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NCI’s Supercharger Kit Can Turn Your Small Displacement Bike Into a Rocket


50cc Fans Rejoice!

Do you like small-displacement machines but still like going fast? Do you like pushing your little bike to the edge? Well, then Nextar Consult, Inc. (NCI) has something for you. It’s a supercharger kit that’s designed for small displacement engines. The NCI kit is a small compressor that increases airflow into the engine. This influx of air inside the engine allows it to make more power.

The supercharger kit is a mechanical one so you won’t have to do a bunch of electronic hookups. The compressor is activated by pulleys from the motor itself. As you rev, the air going into the engine increases. According to MoreBikes, the NCI team has fitted one to a 50cc Honda Monkey. This helps the little bike hit 50 kph (roughly 31 mph) in 8.38 seconds. That may still sound slow as sin, but before the kit was installed this feat took 14.64 seconds.

I’d love to get my hands on a Honda Grom or Monkey and put this kit on it and see what happens. Those bikes are already wicked fun and adding this kit to it would only up the ante. The general 50cc kit costs $500 and the kit for the Monkey costs $700. 

  1. This kit has been available for a few years now but I would still go for an engine swap if I wanted one of these bikes to go faster, for the cost of these it’s hardly practical when a 110cc engine will bolt right in and you will still have some money left over… the 50cc engines are also geard so they won’t get past about 35mph or so which wont get you any more top speed other than any that’s power limited since most the speed on these smaller cc engines is gearing limited.
    Now if this kit can boost a 110cc engine like in the Grom it would be a worthwhile upgrade, but like I said, for $700, you can buy a 110 And the 150cc big bore kit that’ll get that little monkey a Lot faster both in acceleration and top speed…

  2. As far as I know I haven’t seen any of these kits with an intercooler.
    I have seen some impressive results where people have used a modified smog pump off an older (70’s or early 80’s) Ford which will boost one of these horizontal 50cc Honda or Honda clone engines up to around 20psi boost (which will more than double power output with the right air fuel ratio) which is lot, this also means the same modified smog pump could easily boost a 110cc engine to around 12 psi with the right gearing with the pullies, or about 9to 10 psi gearing it about the same as the 50cc engines… that would be talking around 13 to 15hp out of a 110cc 4 stroke… another favorite is the smog pump off a ’69 to’70 air cooled VW or Porsche 914. These are actually little roots type pumps, the same as those notoriously cool blowers on your typical dragster… of course, these pumps are a whole lot smaller but they look and sound the part, and are good for boosting up to about 150cc’s, I’ve seen these boosting the old 5hp Briggs and Tecumseh engines on go karts with impressive results. Do some google searching with phrases like “smog pump supercharger” “tiny supercharger” or just type in “VW smog pump” will get you some links to somebody who has done it before and can tell all about how fun it can be…

  3. Oh yeah… The intercooler, I was getting to that… a small radiator off a liquid cooled dirt bike would do the job quite well since it’s about the right size and it would be real easy to plumb one into one of these setups… the only drawback is that one Must do a blow thru setup or run fuel injection as you wouldn’t want to run fuel mixed air thru an intercooler not to mention you wouldn’t want to even be in the same zip code if that thing backfired into an intercooler full of compressed air and fuel! But on a better note, it wouldn’t be too hard to make a blow thru setup using a small motorcycle type carb.

  4. Mate I want to super or turbo a 250 gsxf accrss any advice on what to use. By the way I am npt playing I am making this bike for a land sleed record attempt mate.

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