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New Crop of Energica MotoE Ego Corsa Race Bikes Will Be Ready at End of May

MotoE World Cup
Image from MotoE

Get Ready for More Electric Racing

After a horrendous fire destroyed all of the bikes set to race in the MotoE championship, Energica had a pretty big task on its hands. It had to make new Ego Corsa race bikes as quickly as possible to get things back to normal. The MotoE schedule also had to be revised. We reported on the revised schedule and now it seems that Energica will have the bikes ready by as soon as the end of this month

The CEO of Energica Livia Cevolini sounded truly pleased with this result, as it was the best he and the rest of the people involved in the sport could hope for after the tragedy. Cevolini said this of the announcement that the bikes would be ready at the end of May:

There was no time to waste, despite witnessing what happened – which was surely something very hard to deal with. We can now very proudly say that there is indeed a sure timeframe for the new Ego Corsa machine to be ready, and that it fits in with the timing for the series to begin in Germany.

It’s nice to see the company be able to pull out all the stops and make the racing series happen in accordance with the revised schedule. This is a big thing for Energica and for electric motorcycles in general. It will be interesting to watch the results of the races this summer.