continue up the price ladder for these lids. The new Nolan N90-3 comes to market as a direct replacement/upgrade to the previous generation N90-2. The N90-3 is intended as an introduction to Nolan’s modular line and is priced accordingly.

This particular helmet meets or exceeds homologation standards for both full and open-faced helmets thanks to its specific opening mechanism. The drop-down sun visor, Nolan’s ‘Air-Booster’ vent system, and the fact that this helmet is ready for any communication system to be dropped in makes it a good option due to it’s $415 USD pricing. Oh, did I mention that it comes in a total of 19 different colors/patterns?

The carbon fiber X-Lite “X-1005 Ultra Carbon” is next on the list. This new helmet is much like the cheaper Nolan N90-3 except this lid brings a full carbon construction into the mix making it much more durable, and lighter. Modular helmets can get heavy due to all the add-ons as a result of the modular tech, so any opportunity to save some weight is always a good thing.

Obviously, with this helmet being far more expensive than the composite counterpart, riders will want to ensure it fits perfectly. Nolan recognizes this and the patent-pending Liner Positioning Control system allows for full adjustment of the liner so you can get the perfect fit. This helmet will retail for $713 USD and comes in 13 total color variations.