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Nishua Jet 2 Helmet – An Open Face, Classically Styled Lid

Nishua Jet 2 1

Another Open Face Helmet? The Market Demands And Nishua Provides.

Looking for a helmet to match your new Ducati Scrambler or 1968 Euro resto-mod? In a new market flooded with open face helmets to support the surge in cafe racer popularity, Nishua has brought us another option.

Nishua Jet 2 1

Riding without a face screen can be annoying at times, so with the new rendition of the Jet helmet, we now have snaps around the face to attach a visor at your own discretion. Honestly, I thought it was a huge oversight when the first version didn’t include this feature. The silver trim is a nice visual touch to keep an already classy helmet even easier on the eyes.

Nishua Jet 2

If a face shield isn’t your thing, don’t sweat it; I get it. The Jet 2 also has a strap located at the back of the helmet to anchor down your goggles band in the event you’re one of those guys (jokes).

The helmet’s construction is fiberglass as are most options available today, and comes in 5 different sizes (up to 4XL) and 5 colours so that any rider can enjoy it. It’s tipping the scale at around 880 grams which is pretty light for something protecting your precious brain in the event of a collision, but you can count on its ECE 22.05 certification for some peace of mind on the road.

Currently, the helmet is available all over Europe and Russia at around $118.36 USD, which is pretty competitive given the helmet market these days. Head on over to Louis Moto and have a look at the colour options for what might suit your setup the best.