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Ad campaign targets text/driving


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Motorcycle riders are more aware than most motorists of the dangers of using a mobile phone in traffic.
From our higher position in the traffic we see it every day – drivers with the mobile phone in their lap, thinking no one can see them texting or updating their Facebook status.
In NSW alone last year there were 42,893 infringements issued to motorists for using a mobile phone while driving. That’s probably just a very small proportion of offenders, too.
NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay recently launched a major Centre for Road Safety marketing campaign to address the dangers of mobile phone driver distraction.
The “Get Your Hand Off It” campaign uses traditional advertising and a very funny and catchy YouTube video .
It features YouTube sensation Derek Anderson and is produced by the team that brought us “the Bondi Hipsters” and “Beached As”.
It’s no laughing matter, but hopefully it gets more attention than the pathetic “M8 it can w8” campaign.
By law a mobile phone can only be used by a driver if it is mounted in a cradle or is operated by Bluetooth or voice activation.