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New UK Highway Code Will Focus On Vulnerable Road Users

A view of a motorcyclist and a car
*NOTE: This article has been remedied to reflect the UK Highway Code – apologies for the oversight, and enjoy the read*

“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”

We here at wBW take motorcycle safety seriously.  So seriously, in fact, that we have a whole list of articles and resources on the topic – everything from motorcycle training links, to various studies on bike safety, to airbag reviews – and now, MCN’s just gotten the low-down on some new updates that will be happening to ye olde Highway Code in teh Central Hemisphere sometime at the end of this month.

Interestingly, the focus will be on vulnerable riders. 

That’s us.

Let’s get into it. 

A car driver sharing the road with a biker

Source: MotorbikeWriter

This comes – if you ask me – at the perfect time. Machines with both two and four wheels are becoming more advanced and, while that is great, the safety balance between cars and bikes can be tricky to balance when both share the road, especially given the size difference between the two categories – let alone when introducing other alternatives like horse riders, pedestrians and cyclists.

a view of a horse rider sharing the road with cars and bikers

Source: AutoEvolution

To that effect, we’re told by the report from MCN that “users like pedestrians, cyclists, and horse riders” will be the numero uno focus of the updates to the Code,”pending approval from MPs.”

“Pedestrians will sit at the top of the pile, with children, older adults and the disabled recognised as most vulnerable. This is then followed by cyclists, horse riders and motorcyclists.”

A side view of a motorcyclist next to a car

Source: Honest Rider

What I love about this update is that road safety will become the biggest responsibility of the machines capable of doing the most damage – a smart concept, given that it more or less matches a simile of the statistics for a passenger’s fatality potential when contrasted to the size of their vehicle…or lack thereof. 

We will keep you posted on any updates we find here – we’re told we’ll likely see something on January 29, so stay tuned, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.

*Title Media sourced from Rymax Lubricants*